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Qasim Ahmad

December 14, 2023 . 5 min read

So you’ve been working hard on your farm in Hay Day, growing crops and building up your supplies. Now, you’re ready to take it to the next level by adding some bees to help with pollination and honey production. 

Of course, you want to know how much those buzzing friends will cost you before you buy one. Not to worry, we know how much honey and diamonds you’ll need to get your hive up and running because we know how much bees cost in Hay Day.

The Role of Bees in the Hay Day 

Bees play a vital role in the enchanting world of Hay Day, buzzing around your farm and contributing to your success. These adorable honey bees are unlocked at experience level 39 and are the sixth type of farm animal to grace your farm. But what do they do, you ask? Bees are all about producing sweet, golden honeycomb.

bees in hay day

To start your beekeeping venture, you’ll need a Beehive tree, which costs 4,000 coins. Initially, it accommodates one beehive and three bees. As bees work diligently, collecting nectar from bushes gradually expands your tree’s capacity.

After 4,000 drops of nectar, a second beehive is added, and three more bees can be purchased. The process continues until you have four beehives and a thriving community of bees. The beauty is that they keep working even when you’re offline.

How Much Do Bees Cost In Hay Day

Here’s a detailed table that breaks down the costs and upgrades associated with your buzzing Friends in Hay Day:

Bee GroupsCost per Beehive TreeNumber Of BeesTotal Drops Needed
1st Group1,500 coins1-3 bees4,000 drops
2nd Group2,000 coins4-6 bees40,000 drops
3rd Group2,500 coins7-9 bees400,000 drops
4th Group3,000 coins10-12 beesN/A

As you can see, the cost and bee quantity increase with each group, while the number of drops needed to upgrade the Beehive tree also grows. The final stage allows for up to 12 bees in total. This table will help you plan and strategize your beekeeping operations efficiently.

Earning with Bees: Honey and Products 

In Hay Day, bees are not just charming farm additions; they are your golden ticket to sweet earnings. Their primary product is honeycomb, a valuable resource that can be collected approximately every 35 minutes. To maximize your honeycomb production, ensure that the nectar bushes are as close as possible to the Beehive tree and that you have enough bushes for the bees to gather nectar from.

honey bees in hay day

One of the fantastic aspects of beekeeping on Hay Day is that your bees continue their diligent work even when you’re offline. Distance doesn’t matter; they collect nectar and fill the beehives. The only time they stop is when all the beehives are full. This passive income stream makes bees a valuable asset to your farm.

In addition to honeycomb, bees also play a part in producing various other products on Hay Day. From wax to royal jelly, these items can be crafted and used to fulfill orders, making your farm even more prosperous.

Tips for Efficient Beekeeping 

Efficiency is the buzzword when it comes to beekeeping on Hay Day. Here are some tips to make the most out of your bee business:

  • Optimal Placement: Ensure your nectar bushes are as close to the Beehive tree. This reduces the time bees take to collect nectar and make honeycomb.
  • Expand Your Beehive: Continuously invest in expanding your Beehive tree. More hives mean more bees, more nectar, and faster honeycomb production.
  • Regular Check-Ins: Although bees work when you’re offline, it’s a good idea to check in regularly to collect honeycomb and keep the beehives from overflowing.
  • Stockpile Resources: Monitor the storage capacity for honeycomb, wax, and other bee-related products. Make sure you have enough storage space to accommodate your busy bee workforce.
  • Craft and Sell: Don’t just accumulate products; craft and sell them through your roadside shop. This way, you can earn coins and experience points from other players.
  • Maintain the Buzz: As your beekeeping operation expands, stay active in your beehive management to keep the honey flowing.

Some Methods to Make Money in Hay Day

These are some effective methods to make more money on Hay Day. First and foremost, completing achievements proves to be a lucrative avenue. Whether it’s reaching specific levels, harvesting crops, or fulfilling orders, these achievements earn you bragging rights and come with substantial rewards such as coins and diamonds.

Engaging in events is another strategic approach to amassing resources swiftly. By aligning your farm activities with event challenges, you stand to gain abundant rewards, including coins, vouchers, and special farm items.

Daily logins also play a crucial role in boosting your in-game wealth. The Daily Gift Calendar offers increasingly valuable rewards for each consecutive day you log in, including coins and vouchers.

Additionally, fulfilling truck orders strategically can provide a reliable and consistent income stream. Prioritizing orders based on their coin and experience points (XP) rewards ensures optimal use of your resources and time, accelerating your progression through the game.

Qasim Ahmad

Qasim Ahmad


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