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Qasim Ahmad

December 21, 2023 . 7 min read

You’re a Hay Day addict, just like the rest of us. You’ve spent hours tending to your virtual farm, harvesting crops and filling orders for demanding customers. But those group orders can be tricky.

Are you filling a 10-item order all by yourself? Everyone has time for that. What if I told you there’s a way to get other farmers to refill those pesky group orders without costing you a single coin? That’s right, you can get help for free.

Why Tom is Valuable in Hay Day

In Hay Day, Tom is an invaluable friend to every player. He serves as a time-saver, helping you promptly find the items you need, which is crucial for your farm’s growth. Despite some players’ reservations about spending diamonds, Tom’s services can be relatively cost-effective, especially for obtaining items before arrival. 

What’s better is that he’s accessible to all players and offers three days of free service when you first unlock him at Farm Level 14. Keep an eye out for those discount opportunities he occasionally provides, making his services even more appealing. 


Tom’s unique ability to locate various items, excluding building and expansion supplies, is a game-changer, ensuring you always have the necessary resources for your farm’s success. Tom’s role and importance in Hay Day are undeniable, making him an essential part of your farming journey.

How To Get Tom For Free Hay Day

Opportunities to enhance your farm and gaming experience are abundant; many can be accessed without spending diamonds. Let’s explore some of these opportunities and how to maximize them.

Tom’s Three-Day Free Trial

When you unlock Tom at Farm Level 14, he generously offers three days of free service. To use this opportunity, tap on Tom’s spot beside the road, and he’ll start helping you find items without cost. Take full advantage of this free trial to gather the resources you need for your farm.

Red Boosters

Boosters are your friends in Hay Day. The red booster, in particular, allows you to hire Tom for free. To use this opportunity, use a booster card, and Tom will be at your service without any diamond expense. It’s a great way to save your hard-earned diamonds while benefiting from Tom’s assistance.

Discount Balloon

Keep an eye out for the discount balloon held by Tom. When you see this balloon, puncture it, and you’ll receive coins, diamonds, experience points, and rare items. This opportunity adds to your resources and helps you get more value from Tom’s services during discounts.

Daily Quests and Tom

Daily Quests are your daily dose of fun and rewards on Hay Day. These quests can involve simple tasks like harvesting crops or collecting eggs. The exciting part is that Tom, the helpful non-player character, can assist you in completing some of these quests. 

This means you can get the job done faster and claim rewards sooner. Tom’s role in Daily Quests is to save you time and make your life on the farm easier. So, check your Daily Quests and see if Tom can lend a hand to help you complete them effortlessly.

Community Events and Tom

Hay Day is not just about building your farm; it’s also about being part of a community. Community Events are a big part of the game, and Tom can contribute to your success in these events. 

Tom can help you find items for event-related tasks, making it easier to contribute to your neighbourhood or participate in global events. His role in Community Events is to make your contributions more accessible, efficient, and enjoyable. So, remember to enlist Tom’s help when community events come your way.

how to use tom

Building a Strategy for Tom on Hay Day

Tom is a valuable asset in your Hay Day experience, and building a strategy around him can help you make the most of his services. Here’s how to create a winning strategy:

  • Optimize Diamond Usage: Plan wisely when to spend diamonds on Tom’s services. You can use him for free for the first three days when he’s unlocked, so make the most of this no-cost period.
  • Leverage Boosters: Use boosters like the red booster to hire Tom for free, saving your diamonds for other purposes.
  • Watch for Discounts: Keep an eye out for Tom’s discount opportunities. Please take advantage of these discounts to maximize the value of his services.
  • Prioritize Tasks: Use Tom to fulfil essential tasks like finding rare items or clearing land, as this can help your farm progress more efficiently.
  • Participate in Community Events: Enlist Tom’s help in community events, as his assistance can make your contributions more effective.
  • Stay Informed: Stay updated about Tom’s role and the items he can find. This knowledge will help you plan your strategy effectively.

How to Use Tom After the Free Trial

Once the initial three-day free trial with Tom ends on Hay Day, it’s essential to understand how to make the most of his services without overspending your precious diamonds. To continue using Tom effectively, it’s necessary to make wise choices.

Firstly, consider your diamond spending carefully. Tom’s services are valuable, but you should think how many days you’ll need his assistance.

Often, opting for more extended service periods, such as ten days, is more cost-effective than paying for a single day when you plan on using Tom’s help regularly.

Another clever strategy is to use boosters, especially the red ones. These boosters allow you to hire Tom for free, a fantastic way to enjoy his support without dipping into your diamond reserves.

Additionally, keep an eye out for Tom’s discount opportunities. When he holds a balloon with a percentage sign, seize the chance. It can save you precious diamonds while ensuring you get the most out of its services.

To maximize the value of Tom’s assistance, prioritize important tasks. Use him for jobs like locating rare items or clearing land for expansion, significantly benefiting your farm’s growth.

Lastly, staying informed about Tom’s capabilities and how his services work is vital. Knowing the specifics helps you decide when and how to use Tom.

By following these strategies, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of Tom’s valuable services and enhance your Hay Day experience while managing your resources wisely.

What is the Best Money Maker in Hay Day?

In Hay Day, the best money maker is undoubtedly the crops and products you can sell through your roadside shop.

Planting and harvesting high-profit crops like strawberries and pumpkins can yield substantial returns. These crops have shorter growth times, allowing for frequent harvesting and restocking of your shop.

Focusing on high-demand items like bread, pies, and dairy products also ensures a steady stream of customers. These products often fetch higher prices and sell quickly, maximizing your profit potential.

Keep an eye on the town’s requests for specific items; fulfilling these orders can bring significant coins and experience points.

Investing in your machinery, like the sugar mill and dairy, boosts production efficiency and output. Upgrading these facilities allows you to process raw materials into more valuable products, increasing your overall income.

Furthermore, participating in events and completing truck and boat orders can earn you additional rewards and coins.

Strategically managing your time and resources is crucial. Regularly check the newspaper for lucrative deals on items you can resell at a higher price. Building a network of friends in the game also opens up opportunities for profitable transactions.

Qasim Ahmad

Qasim Ahmad


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