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How To Get Free Diamonds Hay Day

Qasim Ahmad

December 6, 2023 . 8 min read

So you’re playing Hay Day and looking for free gems without dropping a bunch of cash. Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. We have all the tips and tricks to help you rake in those precious diamonds without paying a dime. 

Seriously, you’ll be swimming in gems in no time with these pro hacks. And the best part is, they’re legit and won’t get you banned from the game. What are you waiting for? Start reading; you’ll have an entire gem board before you know it. You can thank us later when you’re your neighbourhood’s gem king or queen.

Completing Daily Tasks for Gems

In Hay Day, one of the most effective ways to accumulate gems, the game’s valuable currency, is by diligently completing daily tasks. These tasks offer a steady source of gems, helping you progress faster and enhance your farm. Each day, the game provides a list of tasks that, when fulfilled, earn you gems as rewards.

Tasks can range from simple actions like harvesting crops, tending to animals, or fulfilling customer orders to more elaborate objectives, such as upgrading buildings and expanding your farm. By completing these tasks regularly, you acquire gems and make your farm more efficient.

Maximizing Gem Rewards in Mystery Boxes and Derbies

For those eager to increase their diamond stash on Hay Day, exploring mystery boxes and participating in derbies is an intelligent strategy. Mystery boxes scattered throughout your farm and those of your friends can yield delightful surprises, including diamonds.

Regularly inspect your farm and friends’ farms to uncover these hidden gems. This process is fun and a rewarding way to bolster your diamond collection.

getting bolts from mystery boxes

Derbies, on the other hand, provide an excellent opportunity to secure gem rewards. These neighbourhood competitions offer a variety of tasks, and successful participation can lead to diamond prizes.

Cooperate with your neighbours and accomplish the derby tasks to earn gems, valuable experience, and other resources. Maximizing your derby efforts can ensure a steady inflow of diamonds to enhance your Hay Day experience.

Trading and Selling for Gem Profit

In the bustling world of Hay Day, strategic trading and selling can prove to be a lucrative avenue for accumulating gems. Engaging in intelligent transactions within the in-game economy can lead to a substantial increase in your diamond reserves.

Establishing a thriving Roadside Shop is a vital component of this strategy. Regularly stock your shop with high-demand items and set reasonable prices to attract other players.

By meeting virtual shoppers’ needs, you earn coins and increase the likelihood of receiving diamonds as a bonus. Keep an eye out for customers seeking specific items, and prioritize fulfilling these orders to maximize your gem gains.

selling things for gems

Participating in the global trading community, connecting with friends, and actively visiting other farms can open up additional opportunities for profitable trades. Take advantage of the demand for specific goods and negotiate favourable deals that include diamonds in the exchange.

Unlocking Social Rewards for Free Gems

Hay Day is more than just a solo farming adventure; it’s a social community where collaboration and interaction can bring bountiful rewards. By connecting with friends, neighbours, and fellow players, you can unlock social rewards, including free gems.

One of the primary methods to earn gems through social engagement is by joining a neighbourhood. Derbies and shared tasks allow you to cooperate with others and collectively accomplish goals. Successfully participating in these group efforts can earn you both gems and valuable experience points.

Another social aspect of Hay Day involves helping and visiting other farms. As you interact with your neighbours and friends, you can receive gifts, including gems, as tokens of appreciation for your friendship and support.

Participating in Events and Special Offers for Gems

Hay Day frequently hosts in-game events and special offers that provide a golden opportunity to score extra gems. These limited-time events encompass various activities, from filling orders to catching fish. You can earn precious diamonds by actively participating and meeting the event’s goals.

event board

In addition to events, watch for special offers within the game. These deals might include discounted diamond packages or promotions that grant you bonus gems when making in-game purchases.

Taking advantage of such offers can significantly boost your gem collection and enhance your Hay Day experience. So, stay attentive to the latest events and offers to maximize your diamond earnings.

Utilizing Friendship Boats and Town Visitors for Gems

Not only should you collect diamonds on Hay Day, but you should also keep an eye out for friendship boats and town visits. These two parts of the game let you interact with your virtual friends and earn gems simultaneously. 

Friendship boats frequently dock at your farm, bearing orders from other players. Fulfilling these orders can lead to a rewarding experience, including the chance to receive diamonds.

Keep your dock busy, manage your resources efficiently, and prioritize meeting the demands with gem rewards to ensure a steady influx of these valuable gems.

town visters

Town visitors are another source of potential diamond income. These virtual tourists arrive in your town with specific requests.

Meeting their demands contributes to your town’s reputation and can result in gem rewards. The more you engage with town visitors and fulfil their orders, the more gems you stand to collect.

By effectively utilizing friendship boats and town visitors, you can create a symbiotic relationship with your in-game neighbours, bolstering your diamond collection while fostering a sense of community on Hay Day. This approach allows you to turn your farm into a thriving hub of trade and friendship, with diamonds as a welcome bonus.

Pro Tips and Tricks for Gem Accumulation

While the methods above can significantly boost your diamond count on Hay Day, here are some pro tips and tricks to further maximize your gem accumulation:

  • Daily Consistency: Dig into the game daily to collect rewards and ensure you take advantage of all opportunities for free gems.
  • Strategic Ad Watching: Watch for opportunities to watch ads in exchange for diamonds. These can appear near your mailbox and offer a simple way to earn extra gems.
  • Master the Wheel of Fortune: The free daily spin can be a goldmine. Spin it regularly for a chance to win gems and other valuable prizes.
  • Trade Smart: When trading with other players, focus on high-demand items. Selling these items in your shop can increase your coin earnings, which you can then invest in more diamond-related activities.
  • Expand and Upgrade: Invest in expansions and upgrades as your farm progresses. These make your farm more efficient and lead to more opportunities for gem rewards.
  • Completing Achievements: Remember the achievements in the game. Completing them can earn you valuable gem rewards over time.
  • Strategic Derby Participation: When participating in derbies, choose tasks that offer gem rewards and coordinate with your neighbourhood for success.

Combining these pro tips and tricks with the previously mentioned methods can create a well-rounded strategy for gem accumulation in Hay Day. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or just starting, these insights will help you grow your gem collection and enjoy a richer gaming experience.

AchievementGems Earned
Novice Farmer3 Gems
Green Thumb3 Gems
Master Farmer3 Gems
Superior Grower3 Gems
Planter Extraordinaire3 Gems
Experienced Farmer3 Gems
Farm Hero3 Gems
Expert Farmer3 Gems
Farmtastic5 Gems
Hay Day Champion5 Gems
Star Collector5 Gems
Trophy Hunter5 Gems
Derby Dasher5 Gems
Grand Master of Farming5 Gems
Master of the Derby5 Gems
Novice Miner5 Gems
Rock Miner5 Gems
Ore Miner5 Gems
Gem Miner5 Gems
Gold Miner5 Gems
Titanium Miner5 Gems
Silver Miner5 Gems
Diamond Miner5 Gems
Master Miner5 Gems


In conclusion, mastering the art of gem accumulation in Hay Day involves a multifaceted approach that combines daily consistency, strategic gameplay, and social engagement.

Completing daily tasks, maximizing rewards in mystery boxes and derbies, intelligent trading, and participating in events all contribute to a robust gem collection. Additionally, leveraging friendship boats and town visitors adds a communal aspect to the game, enhancing cooperation and gem acquisition.

Qasim Ahmad

Qasim Ahmad


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