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Hay Day | How To Get Nails

Qasim Ahmad

January 14, 2024 . 8 min read

Have you ever wondered how to stock up on nails on Hay Day? As your farm grows, so does your need for resources. Nails are essential for building new structures and upgrading existing ones. At first, you’ll get a steady supply of nails from toolboxes and mystery boxes. 

You’re eager to get building, so let’s cut to the chase. The fastest way to get nails is to fill boat and truck orders. When you deliver goods via the roadside shop or port, you’ll often get nails, duct tape or other valuable supplies in return. The amount depends on the difficulty of the order, but it’s not unusual to get 30-50 nails at a time.

Harvesting Crops for Nails

Nails can be hard to come by in the world of Hay Day, but learning how to gather them can make your farming life much more accessible and efficient. Nails can be obtained in several ways, but one of the simplest is crop harvesting.

harvesting crops for nails in hay day

When you plant and cultivate crops in your Hay Day farm, you’re growing delicious produce and setting the stage for nails to appear. As your crops grow, you’ll accumulate experience points, and occasionally, you’ll be rewarded with valuable items like nails, screws, and expansion permits. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone—expanding your farm while getting those elusive nails.

As you progress through the game and reach mid-level thresholds, the rewards for harvesting become more lucrative. This means more nails in your inventory, which can significantly expedite your progress in upgrading your silo, barn, and other essential buildings.

Using the Mine to Find Nails

Hay Day’s nail hunt requires a lot of patience; farmers often overlook one of the most reliable sources—the mine. This underground wonder is a treasure trove of resources, and nails are no exception.

The mine, accessible at experience level 24, is a hidden gem beneath your farm. Here, you can send your trusty miner to dig deep into the earth and unearth valuable items. While you can find a variety of goods in the mine, one of the more common discoveries is nails.

When your miner is hard at work in the depths of the mine, you can gather only one or two nails but an array of them. As your miner toils away, collecting precious ores, gemstones, and resources, you might find nails as part of your loot. This makes the mine a fantastic resource for bolstering your nail collection.

The mine refreshes every few hours, giving you regular chances to send your miner underground. So, make it a part of your daily routine on Hay Day to visit the mine, and you’ll find that it’s a valuable resource for acquiring those elusive nails. Whether you’re upgrading your silo, barn, or tackling other construction projects, the mine can be a goldmine for nails.

Purchasing Nails from the Shop

In Hay Day, if you need nails, the quickest solution is to visit the game’s virtual store. This straightforward option allows you to buy nails directly, bypassing the need for various collection methods. 

It’s the perfect solution when you require a swift influx of nails to facilitate upgrades and construction on your farm. Keep an eye on the shop’s offerings, and you can acquire the nails you need without delay, ensuring that your Hay Day farm progresses smoothly and efficiently.

Earning Nails through Derby Rewards

Participating in the thrilling Derby competitions on Hay Day isn’t just about community pride; it’s also a fantastic avenue for earning valuable rewards, including nails. As your neighbourhood emerges victorious in the Derby, you reap the benefits, gaining access to a treasure trove of prizes, among them nails, screws, diamonds, and more.

Derby rewards act as a catalyst for farm development, offering essential construction materials for upgrading silos, barns, and other vital structures. Winning a Derby signifies your team’s prowess and ensures a steady supply of nails to propel your Hay Day farm forward. 

Trading with Neighbors for Nails

In the close-knit world of Hay Day neighbourhoods, your fellow farmers can be your lifeline to obtaining nails. By fostering solid relationships with your neighbours, you can engage in trade for this coveted resource. 

High-level players often have surplus nails, and a friendly trade can be mutually beneficial. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your neighbours, and together, you can help each other grow, exchange goods, and ensure that nails are never in short supply on your Hay Day farm.

Completing Achievements and Achieving Nails

In Hay Day, an often-overlooked treasure trove of resources lies within the Achievements. These in-game milestones provide a sense of accomplishment and a steady stream of rewards, including the elusive nails you need for farm development.

Quick Methods to Complete Achievements for Nails:

  • Daily Tasks: Regularly completing daily tasks keeps your farm running smoothly and contributes to your achievement progress. These can range from harvesting crops to feeding animals, offering quick and steady achievements.
  • Town Achievements: Actively participating in activities within the town and serving visitors is another fast track to earning achievement points. These include collecting orders, assisting visitors, and providing their desired goods.
  • Event Achievements: Many events on Hay Day come with specific achievement tasks. Engaging in these events and successfully fulfilling the objectives can quickly add to your achievement count.
  • Seasonal Achievements: Keep an eye on seasonal events and promotions that offer exceptional achievements. These often provide substantial achievement points and rewards.

By focusing on these quick methods to complete achievements, you enhance your farm’s productivity and ensure a constant supply of nails to fuel your farm’s growth. It’s a win-win situation where every achievement unlocked brings you one step closer to the thriving Hay Day farm you’ve always dreamt of.

Creative Uses for Nails in Hay Day

Nails in Hay Day are not just a means to an end in terms of farm construction. They serve as versatile resources that can be creatively repurposed to enhance your farm in various ways. Beyond their foundational role in upgrading silos, barns, and other essential structures, nails can find creative applications in your farm life. 

get nails

Use them to craft charming decorative items such as fences and benches, adding a personal touch to your farm’s aesthetics. Upgrading your roadside shop with nails can attract more customers, increasing sales and higher in-game earnings. Moreover, nails are highly sought-after items in trade with neighbours or other players, making them valuable commodities for barter. 

Contributing nails to community buildings and projects showcases your commitment to your neighbourhood and fosters a strong sense of community. Additionally, nails can be employed in crafting farm machinery and tools, boosting efficiency on your farm. In Hay Day, nails aren’t just tools; they’re versatile assets that can transform your farm life creatively and unexpectedly.

How do you get items on Hay Day?

Getting things is essential for building and growing your farm in Hay Day. You can get stuff in several ways, which will help your virtual farm grow and succeed.

Harvesting Crops

Planting and harvesting crops is a fundamental aspect of Hay Day. You can grow various plants like wheat, corn, or carrots by tapping on the field and choosing a crop. Once fully developed, tap on them to collect the harvested crops.

Collecting from Animals

Animals play a vital role on your farm. Regularly check your animals and tap on them to collect items such as eggs, milk, and wool. These items are essential for fulfilling orders and crafting products.


Construct a fishing boat at the dock and use it to catch fish. Fishing is fun and rewarding to gather items like fish fillets and lobster tails. You can sell these or use them for cooking and crafting.


Unlock the mine on your farm to access valuable ores and resources. Tap on the mine to send your character underground, where you can collect items like ores, diamonds, and other precious materials.

Trading with Friends

Connect with friends through the game and trade items. You can sell surplus items or purchase things you need from friends. This collaborative approach enhances the social aspect of Hay Day.

Completing Orders

Visitors will appear at your farm with specific orders. Fulfilling these orders by providing the requested items earns you coins and experience points. As you level up, more items and features become available.

Events and Achievements

Participate in special events and complete achievements to earn rewards. These can include rare items, vouchers, and other bonuses that aid your farm’s progress.

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