How to get cotton on Hay Day
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How To Get Cotton In Hay Day 

Qasim Ahmad

January 15, 2024 . 8 min read

You likely know how important cotton is to moving forward in Hay Day since you always play it. You need cotton to make fabrics and clothes to sell in your roadside shop, complete boat and truck jobs, and earn coins and experience points.

Obtaining a steady supply of cotton will allow your farm to thrive. You can employ a few key strategies to get more cotton and have it on hand when you need it.

With some planning and persistence, you’ll have a cotton production process streamlined in no time. Keep reading to discover how to plant, harvest, and stockpile cotton efficiently so you can become a Hay Day cotton tycoon.

What is Cotton in Hay Day

Cotton in Hay Day is a versatile and essential crop for farming. At experience level 18, you unlock the ability to cultivate cotton, which plays a crucial role in the game. Understanding how cotton works regarding XP (experience points) can significantly benefit your farming strategy. 

When you plant a cotton seed, each plot yields two cotton plants and rewards you with 6 XP points. It takes approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes for cotton to mature. This means that you gain a net gain of 1 cotton plant and 6 XP points for every cotton seed planted once it’s ready for harvest.

Cotton in hay day

Cotton’s significance in XP becomes evident as you aim to level up in Hay Day. The more cotton you cultivate and harvest, the faster you accumulate experience points.

These XP points are instrumental in unlocking new features, crops, and products, helping you progress in the game. In your farming journey, mastering the working of cotton in XP is pivotal for levelling up quickly and efficiently. So, don’t underestimate the power of cotton in enhancing your Hay Day experience.

How to Get Cotton In Hay Day

Cotton farming on Hay Day is a fundamental aspect of your farming journey. It is the primary raw material for crafting valuable products and is crucial in various in-game activities. This comprehensive guide will take you through every step of growing cotton, from land preparation to the final bountiful harvest.

Prepare Your Land

The first step in your cotton-growing journey is to prepare your land adequately. To begin, inspect your silo for any available cotton seeds. To do this, access your silo and check for any stored cotton seeds. If you find some, you’re good to go.

If not, you must source cotton seeds from friends, roadside shops, or the Wheel of Fortune. Once you have your seeds, it’s time to clear your fields.

Select any empty field tile on your farm and designate it for cotton planting. The more fields you prepare, the greater your potential for a productive cotton harvest.

Plant Cotton

Now that your land is ready, it’s time to plant your cotton. In your prepared fields, select cotton as the crop of choice. Ensure you utilize all available cotton seeds to maximize your production potential.

However, remember that cotton is known for its relatively long growth period, lasting 2 hours and 30 minutes. This time frame demands some patience and strategic planning, especially if you anticipate being away from the game for an extended period.

Wait for Growth

The growth period of cotton is a crucial phase in the cultivation process. Here’s what you need to know during this waiting period:

  • Regular Monitoring: Even though cotton takes time to mature, it’s essential to check your fields regularly. By doing so, you can keep an eye on the progress of your cotton plants and be prepared for the harvest.
  • Boosting Production: If you’re more hands-on and looking to expedite the growth process, consider using booster items like Growth Accelerators or employing farm animals that can help speed up cotton growth. These options can be precious if you aim to maximize your cotton production in a shorter timeframe.

Harvest Cotton

Once your cotton plants reach full maturity, it’s time to harvest them and collect your rewards. Here’s how to do it effectively:

  • Harvesting: Tap on the mature cotton plants to initiate the harvesting process. Each harvested cotton plant yields a specific number of cotton bolls, the essential building blocks for crafting various products and trading.
  • Silo Storage: Like all crops in Hay Day, your harvested cotton will be automatically stored in your silo. Ensure your silo has sufficient capacity to accommodate your cotton harvest and keep a vigilant eye on your storage capacity as you continue your cotton farming activities.

Use or Sell Cotton

After successfully harvesting your cotton crop on Hay Day, you’re faced with deciding how to make the most of this valuable resource.

Cotton is a versatile material in the game and can be used for crafting various products, such as cotton fabric.

Crafting items like clothing and textiles using cotton fabric is a great way to fulfill orders and earn both coins and experience points. 

cotton production

Alternatively, you have the option to sell your cotton for coins. You can set up a shop in your Roadside Shop, where other players can purchase your cotton or trade with neighbours.

Keeping an eye on market prices will help ensure you get the best deal when you sell your cotton. The choice between using your cotton for crafting or selling it outright depends on your in-game goals and priorities.

Expand and Upgrade

As your cotton production grows, your farm must expand and upgrade its facilities to meet the increasing demands. Developing your land is crucial as it provides more space for cultivating cotton. 

You can invest in land expansions to create additional fields, allowing you to maintain a consistent cotton supply. Additionally, upgrading your silo and barn is essential.

An enormous silo ensures you have enough space to store your cotton, while an upgraded barn provides additional storage for crafted products made from cotton. These upgrades are essential to manage your cotton and its related items effectively.

Fulfill Orders

A profitable way to use your cotton harvest is by fulfilling orders, a core feature of Hay Day. The in-game market and truck orders present opportunities to trade your cotton for coins and experience points.

To maximize this feature, regularly check your truck orders board for orders that require cotton-based products and prioritize these orders to earn significant rewards. 

You can also list your cotton and cotton-based products for sale in your Roadside Shop, allowing other players to purchase your goods. This generates coins, keeps your inventory moving, and creates space for additional cotton.

Trade with Neighbors

Collaboration with neighbours is a significant aspect of Hay Day, especially when dealing with cotton. You can request and share cotton and other resources with your neighbours.

If you need more cotton or specific products, don’t hesitate to send out requests to your neighbours, and be equally responsive when they need help.

Joining a neighbourhood is highly beneficial, increasing your chances of receiving and sending requests for cotton and other resources. It’s a great way to foster cooperation and strengthen your farming community.

How do you make a Cotton Shirt on Hay Day?

Making a cotton shirt on Hay Day is a straightforward process that involves several steps. Follow these easy instructions to craft your cotton shirt in the game.

Plant and Harvest Cotton

  • Start by planting cotton in your fields. Ensure that you have enough space for the cotton to grow. Cotton takes some time to mature, so be patient. Once ready, tap on the cotton plants to harvest them.

Process Cotton in the Cotton Spinning Machine

  • Head to your farm’s production buildings and locate the Cotton Spinning Machine. Please tap on the machine to open its menu, then select the cotton icon to process the harvested cotton. The machine will turn raw cotton into spools of cotton.

Weave Cotton Cloth in the Loom

  • Find the Loom on your farm and tap on it. In the Loom menu, select the spools of cotton you produced in the Cotton Spinning Machine. The Loom will transform the cotton into cotton cloth.

Sew the Cotton Shirt in the Sewing Machine

  • Locate the Sewing Machine on your farm and open its menu. Choose the cotton cloth option and select the quantity you want to use. The Sewing Machine will then craft the cotton cloth into a cotton shirt.

Collect Your Cotton Shirt

  • Once the Sewing Machine finishes its job, tap on it again to collect your newly crafted cotton shirt.
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