How to get gift cards on Hay Day
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How To Get Gift Cards On Hay Day

Qasim Ahmad

January 16, 2024 . 7 min read

As you progress through the levels of the popular farming simulator game Hay Day, you’ll want to take advantage of gift cards to speed up production, gain resources, and decorate your farm.

Gift cards can be earned through regular gameplay, but you can use a few tips and tricks to acquire them even faster. With some strategic planning and efficient use of your time, you’ll earn multiple gift cards daily to boost your Hay Day farm to the next level.

The Purpose of Gift Cards

Gift cards in Hay Day are vital in-game currency that open doors to exciting opportunities in your farming adventure. These digital treasures are the keys to unlocking the mysteries hidden within the game. When you reach player level 15, you gain access to the enchanting world of gift cards.

gift cards in hay day

But what’s their purpose? Gift cards are your ticket to the “Fyne & Mysterious Giftes Catalogue,” a magical place to find an array of mystery packages. These packages can be a game-changer for your farm, containing unique and valuable items that enhance your Hay Day experience.

To put it simply, gift cards are your path to farm prosperity. They come in various sizes, with options like small, medium, large, and limited-time mystery packages. These packages can offer everything from farm decorations to valuable tools to help you level up and make your farm more vibrant and productive.

Remember, there’s a cap of 40 gift cards you can hold at any given time, and you can receive a maximum of 7 daily. The more you help your fellow players and engage with the game’s features, the more gift cards you can accumulate to make your Hay Day adventure even more rewarding. So, prepare to unwrap the secrets of Hay Day with these valuable gift cards!

How to Get Gift Cards

Gift certificates are precious in the Hay Day. They allow you access to mystery packages, which can significantly improve your farming experience. Gift cards become available when you reach player level 15. These digital gems aren’t bought with real money; you earn them through various in-game actions. 

Reviving Trees and Bushes of Friends

One of the most generous ways to accumulate gift cards is by helping out your friends in the game. Don’t hesitate to lend a hand when you spot a tree, plant, or bush on your friend’s farm that needs revival. It’s not just a kind gesture; it can also be your ticket to a gift card.

The process is straightforward. Players who have trees or plants in need of revival will have an exclamation mark displayed next to them. You can easily find friends or neighbours who require your assistance using the friend bar at the bottom of your screen.

Once you’ve identified a friend in need, simply click on the tab displaying the exclamation mark, and it will reveal all the players on your friend’s list or in your neighbourhood who could use your help. 

Stroll around their farm, and you’ll discover the trees, plants, or bushes marked with an exclamation point. You can perform the revival by clicking on the plant, tree, or bush, and your good deed will be noted. The next day, you may find a thank-you letter in your mailbox with a gift card enclosed as a token of appreciation.

Helping Players With Truck Orders

Hay Day offers various tasks, including fulfilling truck orders for your fellow players. When a player requests help with a truck order, it’s an opportunity to contribute to their progress and earn gift cards. Truck orders with help requests will be marked with an exclamation mark, making them easy to identify.

By assisting other players in completing their truck orders, you not only stand to receive gift cards but also the monetary rewards and experience points listed on the truck order. It’s a win-win situation; you help fellow farmers and reap the benefits.

Additionally, if you are part of a neighbourhood, you can request help from your neighbours to fulfill truck orders more efficiently. This collaboration can be beneficial during derbies and special events when teamwork is crucial.

To find players seeking help with their truck orders, you can search through the newspaper in the game. Look for truck orders marked with an exclamation mark, which signifies that a player has requested assistance. Lending a hand in this way contributes to your community and may reward you with gift cards.

Helping Out With Shipment Orders

Another way to collect gift cards is by aiding other players to complete their boat orders. This process can be just as rewarding as the previous methods. By successfully filling a player’s shipment order, you’ll receive their thanks and the possibility of a gift card enclosed in the thank-you letter.

In addition to the potential gift card, you’ll also obtain the monetary rewards and experience points associated with the order. This not only benefits you but strengthens your Hay Day community.

To find shipment orders that need assistance, you can use the same strategy mentioned earlier, which involves scanning the newspaper. Once again, look for orders marked with an exclamation mark to locate players in need. Lending your assistance in fulfilling their orders can lead to a heartwarming thank-you letter, possibly containing a gift card.

Earning gift cards on Hay Day is not a guaranteed process, and there’s a daily limit of a maximum of 7 gift cards. However, by actively engaging with the game, helping others, and participating in truck and shipment orders, you can significantly increase your chances of receiving these valuable rewards. 

How to Use Gift Cards

Once you’ve amassed a collection of gift cards on Hay Day, it’s time to put them to good use. These digital tokens unlock opportunities within the “Fyne & Mysterious Gifts Catalogue.” To access this treasure trove of mystery packages, click on the blue post box at the end of your driveway.

You’ll find an array of mystery packages in the catalogue, each with unique surprises. These packages are available at varying prices, typically ranging from 5 to 35 gift cards. You can acquire valuable items that will enhance your farming adventure by using your gift cards wisely. Explore the catalogue, select your desired packages, and use your gift cards to level up your farm and enjoy their perks.

What is the Gift Catalogue in Hay Day?

The Gifties Catalog in Hay Day is a unique feature that allows players to exchange gifts, a type of in-game currency, for various rewards and items. The Gifties Catalog becomes available once players reach level 15 in the game.

To access the Gifties Catalog, players can tap on the mailbox icon near the screen’s bottom right corner. Inside the mailbox is a tab labelled “Gifties Catalog” that players can click to explore the available options.

Gift Catalogue on Hay Day

The Gifties Catalogue aims to provide players with a way to spend gifts earned by completing truck and boat orders and helping other players in their neighbourhoods. These Gifts can be exchanged for items such as expansion materials, farm decorations, and unique boosters.

As players progress in the game and unlock higher levels, the Gifties Catalog is periodically updated with new and exciting items, encouraging players to continue earning and spending Gifties. This adds an extra layer of engagement and rewards for players actively participating in the game’s various aspects.

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