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How To Make Fast Money In Hay Day

Qasim Ahmad

December 5, 2023 . 5 min read

Hey there, fellow Hay Day farmer! So you’ve built up your farm, harvested some crops, and now you want to generate some serious coin. You’ve come to the right place.

Making money on Hay Day is all about working smarter, not harder. Why spend hours toiling in the fields or waiting for crops to grow when you can set up passive income streams and make money while you sleep? 

In this article, I’ll walk you through the top ways to fill your coffers on Hay Day without breaking a sweat. From utilizing roadside shops and fishing areas to unlocking town buildings and fully upgrading your machines, you’ll be swimming in virtual cash before you know it. 

Completing Achievements

Completing achievements in Hay Day isn’t just about earning bragging rights; it’s also an excellent way to boost your in-game wallet. Hay Day offers a wide array of achievements that come with substantial rewards.

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Whether it’s reaching a specific level, harvesting a certain number of crops, or fulfilling orders, these achievements offer a steady stream of coins and sometimes diamonds, ensuring you’re always on your way to financial success. For instance, achieving the “Greenthumb” badge can earn you 50 diamonds, a valuable asset in your quest to amass wealth.

Participating in Events

Participating in Hay Day events is a strategic avenue for farmers to amass resources and unlock substantial rewards swiftly. These events, hosted regularly, present engaging objectives such as collecting specific products, mastering the art of fishing, or efficiently fulfilling orders within a designated timeframe. 

By aligning your farm activities with the unique challenges of each event, you not only contribute to the collective progress but stand to gain abundant rewards.

Whether focusing on cultivating particular crops or diversifying into fishing, successful participation in these events can result in a windfall of coins, valuable vouchers, and special farm items.

Meeting event-specific goals enhances your in-game achievements and propels you towards higher experience levels, unlocking additional features and opportunities for farm expansion.

Daily Logins

Your daily commitment to your Hay Day farm can be quite rewarding. Logging in daily allows you to enjoy bonuses and rewards that accumulate over time.

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For instance, the Daily Gift Calendar offers increasingly valuable rewards, including coins and vouchers, for each consecutive day you log in. In the long run, these daily bonuses can significantly impact your Hay Day bank account.

Truck Orders

Truck Orders in Hay Day are a reliable and consistent income stream for diligent farmers. These orders typically entail a mix of products from your farm and various production buildings, presenting a lucrative opportunity for financial growth. Maximizing the benefits of truck orders involves strategic decision-making.

truck orders

A key aspect is prioritizing orders based on their coin and experience points (XP) rewards. By focusing on fulfilling orders that offer the highest returns, you ensure an optimal use of your resources and time. This boosts your immediate income and accelerates your progression through the game by earning valuable XP.

Derby Rewards

Participating in and performing well in neighborhood derbies can result in substantial rewards. The higher your neighborhood’s position, the better the rewards you’ll receive.

These rewards may include not only coins but also valuable items and vouchers. Coordinating with your neighborhood and actively participating in derbies can lead to significant financial gains.

Treasure Chests

Treasure Chests in Hay Day are enticing hidden treasures, often concealed in the waters surrounding your farm.

These chests offer a thrilling prospect of unexpected rewards, ranging from coins and gems to valuable items that can significantly enhance your in-game wealth.

The mystical treasure chests stand out among the various types, promising a substantial boost to your virtual fortune.

Exploring the waterways while farming and fishing unveils these hidden riches, making it essential to keep a keen eye on your surroundings. Discovering and unlocking these chests not only adds an element of excitement to your gameplay but also introduces a dynamic source of valuable resources.

What are the fastest ways to earn XP on Hay Day?

In Hay Day, earning XP (Experience Points) is crucial for leveling up and unlocking new features on your farm. To boost your XP quickly, focus on activities that yield the highest points efficiently.

Planting and harvesting crops is a speedy way to earn XP. Opt for short-duration crops like wheat, corn, or soybeans, as they mature quickly and allow frequent harvesting. Remember not to use boosters like the triple XP booster to maximize your gains during these farming sessions.

Fulfilling truck and boat orders is another swift method. Delivering orders promptly earns you coins and resources and grants substantial XP. Prioritize orders with higher XP rewards to expedite your leveling progress.

Participating in events is a rewarding strategy. Special events often offer tasks with generous XP prizes. Keep an eye on the event board and complete tasks that align with your goals, whether fishing, mining, or crafting items.

Visiting other players’ farms and helping them by reviving trees or bushes and fulfilling orders can also earn you XP. Additionally, taking advantage of the daily mystery box and Wheel of Fortune can provide bonus XP points.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most profitable tree in Hay Day?

Hay Day’s most profitable tree is the “Cherry Tree.” It takes 3 hours to grow and yields cherries that can be sold for a high price. Players often focus on cultivating and harvesting Cherry Trees in their virtual farms to optimize profits.

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