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How To Get A Screw In Hay Day

Qasim Ahmad

December 21, 2023 . 6 min read

Have you ever struggled to try to find enough nails or screws in Hay Day to complete a building or upgrade? We’ve all been there. Those group order board requests seem simple initially, but then you start searching your barn and realize you need to catch up. Don’t worry; we have a few tips to help you get the screws you need to fulfil those orders and keep your town thriving.

Why You Need Screws in Hay Day

Screws may appear inconspicuous on Hay Day, but they hold a significant role in your farm’s success. These unassuming items are essential for upgrading critical structures like your diner, silo, and tackle box, facilitating your farm’s growth. Without screws, you’ll find it challenging to expand your silo’s storage capacity or enhance your diner’s efficiency. 


Moreover, they are critical for obtaining expansion permits, allowing you to unlock new areas and access more land and resources for your farm. If you’re an avid angler, don’t forget that screws are indispensable for improving your tackle box, which, in turn, helps you catch better fish and reap more rewards. 

Ensuring you have enough screws on hand leads to smoother gameplay, with no unnecessary delays in expanding your farm or enhancing your fishing gear. In essence, screws are the unsung heroes of Hay Day, quietly contributing to a more efficient and enjoyable farming experience.

Advanced Screw Gathering Techniques

Efficiently gathering screws is pivotal to your success on Hay Day. Whether you aim to expand your farm, improve your diner, or enhance your tackle box, advanced screw-gathering techniques can make a significant difference. 

Here are more valuable tips:

  1. Strategic Crop Rotation: Maximize your screw yield by planting and harvesting crops strategically. Different crops have different screw drop rates. Experiment with various crops to find the most efficient ones for gathering screws.
  • Wheat is a quick-growing crop with a relatively high chance of yielding screws. It’s an excellent choice for frequent harvesting.
  • Soybeans are another fast-growing crop, and they often yield screws as well. They are a reliable choice for consistent screw collection.
  • Carrots take a bit longer to grow but have a higher screw drop rate. Planting these can be an efficient way to accumulate screws over time.
  • Corn is a longer-term crop but can yield screws at a decent rate. It’s ideal if you don’t wait for a better payoff.
  • While sugarcane takes a while to mature, it has a reasonable screw drop rate. Plant it if you’re looking for a higher chance of getting screws per harvest.
  1. Daily Derby Rewards: Active participation in Hay Day derbies can lead to valuable rewards, including screws. Join a neighbourhood community and engage in derbies to access these benefits.
  2. Farm Pass Season: Completing tasks during the Farm Pass Season can earn you screws. Tap the Chick House to join this feature, which offers monthly rewards for dedicated players.
  3. Valley Shop: The Valley Shop is a great place to exchange valley currencies for screws. Be on the lookout for the right time to make your purchase, and don’t remember to leave the valley if you run out of currency.
  4. Catalogue Mystery Packages: Unlocking the Catalogue at experience level 15 allows you to obtain gift cards in exchange for mystery packages. These packages may contain screws, among other valuable rewards.
  5. Seasonal Mystery Gifts: Watch for seasonal themes in the fishing area and Greg’s farm, such as Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s, and Chinese New Year’s. These events often feature seasonal mystery gifts that can contain screws, diamonds, and other valuable items.
  6. Reach Derby Thresholds: Winning Hay Day derbies can yield valuable rewards, including screws, diamonds, and more. Collaborate with your neighbourhood to achieve victory in derbies.
  7. Global Event Participation: Take part in global events that offer screws as rewards. These events have both community goals and personal objectives, and completing them can lead to various valuable items, including screws.
  8. Mystery Nets for Fishing: Use mystery nets for fishing to obtain screws, diamonds, and more. Remember that you need to spend diamonds to produce these nets first.
  9. Clearing Trees and Bushes: Cutting down trees and bushes not only rewards you with experience points but also sometimes rare items like screws and TNT.

Help from Neighbors and Friends on Hay Day

In Hay Day, your neighbours and friends can be a valuable source of assistance in your quest for screws. There are several methods to consider to make the most of their support. First, joining an active neighbourhood is a smart move. In your neighbourhood, your neighbours can help you in multiple ways, including sharing screws through the roadside shop, trading, and offering support.

Communication is essential, so take advantage of the neighbourhood chat. When you need screws, you can request them from your neighbours, and chances are, someone in your neighbourhood will be willing to help you out. Remember, being a good neighbour is a two-way street. Helping others in your neighbourhood can encourage them to help you in return.

friends place

If you have friends who also play Hay Day, connect with them on Facebook. You can visit each other’s farms and sometimes find screws for sale in their roadside shop. Additionally, consider joining Hay Day-related groups on social media platforms. Many players share screws and tips in these groups, and you can establish new friendships to help each other out.

By actively engaging with neighbours, friends, and the wider Hay Day community, you can access a network of support that makes gathering screws a more collaborative and enjoyable experience. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when needed; always be ready to lend a hand in return.

How to use Screw

In Hay Day, screws serve as versatile and valuable resources. To make the most of these essential items, understanding how to use them effectively is crucial. Screws are primarily employed for upgrading and expanding critical structures on your farm, including the diner, silo, and tackle box. 

Upgrading your diner enhances the production of goods, while the silo expansion allows you to store more resources. The tackle box improvements enable you to catch better fish, earning more rewards.

Qasim Ahmad

Qasim Ahmad


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