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How To Get More Duct Tape In Hay Day

Qasim Ahmad

December 18, 2023 . 7 min read

You’re just waking up and logging into Hay Day to tend to your farm when you see you’ve got a group order request for duct tape. Again. Could you learn to get more of the stuff?

Duct tape is one of the most valuable items in the game, used to fix broken machines and complete town visitor requests. But it always seems to run out too quickly. The good news is, with a few simple tips, you’ll be swimming in duct tape before you know it.

Understanding the Importance of Duct Tape

Duct tape is an essential asset in the world of Hay Day farming. It plays a pivotal role in maintaining and improving the functionality of your farm. Firstly, duct tape is critical in upgrading your barn and grocery store, enabling you to expand your storage capabilities, accommodate more goods, and ultimately enhance your farm’s efficiency. 

duct tape

Additionally, duct tape is a dependable repair tool, swiftly mending damaged structures and ensuring your farm remains in optimal condition. Its versatility shines through in various farm tasks, from fixing tools to sealing gaps and temporarily holding things together. 

You can save precious resources using duct tape, bypassing the need to spend diamonds on certain repairs and upgrades.

Maximizing Duct Tape Production

To maximize duct tape production on your Hay Day farm, it’s essential to focus on various strategies. Harvesting crops is a primary method for obtaining duct tape. The more crops you gather, the more duct tape you can receive. As you level up, you unlock more fields for harvesting, increasing your chances to earn duct tape, screws, marker stakes, and other valuable items. 

The Hay Day Bot can help speed up the process for those looking for an automated solution. Creating multiple accounts can also help you gather duct tape more easily. Using Hay Day Bot’s switch account function, you can farm various accounts on one device.

Leveraging Your Farm Machinery

Your farm machinery is a valuable asset for duct tape production. By collecting goods from animals and pets, you can earn rare items like duct tape, mallets, deeds of land, and more. Investing in animals and pets can increase your opportunities to get duct tape. This is a great way to passively gather duct tape while you focus on other aspects of your farm.

Completing Farm Orders for Duct Tape

You can also earn duct tape by completing farm orders. Keep an eye on the Newspaper for opportunities to purchase building materials, including duct tape, from other players. Seize these chances whenever possible to build up your duct tape reserves.

Trading Strategies for Duct Tape

Trading is a viable strategy to gather duct tape. Seek out other players on the in-game neighbourhood community, forums, Facebook, or YouTube, and arrange trades for duct tape. This way, you can exchange resources and get more duct tape.

The Mystery Box and Duct Tape Rewards

Mystery red toolboxes and treasure chests offer free duct tape as rewards. Players have two free chances to open red boxes daily, one on their farm and another on other players’ farms. Treasure chests on the Town beach also provide two daily chances. Take advantage of these opportunities to collect duct tape and other valuable items.

Visiting Neighbors and Duct Tape Opportunities

You can also find duct tape opportunities when you visit your neighbours in Hay Day. Sometimes, they may have duct tape for sale in their shops. Keep an eye out for these chances to stock up on duct tape.

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Events and Duct Tape Bonuses

Participating in events and Farm Pass Seasons can provide duct tape bonuses. The Farm Pass Season, introduced in November 2020, offers rewards like duct tape, Tom Boosters, coins, and more. Join these events to enhance your duct tape collection.

By following these strategies, you can maximize your duct tape production and ensure you always have enough for your farming needs. Whether harvesting, trading, or participating in events, duct tape can be more accessible and plentiful on your Hay Day farm.

How Do You Get Efficient On Hay Day?

Are you looking to become a pro at Hay Day and make the most of your farming experience? Follow these simple tips to boost efficiency and enjoy a thriving virtual farm!

Prioritize Crop Planning

  • Choose high-profit crops like strawberries and soybeans.
  • Time your plantings strategically to maximize harvests.

Optimize Production Buildings

  • Upgrade your machines regularly for faster processing.
  • Keep production buildings busy to maintain a steady flow of goods.

Balance Expansion and Upgrades

  • Expand your farm wisely to accommodate more crops and animals.
  • Upgrade storage and barn capacities to avoid resource shortages.

Keep the Wheel Turning

  • Always have your production buildings and machines working.
  • Sell excess items in your roadside shop for extra coins.

Participate in Events

  • Engage in special events for exclusive rewards.
  • Complete tasks and orders to earn additional resources.

Socialize and Trade Smart

  • Connect with friends and participate in neighbourhood activities.
  • Trade items efficiently to get what you need for your farm.

Strategize with the Roadside Shop

  • Price your items competitively to attract buyers.
  • Refresh your shop regularly for better visibility.

Focus on Fishing and Mining

  • Spend time fishing for valuable items and experience points.
  • Mine for ore to produce items with higher profits.

Master the Art of Time Management

  • Plan your playtime around crop and product cycles.
  • Utilize short breaks for quick tasks to keep your farm running smoothly.

Invest in Decorations

  • Choose decorations that boost production or reduce production time.
  • Plan a visually appealing farm layout that also enhances efficiency.
Hay Day Duct Tape Tips

Duct tape is a handy tool in Hay Day, helping you fix and upgrade your farm. Here are some easy tips to make the most of your duct tape:

  • Daily Tasks: Complete daily tasks to earn duct tape as a reward. These tasks are a simple way to accumulate duct tape over time.
  • Visiting Neighbors: Be a good neighbor! When you help on other farms, you can earn duct tape as a thank-you gift. Visit neighbors regularly for a chance to stock up.
  • Boat Orders: Keep an eye on boat orders at the dock. Fulfilling these orders earns you coins and experience and rewards you with duct tape.
  • Truck Orders: Fulfilling truck orders can also be a duct tape source. Keep your truck busy delivering goods to earn rewards.
  • Fishing Events: Participate in fishing events to catch particular fish. These events often have duct tape as one of the rewards.
  • Town Visitors: Keep your town thriving by helping visitors. Some of them might give you duct tape as a token of appreciation.
  • Derby Rewards: Active participation in derbies can lead to great rewards, including duct tape. Work with your neighborhood to excel in derbies and reap the benefits.


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