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Hay Day How To Expand Land Fast

Qasim Ahmad

December 6, 2023 . 5 min read

Do you want to up your farming game on Hay Day? Who can blame you – running an efficient, profitable farm is the goal! The problem is that expanding quickly requires time, resources, and the right strategy. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. 

In this guide, you’ll learn proven techniques to boost production, increase storage, and speed up farming success. With the tips and tricks we share, you’ll be harvesting more crops, raising more livestock, and raking in more virtual money before you know it. 

How to Get More Land in Hay Day

Expanding your land in Hay Day is critical to growing your farm and enjoying more space for crops, animals, and decorations. One way to achieve this is through the use of Expansion Permits. But what do expansion permits do in Hay Day?

expand farm by lands

Expansion permits are the magical keys to unlocking new areas on your farm. They’re like a ticket to a new adventure, allowing you to spread your farming empire.

You might wonder, “What are expansion permits used in Hay Day?” The answer is simple: they open up new plots of land for you to use. So, if you’ve ever wanted more space for your crops or buildings, expansion permits are your go-to tool.

Using expansion permits is relatively easy. Go to your farm, look for the areas you’d like to expand, and tap on them to unlock more land if you have the required number of permits. It’s a straightforward process that adds a new dimension to your farming experience.

Simple Ways to Grow Your Farm in Hay Day

In Hay Day, growing your farm is a goal for every farmer. There are simple ways to expand and make your farm more prosperous. A critical aspect of growth is increasing your land, which allows you to cultivate more crops, raise more animals, and build more structures.

To expand your farm, you’ll need to reach Farm Level 22. This is when you’ll start noticing particular decoration areas at your farm’s bottom. These areas can be expanded when you reach Farm Level 25. However, what’s an expansion permit in Hay Day, and how do you use it?

minimum level for expansions

Expansion permits are the keys to unlocking new plots of land. They are combined with other supplies like Land Deeds, Mallets, and Marker Stakes, depending on the land size. Areas with unique decorations require Expansion Permits specifically.

So, if you want to keep it simple and grow your farm, focus on levelling up and obtaining expansion permits. This will open up new possibilities for your farm, allowing you to create a thriving and beautiful agricultural paradise.

Tips for Farm Expansion on Hay Day

Expanding your farm in Hay Day is a big step toward creating the farm of your dreams. You’ll want to make the most of every expansion to ensure you use your land wisely. Here are some valuable tips for farm expansion on Hay Day.

  • Plan Ahead: Before using your expansion permits, plan what you want to do with the new space. Consider what crops, animals, or decorations you wish to place on the expanded land.
  • Maximize Space: Use every inch of your expanded land efficiently. Place crops and buildings close together to use the space best.
  • Balance Your Farm: Balance crops, animals, and production buildings. A well-rounded farm is more efficient and profitable.
  • Upgrade Storage: As your farm expands, you’ll need more storage. Invest in upgrading your barn and silo to store more items and resources.
  • Unlock Fishing and Town: Remember to expand your Fishing spots and Town areas. These expansions offer unique opportunities and resources for your farm.

How to Expand Your Hay Day Farm with Others

Expanding your Hay Day farm is an exciting journey, and you can make it even more enjoyable by connecting with other farmers. Here’s how you can expand your Hay Day farm with others.

Join a Neighborhood: Hay Day offers the option to join a neighbourhood with other players. You can collaborate with fellow farmers on various tasks and projects. This teamwork can lead to mutual benefits and faster expansion.

Trade Expansion Items: If you have surplus expansion items or need specific ones, consider trading with other players in your neighbourhood or via platforms like Supercell forums, YouTube, Facebook groups, or Discord. This can help you obtain the expansion materials you need more efficiently.

Visit Friends: You can also visit your friends’ farms on Hay Day. While there, you may find opportunities to earn expansion materials as gifts from their farms.

Participate in Events: Watch for in-game events and competitions that offer expansion materials as rewards. Participating in these events can boost your expansion efforts.


In conclusion, expanding your farm rapidly in Hay Day is an exciting and rewarding venture, requiring strategic planning and resource management.

Utilizing Expansion Permits is essential to unlock new territories and transform your humble farm into a thriving empire. To maximize growth, focus on levelling up, obtaining expansion permits, and wisely planning the use of expanded space.

Qasim Ahmad

Qasim Ahmad


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