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How to Get More Stars In Hay Day

Qasim Ahmad

December 13, 2023 . 5 min read

You’ve spent weeks building up your farm, carefully tending to your crops and livestock to make sure your farm is thriving. But now you’ve hit a wall.

No matter what you do, you can’t seem to earn any more stars and level up. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. The good news is, with a few simple tips, you’ll be earning stars and advancing levels in no time.

Why Stars are Important 

In Hay Day, stars are your measure of success and progress as a farmer. They are a symbol of your dedication and productivity on the farm. Earning stars unlocks new crops, animals, and buildings, enriching your gameplay experience. 

why stars are important

Moreover, stars are the key to leveling up, which grants access to more exciting features and challenges. So, the more stars you accumulate, the more you can expand and enhance your farm.

With higher levels, you’ll be better equipped to tackle advanced tasks, like boat orders and town deliveries, and enjoy a more rewarding Hay Day experience.

How to Earn Stars by Farming 

Accumulating stars through farming is a rewarding journey that requires dedication and consistency. Your primary focus should be tending to your crops, animals, and production facilities. The more you produce and care for your farm, the more stars you’ll earn. 

Experiment with high-yield crops and animals, and upgrade your production facilities to boost your output. By investing your time and resources wisely, your star count will grow steadily.

The Role of Orders and Truck Deliveries 

Orders and truck deliveries are significant sources of stars on Hay Day. Managing your roadside shop efficiently and fulfilling orders promptly is key to earning stars.

Additionally, sending out your truck loaded with products for deliveries is equally important. It not only helps you earn stars but also generates valuable coins. 

truck orders in hay day

Coins are essential for expanding your farm, so it’s a win-win. To maximize your stars, always pay attention to the orders at your shop and ensure your truck is well-prepared for deliveries.

Tips for Maximizing Your Star Earnings 

If you want to supercharge your star-earning potential in Hay Day, consider these advanced strategies:

Crop and Animal Selection

Choosing high-yield crops and animals is essential for optimal success in Hay Day. These selections should be based on the ones that provide the best returns for the time and resources you invest. Focusing on these high-performing options will boost your overall productivity and profits.

Facility Upgrades

Upgrading your production facilities is a strategic move to enhance efficiency on your farm. This not only earns you stars but also accelerates production and increases output.

By reducing production times through upgrades, you not only meet orders more swiftly but also contribute to the overall improvement of your farm.

Efficient Farm Management

Maintaining an organized farm layout is crucial for streamlining operations. A well-thought-out arrangement ensures quick access to essential items and buildings, facilitating timely order completions. Efficiency in farm management is key to a successful and smoothly operating agricultural venture in Hay Day.

Boat and Town Orders

Giving priority to boat and town orders is smart, as these often yield more stars and valuable resources. Completing these orders contributes significantly to your star count and provides essential items that can be crucial for further expansion and success in the game.

Participate in Events

Active participation in in-game events and community activities is a rewarding practice. These events frequently offer bonus stars as rewards, providing an additional avenue for boosting your star count. Keeping an eye on these opportunities ensures you maximize your earnings and progress in the game.

Trading and Cooperation

Engaging in trade with friends and other players is a mutually beneficial practice. Through cooperation, you can acquire items you need, contributing to the success of your farm. This collaborative approach helps secure more stars and fosters community within the game.

Automate with Hay Day Helper

Utilizing automation tools like the Hay Day Helper is a game-changer for efficient farm management. This tool ensures your farm continues to operate smoothly, even when you’re not actively playing.

By automating tasks, you maintain a continuous flow of products for orders and deliveries, contributing to sustained success on Hay Day.


In conclusion, mastering the art of star accumulation in Hay Day is the key to unlocking a richer and more fulfilling gaming experience. Stars symbolize your dedication and productivity, serving as a measure of success. 

You can significantly enhance your star-earning potential by strategically focusing on efficient farming practices, managing orders and deliveries, and implementing advanced strategies like crop selection and facility upgrades.

Don’t remember the importance of participating in events, cooperating with other players, and utilizing automation tools. 

Qasim Ahmad

Qasim Ahmad


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