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Qasim Ahmad

December 6, 2023 . 5 min read

Have you ever wondered how much those adorable donkeys cost on Hay Day? Well, saddle up – we’re going for a ride through the pricing of one of the game’s most valuable animals.

As any experienced farmer will tell you, donkeys are essential for transporting goods and completing delivery tasks efficiently. But these hardworking helpers don’t come cheap.

Why Donkeys Are Important

Donkeys play a vital role in farming, especially in the game Hay Day. These humble creatures offer numerous advantages that make them indispensable for any successful farm.

Firstly, donkeys are excellent helpers when it comes to transporting goods. They can carry heavy loads of crops and resources, making it easier for farmers to move things around the farm. This saves valuable time and energy that can be used for other essential tasks.

Secondly, donkeys assist in collecting resources from the fields. They tirelessly gather crops, ensuring a bountiful harvest. Their efficiency is a critical factor in the overall productivity of the farm.

donkey in hay day

Moreover, donkeys contribute to the smooth functioning of the farm by enabling efficient production. Their ability to transport items to different buildings ensures that each structure receives the necessary materials for optimal operation.

Donkey Prices and Expenses

When it comes to Hay Day, donkeys are among the charming pet animals that players can acquire. However, understanding the costs associated with these lovable creatures is essential. Donkeys in Hay Day can be purchased for a specific price, and there are expenses related to their upkeep.

Donkeys can be obtained using in-game currency, primarily vouchers and diamonds. Each Provence donkey costs two green vouchers, 20 blue vouchers, two purple vouchers, and two golden vouchers, or 1,670 diamonds.

This makes them a valuable addition to your farm. These donkeys must be placed near a donkey stable, which also comes at a price.

donkey prices

Moreover, maintaining donkeys requires feeding them with carrots. They consume carrots, which can be seen as an ongoing expense.

Donkeys eat carrots and then roam their stable for an hour, finally falling asleep. You’ll spend some carrots to wake them up, but it’s worth it, as you’ll receive 25 XP per animal. Donkeys will remain asleep unless woken up.

Considering all these factors, it’s crucial to budget wisely when acquiring and taking care of donkeys on Hay Day.

Donkey Benefits and Uses

Donkeys on Hay Day add to the charm of your farm and bring several advantages to the table. Understanding their benefits and uses can help players make the most of these beautiful animals.

One of the primary benefits of having donkeys on Hay Day is the experience points they provide. When you feed them carrots and wake them up, they reward you with 25 XP per animal. This is a valuable source of experience, which can help you level up in the game.

Additionally, donkeys are charming creatures that can enhance the aesthetics of your farm. Their presence adds character and uniqueness to your Hay Day experience. You can also keep them in the company of other donkeys in your donkey stable.

Donkeys can be a source of entertainment in the game, as they exhibit amusing behaviours, like eating, roaming, and sleeping. This can be a delightful aspect of your virtual farm life.

Maximizing Your Donkey’s Utility

To make the most out of your donkeys on Hay Day, it’s essential to understand how to maximize their utility. Donkeys can be more than just charming additions to your farm; they can be valuable assets in the game.

One way to maximize your donkey’s utility is by ensuring they are well-fed with carrots. Feeding your donkeys and waking them up promptly allows you to earn 25 XP per animal. This contributes significantly to your in-game experience points, helping you level up faster.

Another way to enhance their utility is strategically placing them on your farm. Donkeys can add character and charm to your setup, so position them in areas where they can be appreciated by other players who visit your farm.

Provence Donkey Hay Day

Provence Donkeys are delightful pet animals in the game, offering players valuable experience points in exchange for carrots. 

Unlocking Provence Donkeys:

  • The first Provence Donkey becomes available at experience level 43, with a second unlocking at level 55.
Provence donkey


  • Donkey Stable: Purchase from the Shop.
  • Cost: Each donkey requires two green vouchers, 20 blue vouchers, two purple vouchers, and two golden vouchers, or can be obtained for 1,670 diamonds.
  • Placement: Donkeys must be placed near a donkey stable.


  • Players are allowed to have a maximum of two Provence Donkeys.

Feeding and Interaction:

  • Carrot Consumption: Donkeys need to be fed carrots


In conclusion, while donkeys in Hay Day may initially seem like charming additions to your farm, they come with their costs and benefits.

From the initial purchase price to ongoing expenses for carrots and stable placement, it’s crucial to budget wisely. However, the rewards of experience points and the joy they bring to your virtual farm life make donkeys valuable assets.

Qasim Ahmad

Qasim Ahmad


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