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Expansion Permit Hay Day

Qasim Ahmad

January 20, 2024 . 7 min read

In the exciting world of Hay Day, people are always trying to be the best farmer they can be, and they need Expansion Permits to do it.

These permits are like golden keys that let players unlock and improve different game parts. This allows them to grow their farms and take advantage of new possibilities. 

With each growth, there is more room for growing crops, animal habitats, and production facilities. Some new features and activities can only be found in that expansion.

As players start their Hay Day adventure, getting growth permits becomes essential. It makes the farming experience more exciting and challenging. 

What Are Expansion Permits? 

Expansion Permits are a game-changing commodity in Hay Day’s universe. These permits serve a unique purpose – they allow you to unlock particular expansion areas on your Farm, ultimately contributing to its growth and customization.

Unlike some other supplies, Expansion Permits are not stored in your barn. To check how many you possess, tap on the particular expansion areas or visit your Farm’s profile by clicking on your XP bar.

expansion permits

These permits are pivotal in enhancing your Farm’s layout and design. They allow you to expand, decorate, and personalize your virtual haven on Hay Day. Using Expansion Permits wisely, you can create a farm that reflects your creativity and style.

How To Get Expansion Permits On Hay Day 

Getting Expansion Permits is critical to moving forward in Hay Day and letting your Farm reach its full potential. In this article, we’ll talk about how you can get these valuable permits.

Levelling Up:

One of the earliest ways to secure Expansion Permits is by reaching experience level 25. This milestone signifies your progression in the game and opens the door to expansion opportunities.

Events and Derbies:

Regular participation in special and derbies can be a rewarding experience. Achieving top positions or milestones in these competitions can earn you valuable Expansion Permits. Keep a keen eye on upcoming events to seize these chances.

Visiting Other Farms:

Interacting with fellow Hay Day players by visiting their farms can yield unexpected rewards, including Expansion Permits. Being a social farmer can be both fun and beneficial.

Mystery Boxes:

Mystery boxes, scattered throughout your Farm and town, occasionally contain Expansion Permits among their surprises. Be sure to open them regularly to enhance your chances.


Completing various in-game achievements can lead to Expansion Permits as rewards. These achievements vary in complexity, providing long-term goals to strive for.

Diamond Purchases:

Expansion Permits can be acquired directly from the diamond shop for those who wish to expedite their Farm’s expansion. Within the “Offer” section, you can use real money to purchase these permits.

Daily Rewards:

Your daily login bonuses might include Expansion Permits, so ensure you check these rewards daily. Consistent play is often rewarded with these valuable items.

Special Promotions:

Look for special promotions and offers within the game. These limited-time events can present unique opportunities to accumulate Expansion Permits.

How To Use Expansion Permit In Hay Day

Using Expansion Permits effectively in Hay Day is vital for optimizing your Farm’s layout and unlocking its full potential. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make the most of these valuable resources:

  • Access Your Special Expansion Areas: To use Expansion Permits, access the particular expansion areas on the bottom of your Farm. These areas will be marked with locked icons until you have enough permits to unlock them.
  • Check Your Permit Count: Ensure you have sufficient Expansion Permits to unlock your desired expansion areas. You can see your current permit count by tapping on these locked areas.
  • Tap to Unlock: Once you have the required permits, tap on the locked expansion area you wish to unlock. The game will prompt you to confirm your choice.
  • Customize and Expand: It’s time to get creative after unlocking an expansion area. Decorate your expanded space, plant new crops, or add structures to enhance your Farm’s beauty and functionality.
  • Manage Your Layout: As you unlock more special expansion areas, you can reorganize your farm layout to make it more efficient and visually appealing. This process can be ongoing as you gather more permits and expand further.

The Role of Expansion Permits in Farming Mastery 

Expansion Permits are the cornerstone of farming mastery in Hay Day. These permits are your keys to unlocking the full potential of your Farm and taking your agricultural empire to new heights. They play a pivotal role in two essential aspects of the game: expansion and customization.

use of expansion permits

Expansion Permits allow you to expand your Farm by unlocking particular expansion areas. This expansion is not just about increasing the size of your Farm but also enhancing its beauty and functionality.

As you open new areas, you can strategically place crops, buildings, and decorations to create a unique and efficient farm layout.

Strategies for Success 

To succeed in Hay Day, adopting the right strategies for Expansion Permits is crucial. Here are some key pointers to enhance your permit collection:

  • Prioritize Milestones: Focus on reaching level 25 to unlock Expansion Permits. This is your initial gateway to expanding your Farm.
  • Participate Actively: Engage in events, derbies, and daily gameplay to maximize your chances of earning permits.
  • Social Farming: Visit other players’ farms and build a network to receive permits as gifts. Be a part of the Hay Day community.
  • Strategic Spending: Consider using real money to purchase permits if you’re looking for a quick boost in expansion.
  • Daily Commitment: Log in daily to collect your rewards, which may include Expansion Permits.

How many Expansion Permits do you need to upgrade all Hay day Land Days?

In Hay Day, upgrading all the land requires obtaining expansion permits. To achieve this, players must accumulate a total of 143 expansion permits.

These permits are essential for unlocking and upgrading various areas on the Farm, allowing players to maximize their space for crop cultivation, animal husbandry, and production facilities.

Here’s a breakdown of the expansion permits needed for each land upgrade:

Starting Land (Main Farm):

  • Initial: No permits needed
  • First Expansion: 3 permits
  • Second Expansion: 5 permits
  • Third Expansion: 10 permits

Town (Downtown):

  • First Expansion: 10 permits
  • Second Expansion: 10 permits

Fishing Area (Fishing Boat):

  • First Expansion: 5 permits
  • Second Expansion: 5 permits

Derby Arena (Derby Stand):

  • First Expansion: 10 permits

Particular Areas (Sanctuary, Bingo Derby):

  • Varying permits for each area

Players can participate in events to gather expansion permits, complete truck and boat orders, and engage in derbies. Particular areas like the Sanctuary and Bingo Derby may require additional licenses, and players should focus on participating in these events to acquire the necessary permits.


In summary, players need 143 expansion permits to upgrade all the land in Hay Day, including the central Farm, town, fishing area, derby arena, and particular areas.

By actively participating in various aspects of the game, players can steadily accumulate these permits and unlock the full potential of their virtual Farm.

Qasim Ahmad

Qasim Ahmad