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How To Get Vouchers Hay Day – Simple Ways

Qasim Ahmad

January 19, 2024 . 6 min read

Have you ever wondered how some Hay Day players seem to get vouchers so quickly? Don’t worry; their secret isn’t anything shady or against the rules. There are a few simple ways to score vouchers on Hay Day. 

As you work up to new levels and build your farm, vouchers become more and more valuable to speed things up without spending any real cash. Why buy what you can get for free, right? Read on to discover how you can quickly get vouchers on Hay Day. With some time and effort, you’ll swim in vouchers before you know it.

Types of Vouchers in Hay Day

Hay Day is a fun farming simulation game by Supercell that takes players to a world entire of animals, food, and people. Vouchers are a unique in-game currency used to buy extraordinary things and boosts. They are an exciting part of the game.

Green Vouchers:

  • Usage: Basic items and crops can be obtained using green vouchers.
  • How to Get: You can earn green vouchers by completing orders at the roadside shop. When other players buy your products, you receive these vouchers as a token of appreciation.

Blue Vouchers:

  • Usage: Blue vouchers allow you to purchase more advanced items and products on Hay Day.
  • How to Get: Completing boat orders is a reliable way to earn blue vouchers. When you successfully fulfill orders at the dock, you receive these blue gems as a reward.
types of vouchers in hay day

Purple Vouchers:

  • Usage: Purple vouchers are often used for acquiring special items, animals, and unique decorations.
  • How to Get: Keep an eye on special events and truck orders. Completing these orders during events can reward you with purple vouchers, opening up opportunities to enhance your farm with exclusive items.

Yellow Vouchers:

  • Usage: Yellow vouchers are associated with special events or activities and can be used to purchase exclusive items.
  • How to Get: Participate actively in special events, complete event-specific tasks, and engage with the community. These efforts can earn you yellow vouchers, allowing you access to limited-time items.

How do you get free vouchers on Hay Day?

The thrill of growing your virtual farm in Hay Day is matched by the thrill of hunting vouchers, the in-game currency that lets you access particular services and things. Some vouchers can be earned by playing the game usually, but getting free coupons makes the game even more fun. Here is a simple guide on how to get Hay Day coupons for free.

Active Participation in Events

Engage enthusiastically in special events hosted within the game. Completing event-specific tasks and challenges often rewards you with free vouchers, allowing you to enhance your farm without spending any in-game currency.

Community Interaction

Joining and contributing to the vibrant Hay Day community can be rewarding. Participate in neighbourhood events, chat with fellow players, and lend a hand in fulfilling boat and truck orders. These interactions make the game more enjoyable and increase your chances of receiving free vouchers as communal rewards.

Stay Informed about Special Offers

Keep an eye on the in-game store for occasional special offers and packages. Some promotions may include bonus vouchers with your purchases, providing an opportunity to acquire extra vouchers while obtaining valuable items for your farm.

Daily Log-in Rewards

Make it a habit to log in daily. Hay Day often rewards loyal players with daily log-in bonuses, and these may include free vouchers as a token of appreciation for your consistent engagement with the game.

How do you get more chick vouchers on Hay Day?

If you want to get more chickens on Hay Day and are thinking about how to get more Chick Vouchers, you’ve come to the right place. An easy-to-follow guide on how to get more Chick Vouchers.

Fulfilling truck orders is a prime method to accumulate Chick Vouchers. Keep a watchful eye on the order board, ensuring you regularly fulfill orders to earn coins and Chick Vouchers. This simple yet effective strategy enhances your poultry collection while keeping your farm profitable.

chick vouchers

Active participation in special events is another key avenue. These events often feature tasks related to chickens and eggs, offering you a chance to earn Chick Vouchers as event rewards. Check the event board regularly, and dive into the festivities for these delightful bonuses contributing to your feathered friends.

Community participation plays a significant role in Chick Voucher accumulation. Joining a neighbourhood or being part of a helpful community can be rewarding. Cooperative efforts in boat orders often yield Chick Vouchers as communal rewards. Team up with neighbours, fulfill boat orders and watch your Chick Voucher collection grow through collaborative farming.

How do you get more tickets on Hay Day?

The process is straightforward and rewarding for those looking to boost their ticket count in Hay Day. Tickets are valuable in the game as they open up opportunities for special events and tasks. Here’s a simple guide on how to accumulate more tickets effectively.

Boat Orders and Special Deliveries

  • Fulfilling boat orders is a primary method to earn tickets. Regularly check the board for boat orders and efficiently complete them to receive tickets as rewards. Additionally, watch for special deliveries, which often provide bonus tickets and other valuable items.

Active Participation in Events

  • Engaging in special events is not only enjoyable but also profitable in terms of tickets. Many events offer tasks and challenges that, when completed, reward you with tickets. Embrace the festive spirit and participate actively to see your ticket count rise.

Visiting Other Farms

  • Social interaction on Hay Day can be beneficial. Visiting other players’ farms can sometimes yield tickets as a visitor bonus. Stroll through neighbouring farms and receive tickets as a friendly reward for your exploration.

Daily Log-in Bonuses

  • Make it a habit to log in to Hay Day daily. The game rewards players with daily log-in bonuses, and these can include precious tickets. Logging in regularly ensures you don’t miss out on these consistent rewards.

By incorporating these simple strategies into your gameplay—fulfilling boat orders, actively participating in events, visiting other farms, and logging in daily—your ticket count will increase steadily.

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