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How To Get Saws In Hay Day

Qasim Ahmad

January 19, 2024 . 8 min read

As a Hay Day farmer, you understand the importance of having the proper tools and equipment to keep your farm running smoothly. Saws are one of the most valuable items in the game, allowing you to clear land, harvest lumber, and construct new buildings.

However, saws can be difficult to come by, especially when you’re just starting. This guide provides an in-depth look at how you can obtain saws in Hay Day to build the farm of your dreams.

What Are Saws in Hay Day

In Hay Day, saws are valuable tools for managing your farm and town. These tools are essential for clearing away large trees and shrubs, making space for new crops, buildings, and decorations. Saws are unlocked at experience level 5 and are stored in your barn for easy access.

saws in hay day

To understand the significance of saws, consider them your go-to landscaping equipment. They allow you to transform your farm and town by removing obstacles and making way for expansion and growth.

Tapping Trees and Shrubs

In Hay Day, one of the most straightforward ways to obtain saws is by tapping trees and shrubs. It’s a simple process that doesn’t require saws but can yield these valuable tools.

Consider the various trees and shrubs when exploring your farm or the town area. These can include leafy trees and pine trees. By tapping on these, you have the chance to obtain saws.

The best part is that you don’t need any saws to do this. It’s a natural part of the game’s mechanics, and with each tap, you may receive a saw among other rewards, making it an easy and accessible method to grow your saw collection.

Completing Orders for Tom and Visitors

Another method to increase your saw collection on Hay Day is by completing orders for Tom and the town visitors. This approach doesn’t require the direct use of saws but offers you opportunities to earn them.

Tom’s Orders

Tom is a handy character in Hay Day who can be hired to fetch specific items and produce them for you. While fulfilling Tom’s orders, you can earn saws as rewards.

Although engaging Tom requires diamonds, the rewards often outweigh the cost, making it a valuable method for collecting saws.

Town Visitors

When you receive orders from the town visitors, complete them efficiently. These orders can also contain saws and other useful consumables as rewards. Fulfilling these orders promptly can be a great way to increase your saw inventory without using any saws.

Special Events and Achievements

Hay Day offers a variety of unique events and achievements that can help you accumulate saws without the need to use them. These in-game activities provide opportunities for saws as rewards, allowing you to expand your inventory.

Participating in global and seasonal events can be a rewarding experience. Many of these events offer saws as prizes. Watch for special events and do your best to complete the tasks and objectives they present. In return, you can earn saws and other valuable items.

Hay Day features an achievement system that rewards players for reaching certain milestones or accomplishing specific tasks. Some of these achievements come with saws as part of the rewards. So, as you play the game and achieve various milestones, you’ll naturally accumulate saws without spending any.

Night At The Movies

The “Night At The Movies” feature in Hay Day provides a unique opportunity to acquire saws without using them. This step offers a cinematic twist to your in-game experience.

night at the movies in hay day

At the front of your farm, you’ll find a movie ticket icon. Tapping on this icon will allow you to watch short advertisements. When viewed daily, these short ads can grant you saws as rewards. It’s a simple and entertaining way to boost your saw collection.

So, if you’re looking to gather more saws in Hay Day without needing to use them for tree cutting, don’t forget to visit the “Night At The Movies” feature and enjoy the cinematic offerings while reaping the rewards.

Visiting Neighbors for Saws

In Hay Day, building a sense of community with your in-game neighbours can prove quite beneficial, especially when acquiring saws without depleting your stock.

By regularly visiting your neighbours’ farms, you open doors to potential saw acquisitions. You can achieve this by tapping on your neighbours’ roadside shops or physically exploring their farms. 

Many of your fellow players may sell saws in their roadside shops, making it a convenient source for obtaining these crucial tools.

Cultivating good relationships with your neighbours and being a part of this communal exchange can be an effective strategy for growing your saw inventory while preserving your saws for the tasks that demand them the most.

Mining for Precious Resources

In Hay Day, farming isn’t the only way to get rich. Mining is another way to build up your saw collection, even though it’s not as direct.

When you repair and access the mine on your farm, your pets, like loyal canine companions or friendly feline explorers, become your partners in extracting valuable resources. 

These resources include ores and gems, which can be sold in your farm’s shop. The coins you accumulate through these sales become your key to obtaining saws, as you can use them to purchase saws from the roadside shops of other players. 

To make the most of this method, send your pets into the mine regularly to gather resources, expand your coin reserves and ensure you have enough to acquire saws when they become available in your neighbours’ shops.

This mining venture may not involve sawing trees but can pave the way to a more abundant saw collection.

Fishing for Saws

In the peaceful world of Hay Day, you don’t need to be a lumberjack to find saws. Fishing is a laid-back activity that can lead to discoveries.

When you cast your fishing line into the water, whether on your farm, in town, or on another player’s farm, you might occasionally reel in mystery boxes or chests. 

Inside these, you can find saws, among other things. So, even though you’re not using saws to fish, this leisurely pastime is an indirect route to expanding your saw collection.

Keep fishing in your farm’s lake or town’s fishing spots, and you might hook yourself a handful of saws with your fish.

How to use a saw in Hay Day Effectively

Saws are crucial tools in Hay Day, and knowing how to use them effectively can make a big difference in managing your farm. Here’s how to make the best use of these tools in simple terms:

Clearing Trees and Obstacles

Saws are about cutting down trees and shrubs that might block your farm’s growth. It’s a good idea to start with dead fruit trees and other things in the way. This will give you more space to grow crops and expand your farm.

Plan Your Expansion

When thinking about growing your farm, plan where you’ll put new buildings, crops, and animal areas. This way, you can make the most of your saws and not have to keep cutting down trees constantly.

Make Your Farm Look Nice

Saws also help you make your farm look great. You can use them to clear decorations space, making your farm more attractive to visitors and other players.

Keep a Good Supply

It’s essential always to have enough saws. To do that, you must keep getting them through the methods we discussed earlier. You don’t want to run out of saws when needed most.

Make Some Extra Coins

Sometimes, you can sell other players extra saws in your roadside shop. This gives you some different coins that you can use to buy essential things or even more saws. It’s an excellent way to use your saws effectively and make a profit, too.

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