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How To Get Land Deeds In Hay Day

Qasim Ahmad

January 18, 2024 . 7 min read

As a farmer in Hay Day, expanding your land is essential to progressing in the game. Land deeds are required to purchase adjacent plots of land to grow your farm.

While land deeds can be earned slowly over time simply by levelling up and completing achievements, you can employ a few strategies to speed up the process. 

With some focused effort, you can earn enough deeds to purchase new land plots and increase your farm size significantly. Knowing how and where to get land deeds quickly to take your farm to the next level is critical.

What Is A Land Deed In Hay Day

Land rights are like golden tickets on Hay Day; they let you do new things with your farm. These valuable things are essential for growing your farm because they make room for more buildings, crops, decorations, and cute pets.

You’ll need other things besides land deeds to open up each growth. You’ll need more land rights as your farm grows. It’s essential to keep track of how many you have and to get more whenever you can.

Land deeds can be obtained through various in-game activities. While they often come from different farming activities, they can be traded with fellow players, found in global events, or bought in bundles from the in-game shop.

Some players also sell surplus land deeds in their roadside shops. The best part is that, as your farm expands, you’ll need more of them. So, let’s explore how to gather these treasures and boost your Hay Day farm.

Farming Strategies for Acquiring Land Deeds

Having a well-thought-out farming strategy can make a significant difference when acquiring land deeds. One of the most effective methods is heating. This involves planting and harvesting wheat and selling it at a low price in your store.

While wheating, you can randomly receive rewards, including land deeds. The rewards may vary, but with each crop cycle, you’ll likely get at least one land deed or other valuable items for your farm.

Feeding your pets can also be a fruitful strategy, particularly at higher farm levels when you have more pets. After providing your pets, they’ll wander and eventually return to their homes to sleep.

You’ll receive XP and, occasionally, land deeds when you wake them with a whistle. Pets are easy to feed, requiring minimal ingredients, making this a reliable method for collecting land deeds.

Leveraging the Derby to Obtain Land Deeds

Participating in the Derby can be an excellent way to acquire land deeds while enjoying friendly competition with your neighbourhood.

Completing Derby tasks can earn you valuable rewards, including land deeds, so it’s good to focus on Derby tasks that offer these items.

The Derby is a fun and strategic way to build up your land deed inventory while collaborating with your neighbours.

Visiting Other Farms for Land Deeds

Sometimes, the key to obtaining land deeds is just a visit away. Checking out other players’ farms, incredibly high-level farms can be a helpful way to find land deeds for sale.

These farms often sell surplus land deeds in their roadside shops. Don’t forget to visit Greg’s shop regularly, as he offers exclusive items at affordable prices.

Completing Achievements for Land Deeds

On Hay Day, achievements offer a sense of accomplishment and tangible rewards, including land deeds. These achievements vary in complexity and often revolve around different aspects of the game.

They can range from reaching specific levels, mastering various tasks, and collaborating with neighbours.

Completing Achievements for Land Deeds

Keep an eye on the achievements list to make the most of this method. Some achievements offer land deeds as a reward for completing tasks you’d naturally do while playing the game.

These include harvesting several crops, collecting specific products, and helping your friends. Always strive to achieve these achievements, as they can boost your land deed inventory while you enjoy your farming adventure.

Purchasing Land Deeds in the In-Game Store

Hay Day offers land deeds for purchase in the in-game store for those who want a more immediate path to expansion.

While other methods for acquiring land deeds are generally free, this option allows you to bypass waiting for rewards and expansion opportunities.

Land deeds can appear in bundles in the in-game store periodically. These bundles are available for real money and offer a convenient way to enhance your farm’s size without delay.

However, it’s important to remember that this method involves a cost, so decide whether it suits your gameplay style and budget.

Tips and Tricks for Efficiently Collecting Land Deeds

Efficiency is the key to maximizing your land deed collection in Hay Day. Here are some more tips and tricks to ensure you’re getting the most out of your farming efforts:

  • Neighbourhood Collaboration: Being part of an active neighbourhood is advantageous. In the Derby, coordinate with your neighbours to complete tasks efficiently, some of which may reward you with land deeds.
  • Strategize Derby Tasks: In the Derby, focus on tasks that offer land deeds as rewards. Careful planning and teamwork with your neighbourhood can yield excellent results.
  • Save Your Diamonds: Diamonds are valuable in Hay Day. Save them for strategic uses, such as unlocking mystery boxes and additional spins on the Wheel of Fortune, which can contain land deeds.
  • Consistent Play: Playing Hay Day daily is the key to accessing various events and features that can reward you with land deeds. Keep an eye on the Wheel of Fortune and the farm pass, as both often offer land deeds as rewards.
  • Master the Art of Wheating: Wheating is a tried-and-true method. Make a habit of planting and harvesting wheat and selling it for rewards, including land deeds.
  • Strive for Expansions: Expanding your farm is essential, and it requires land deeds. Please keep your eyes open for expansion opportunities and prioritize them in your gameplay.

How do you get expansion permits on Hay Day?

Getting expansion permits in Hay Day is essential for growing and enhancing your farm. Expansion permits allow you to unlock new land and add more exciting features to your farm. Here’s a simple guide on how to get expansion permits:

  • Level Up: As you progress in the game and reach higher levels, you will be rewarded with expansion permits. Keep an eye on your experience points (XP) bar at the top of the screen. Every time it fills up, you’ll level up and might receive a permit.
  • Achievements: Completing achievements in the game can also earn you expansion permits. Check your achievement list and focus on completing tasks to claim your rewards.
  • Derby Rewards: Participating in and completing derbies with your neighbourhood can yield expansion permits as rewards. Be an active and helpful member to maximize your chances.
  • Treasure Chests: Occasionally, you may find expansion permits in treasure chests that appear on your farm. Make sure to open these chests whenever you come across them.
  • Mystery Boxes: Watch for mystery boxes that occasionally appear on your farm. These boxes may contain expansion permits, among other valuable items.

With growth permits, you can add more land to your farm once you have them. For this, please tap the land growth icon and do what it says on the screen. Remember that when you grow your farm, you can add more animals, plants, and decorations, so make the most of it!

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