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How To Get Puzzle Pieces In Hay Day

Qasim Ahmad

January 15, 2024 . 6 min read

As a farmer in Hay Day, you rely on various resources to keep your farm thriving and your customers satisfied. One essential resource is puzzle pieces, which are required to unlock new buildings and decorations. Puzzle pieces allow you to expand your farm and provide unique offerings for visitors. 

However, puzzle pieces can be challenging since they are only available through select avenues. Following these critical strategies, acquire more puzzle pieces to help your farm blossom.

Understanding the Basics of Puzzle Pieces in Hay Day

In Hay Day, puzzle pieces are vital in unlocking sanctuary animals like hippos, giraffes, and gorillas. These puzzle pieces are essential to expanding your collection of wildlife. 

puzzles pieces in hay day

Puzzle pieces become available at Reputation Level 3, a milestone in your farming journey. The diverse methods to obtain these puzzle pieces include:

  • Spinning the Wheel of Fortune.
  • Completing special boat shipments.
  • Discovering them in mystery boxes and treasure chests.
  • Winning horseshoe rewards in derbies.
  • Redeeming tokens in the valley shop.

These pieces are collected in your log book, housed in the bookstand. Each puzzle comprises 36 pieces, and when you’ve completed a puzzle for a specific animal, that animal becomes available for your sanctuary. However, if you lack the required shelter, purchase it from the shop.

Farming Strategies to Collect Puzzle Pieces

Collecting puzzle pieces in Hay Day requires a strategic approach to optimize your chances of unlocking sanctuary animals. Here are some effective farming strategies to amass puzzle pieces efficiently:

  • Prioritize Boat Orders: Completing boat orders is a consistent way to earn puzzle pieces. Keep an eye on the dock for boats with puzzle piece symbols and ensure you have the necessary goods prepared in advance. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from your neighbourhood or global players if needed.
  • Engage in Valley Seasons: Participating in Hay Day Valley Seasons is another valuable method. Earn valley currencies and use them to purchase puzzle pieces in the Valley Shop. It’s essential to act quickly before the season ends to secure your desired items.
  • Level Up Strategically: As you progress in levels, you’ll receive puzzle pieces as rewards when you reach certain thresholds. Focus on levelling up strategically to maximize your puzzle piece gains.
  • Spin the Wheel of Fortune: Occasionally, puzzle pieces are added to the Wheel of Fortune. Watch the notification board closely to know when this reward is available.
  • Derbies and More: Participation in derbies can also yield puzzle pieces. Increasing your puzzle piece collection is worth trying if you haven’t joined a neighbourhood and engaged in derbies.
  • Mystery Boxes and Treasure Chests: Daily, you can find puzzle pieces in mystery boxes on your farm and treasure chests in the Town. Don’t forget to open these for valuable rewards.

These farming strategies will aid you in your quest to accumulate puzzle pieces more efficiently and unlock a menagerie of wildlife in Hay Day.

Boat Shipments For Puzzle

Boat shipments provide a structured and dependable approach to accumulating puzzle pieces in Hay Day. To make the most of this strategy, monitoring your dock for incoming boats bearing puzzle-piece symbols is crucial. These symbols signify that fulfilling the boat’s order will yield puzzle pieces, making them valuable opportunities.

When you spot a boat with a puzzle piece symbol, tap on the dock to review the required goods for the order. Preparing these goods in advance is a smart move. Having the necessary items ready allows for speedy order completion, ensuring you don’t miss out on valuable puzzle pieces.

If there are instances where you cannot fulfill a boat order on your own, don’t hesitate to seek help. Collaborate with members of your neighbourhood or request assistance from global players. They can help complete crates, and you can reciprocate the favour when they require support.

boat orders

By concentrating on boat shipments with puzzle piece symbols, you can steadily grow your collection of puzzle pieces, bringing you closer to unlocking a variety of sanctuary animals on Hay Day.

Advanced puzzle piece acquisition techniques in Hay Day can elevate your progress in unlocking sanctuary animals. To begin, closely monitor and prioritize boat orders that offer puzzle pieces. Stock up on the required goods and complete these orders to accelerate your puzzle piece collection.

Collaboration is critical in an active neighbourhood. During events like derbies, coordinate efforts to maximize puzzle piece rewards by assigning specific tasks to members. This collective approach can yield significant results.

Boosters can be a game-changer. When needed, utilize boat boosters to speed up the shipment process, ensuring the boat crates are filled faster and more efficiently. These boosters can be obtained from various in-game sources.

Hay Day Valley Seasons offers an excellent opportunity to amass valley currencies, which can be used strategically in the Valley Shop to purchase puzzle pieces. Invest wisely to complete animal sets efficiently.

How do you get more Animals in the Sanctuary on Hay Day?

Expanding your animal sanctuary in Hay Day is an exciting game aspect that allows players to care for various adorable animals. To get more animals in your sanctuary, follow these steps:

Unlock the Sanctuary

When you reach level 40 on Hay Day, the sanctuary becomes available. You’ll eventually unlock this feature as you progress through the game and complete tasks.

Gather Puzzle Pieces

Animals in the sanctuary are acquired by collecting puzzle pieces. These pieces can be obtained through various activities such as completing boat orders, truck orders, and special events. Keep an eye out for puzzle pieces as rewards.

Complete Animal Sets

Animals in the sanctuary are organized into sets, each requiring a specific number of puzzle pieces to complete. Once you gather all the pieces for a set, you can unlock and place that animal in your sanctuary.

Participate in Events

Hay Day hosts special events that offer opportunities to earn puzzle pieces for your sanctuary. Keep an eye on the event board and participate actively to maximize your chances of obtaining more animals.

Visit Neighbors

Interacting with your neighbours can also be rewarding. Sometimes, neighbours might share puzzle pieces with you, and you can return the favour by doing the same.

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