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Evolution Chart Guide – Survivor.Io

Qasim Ahmad

January 30, 2024 . 21 min read

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Survivor.io’s Evolution Chart. In the relentless world of Survivor.io, mastering the Evolution Chart is essential for enhancing your survival skills.

This guide explores into the intricacies of the Evolution Table, a pivotal system in the game that influences your base stats and unlocks unique skills. From understanding what the Evolution Chart entails to navigating the process of unlocking stat boosts and skills, we’ll provide an in-depth exploration.

How to Unlock Stat Boosts and Skills

Your character’s growth in Survivor.io needs to get stat boosts and new skills. Learn the easy things you can do to improve your skills: You can get base number boosts like ATK, HP, armour, and meat healing by spending gold coins. Get Gold DNA by finishing trials that let you use special skills. 

Enhancing Base Stats

In Survivor.io, one of the most important things you can do to strengthen your character is to unlock base stat boosts.

As you move through the Evolution Chart, you can spend gold coins to improve important stats like ATK, HP, defence, and meat healing. Starting from the early levels and continuing as you ascend the table, each stat boost incrementally strengthens your character.


 The cost of these enhancements gradually rises, so managing your in-game currency efficiently becomes vital. Strengthen your offensive capabilities with the Strength boost, fortify your survivability through Stamina, bolster your defences with Tenacity, and maximize your healing potential with the Restoration skill.

Strategically allocating resources to these base stat increases empowers your character to face increasingly challenging enemies and progress through the game.

Evolve Skills

Survivor.io introduces a dynamic array of Evolve Skills that can be unlocked through the Evolution Chart. These unique abilities, fueled by Gold DNA obtained through in-game Trials, provide distinct advantages on the battlefield.

Starting at level 3 with the Lucky Dog skill, which grants an advantageous skill at the start of each battle, and progressing through levels offering skills like Rogue, Athlete, Meat Lover, Seeker, Owl, Devourer, Zealot, and many more.

evolve skills

Each skill brings a strategic advantage, from refreshing available skills to increased movement speed, enhanced healing effects, and even invincibility after taking lethal damage.

As you navigate through the Evolution Chart, unlocking and mastering these Evolve Skills will be key to adapting to the ever-intensifying challenges in Survivor.io.

Meat Heal

Survivor.io’s Evolution Chart introduces the crucial Meat Heal aspect, enhancing your survival through strategic consumption.

The Restoration Boost increases the healing effect of consuming ham, making it a more valuable resource in-game. As you progress and unlock this skill, the amount of HP gained from eating ham is significantly boosted.

meat heal

This skill, accessible through spending gold coins, transforms hams into potent healing sources, allowing you to recover more health points during intense battles.

Incorporating the Meat Heal skill into your strategy not only increases your overall survivability but also optimizes the utility of one of the game’s primary healing resources.

HP (Health Points) Boost

In Survivor.io, having high HP is crucial for staying alive in battles. To boost your HP, spend gold coins on the Stamina Stat Boost in the Evolution Chart. This increases your total health points, allowing you to withstand more damage before getting knocked out.

stamina in survivor.io

As you progress in levels, invest in this stat regularly to keep pace with tougher enemies. Having more HP means you can survive longer in the game, giving you a better chance of defeating opponents and progressing through levels.

Strength Boost

Strength is all about dealing more damage to enemies in Survivor.io. To enhance your attacking power, invest in the Strength Stat Boost using gold coins. This boost increases your Attack (ATK) stat, allowing you to inflict more damage with each hit.

Strengthening your attack is essential for defeating enemies efficiently, especially as you face tougher opponents at higher levels. Regularly upgrading your Strength helps you stay competitive and ensures you can take down enemies swiftly during encounters.

Armor Boost

Survivor.io introduces the Tenacity Stat Boost to improve your Armor, reducing the damage you take in battles. Investing gold coins in this boost enhances your defensive capabilities, making you more resilient against enemy attacks.


Armour is crucial for minimizing damage and increasing your chances of survival, especially when facing adversaries with potent offensive skills.

As you progress in levels, consider prioritizing the Armor boost to fortify your defences and become a more formidable survivor in the challenging landscapes of Survivor.io.

Level 3 – Lucky Dog Skill

At level 3 in Survivor.io, you unlock the Lucky Dog Skill. This skill brings a lucky advantage to your battles. When you start a new battle, the Lucky Dog Skill grants you an extra skill, giving you an edge in the initial stages of each level. It’s like having a surprise skill up your sleeve, and mastering its use can be a game-changer.

lucky dog

As you progress through levels, make sure to take advantage of this skill to gain an early upper hand against your opponents. The Lucky Dog Skill is your ticket to strategic surprises and a successful start in Survivor.io.

Level 5 – Rogue Skill

Upon reaching level 5 in Survivor.io, you gain access to the Rogue Skill. This skill adds a unique dimension to your gameplay by allowing you to refresh the skills available to you during a battle. Imagine having the ability to change your strategy on the fly. The Rogue Skill provides exactly that flexibility.

rogue skill

When you use the Rogue Skill, you can change your skills to fit a new situation or use a different set of skills for a certain situation. At level 5, learn this skill and see how it changes the way you play, making you a more flexible and clever survivor in the ever-changing world of Survivor.io.

Level 7 – Athlete Skill

At player level 7, Survivor.io introduces the Athlete Skill, a game-changer in terms of mobility. Unlocking this skill grants you a base movement speed increase of +1. Picture yourself moving faster through the game’s landscapes, dodging enemy attacks, and manoeuvring with agility.


The Athlete Skill enhances your character’s mobility, providing a valuable advantage in both offensive and defensive scenarios. Whether you need to outrun foes or swiftly navigate the battlefield, the Athlete Skill at level 7 is your key to increased speed and improved survivability.

Level 9 – Meat Lover Skill

Upon reaching level 9 in Survivor.io, the Meat Lover Skill becomes available, offering a savoury advantage in battles. Unlocking this skill at level 9 provides a 10% increase in the healing effect gained after consuming meat during battles. Imagine enjoying a more substantial health boost every time you indulge in meat.

meat lover skill

The Meat Lover Skill not only makes your meals more satisfying but significantly improves your overall survivability. As you progress through the game, prioritizing the Meat Lover Skill ensures that every meat consumed becomes a more potent source of healing, contributing to your resilience in the challenging world of Survivor.io.

Level 11 – Seeker Skill

At player level 11, the Seeker Skill becomes accessible in Survivor.io, offering a strategic advantage in your battles. Unlocking this skill allows some monsters in the game to drop equipment once defeated. Think of it as a treasure-hunting ability that enhances your chances of obtaining valuable gear.

seeker skill

You can improve your gear in new ways with the Seeker Skill, which makes you stronger against tougher enemies. When you reach level 11, you can use the Seeker Skill to turn fallen monsters into possible sources of powerful gear. This will give you an edge in Survivor.io’s constantly changing worlds.

Level 13 – Owl Skill

Upon reaching player level 13 in Survivor.io, the Owl Skill takes centre stage, providing a unique advantage in low-light environments. Unlocking this skill improves your darkness vision by 30%, allowing you to see more clearly in levels with reduced visibility. Picture yourself navigating through darkened landscapes with enhanced vision, spotting threats and opportunities that others might miss.

owl skill

At level 13, the Owl Skill not only makes you more aware but also helps you play the game more strategically and with more knowledge. Take advantage of the Owl Skill to see better and feel more confident in the dark tasks of Survivor.io.

Level 15 – Devourer Skill

Level 15 in Survivor.io unveils the Devourer Skill, a game-changing ability that enhances your resource gathering in battles.

Unlocking this skill allows certain monsters to drop meat once defeated, turning them into a potential source of sustenance. Imagine defeating an adversary and gaining not only victory but also a valuable resource for healing.

devourer skill

The Devourer Skill at level 15 transforms the battlefield into a buffet, where each defeated monster contributes to your survival.

As you progress, strategically employing the Devourer Skill ensures that your victories not only eliminate threats but also replenish your resources, making you a more resilient and self-sufficient survivor in the challenging world of Survivor.io.

Level 20 – Zealot Skill

Upon reaching level 20 in Survivor.io, the Zealot Skill emerges as a game-defining ability. Unlocking this skill grants you a unique advantage in intense battles. The Zealot Skill allows you to become invincible for 2 seconds after taking lethal damage.

zealot skill

Picture yourself escaping certain defeat and turning the tide of battle with a brief period of invincibility. When you reach level 20, you can get the Zealot Skill, which is a useful strategic tool that protects you from deadly risks for a short time.

Take on the Zealot Skill and feel the power that comes from turning almost-losses into great wins in Survivor.io’s changing environments.

Level 25 – Greedy Skill

At player level 25, Survivor.io introduces the Greedy Skill, a tactical advantage for resource acquisition. Unlocking this skill allows some monsters in-game to drop gold coins once defeated.

Imagine each victory not only eliminating adversaries but also yielding valuable currency. The Greedy Skill at level 25 transforms battles into lucrative opportunities for wealth accumulation.

greedy skill

As you go through the game, using the Greedy Skill will make sure that the monsters you kill not only help you stay alive but also help your money grow. Get to level 25 and learn the Greedy Skill. Then, use your wins to make your way through the tough environments of Survivor.io.

Level 30 – Blessed Skill

Level 30 in Survivor.io unveils the Blessed Skill, an advantageous ability that enhances your survivability. Unlocking this skill results in healing by 20% of your max HP every time you level up in-game. Picture yourself gaining health with each level, making your journey through Survivor.io a sustained and resilient adventure.

blessed skill

The Blessed Skill at level 30 becomes a cornerstone of your survival strategy, ensuring that each level-up not only advances your character but also rejuvenates your health. As you progress, prioritizing the Blessed Skill contributes to a more enduring and fortified presence in the unforgiving world of Survivor.io.

Level 35 – Researcher Skill

Upon reaching player level 35 in Survivor.io, the Researcher Skill becomes available, unlocking a strategic advantage in your battles.

Obtaining this skill allows some monsters in-game to drop designs once defeated. Imagine defeated monsters not only vanquished but also leaving behind valuable blueprints for equipment upgrades.

researcher skill

The Researcher Skill at level 35 transforms battles into opportunities for technological advancement. As you level up, using the Researcher Skill will make sure that your wins help with both short-term survival and long-term strategy growth.

Get to level 35, focus on the Researcher Skill, and use every fight as a chance to become more technologically advanced and dangerous in Survivor.io’s world, which is always changing.

Level 40 – Expose Weakness Skill

When you reach level 40 in Survivor.io, the Expose Weakness Skill becomes available. When you unlock this skill, your critical damage rate goes up by 8%, making you stronger in battle. Picture yourself dealing more significant blows to adversaries, turning critical moments in battles to your advantage.

expose eakness

The Expose Weakness Skill at level 40 becomes a strategic tool in your arsenal, allowing you to exploit vulnerabilities and emerge victorious in challenging encounters. Accept this skill and see how it changes the way you play, making you a stronger and smarter survivor in the ever-changing world of Survivor.io.

Level 50 – Divine Strike Skill

At player level 50, Survivor.io presents the Divine Strike Skill, a formidable ability that can turn the tide of battles. Unlocking this skill provides you with the chance to inflict ten times the normal damage in-game by 0.8%. Imagine dealing devastating blows that significantly impact your adversaries.

divine strike

The Divine Strike Skill at level 50 becomes a game-defining asset, allowing you to unleash powerful attacks when the situation demands it. As you level up, using the Divine Strike Skill will give you a powerful tool that will make you a dangerous opponent in Survivor.io’s tough environments.

Level 60 – Watchmaker Skill

Level 60 in Survivor.io unveils the Watchmaker Skill, a skill that enhances the foundation of your equipment. Unlocking this skill increases all your equipment’s base stats by 5%. Imagine each piece of your gear becoming more potent and contributing to your overall effectiveness in battles.


The Watchmaker Skill at level 60 becomes a cornerstone of your equipment strategy, ensuring that your gear evolves alongside your character. As you progress, prioritizing the Watchmaker Skill results in a well-equipped and formidable survivor ready to face the evolving challenges in the dynamic world of Survivor.io.

Level 65 – Fusion Effect Skill

Upon reaching player level 65 in Survivor.io, the Fusion Effect Skill becomes available, providing a unique enhancement to your projectile capabilities. Unlocking this skill increases the size of all your projectiles by 5% in-game. Picture your attacks becoming more substantial and potentially covering a larger area.

fusion effect

The Fusion Effect Skill at level 65 transforms your offensive capabilities, making each projectile a more impactful force on the battlefield.

As you progress, incorporating the Fusion Effect Skill into your strategy ensures that your attacks become more formidable, allowing you to control the flow of battle in the ever-evolving landscapes of Survivor.io.

Level 70 – Quantum Accel Skill

Reaching level 70 in Survivor.io unlocks the Quantum Accel Skill, a powerful ability that enhances your projectile speed. Upon obtaining this skill, the speed of all your projectiles increases by 5% in-game. Picture your attacks moving faster, allowing you to outmanoeuvre enemies and control the pace of battle.

quantum accel

The Quantum Accel Skill at level 70 becomes a strategic asset, ensuring that your offensive capabilities are not only potent but also agile.

As you progress, incorporating the Quantum Accel Skill into your strategy guarantees that you become a more dynamic and effective survivor, capable of adapting to the fast-paced challenges of Survivor.io.

Level 75 – Viva La Materia Skill

At player level 75, Survivor.io introduces the Viva La Materia Skill, an empowering ability that boosts your skill damage. Unlocking this skill increases the damage done by your skills by 5% in-game. Imagine each skill becoming more potent, allowing you to unleash devastating attacks on adversaries.

viva la materia

The Viva La Materia Skill at level 75 becomes a pivotal asset in your skill strategy, ensuring that your abilities are not only versatile but also impactful. As you progress, prioritizing the Viva La Materia Skill contributes to your overall combat effectiveness, making you a more formidable and skilful survivor in the dynamic landscapes of Survivor.io.

Level 80 – Overreaction Skill

Level 80 in Survivor.io brings the Overreaction Skill into play, a skill that reduces all skill cooldowns by 5% in-game. Unlocking this skill ensures that your abilities are available more frequently, allowing for more rapid and strategic deployment in battles.

overreaction skill

The Overreaction Skill at level 80 becomes a key element in your skill management, ensuring that you can unleash powerful abilities with increased frequency.

As you progress, incorporating the Overreaction Skill into your strategy results in a more dynamic and responsive survivor ready to face the evolving challenges in the fast-paced world of Survivor.io.

Level 85 – Metabolic Boost Skill

Upon reaching player level 85 in Survivor.io, the Metabolic Boost Skill becomes available, providing a substantial enhancement to your mobility.

Unlocking this skill increases your base movement speed by 10% in-game. Picture yourself navigating the game’s landscapes with increased agility, outmanoeuvring enemies and swiftly traversing the battlefield.

metabolic boost

The Metabolic Boost Skill at level 85 becomes a crucial asset in your mobility strategy, ensuring that you can navigate the challenges of Survivor.io with speed and precision.

As you progress, prioritizing the Metabolic Boost Skill contributes to your overall survivability, making you a more agile and efficient survivor in the dynamic and challenging world of Survivor.io.

Level 90 – Battle-Hardened Skill

Survivor.io introduces the Battle-Hardened Skill at player level 90, a valuable asset that enhances your overall experience gain. Unlocking this skill results in an increase of 10% in experience (EXP) gained during battles. Picture yourself progressing through the game at an accelerated pace, levelling up faster and unlocking new abilities swiftly.


The Battle-Hardened Skill at level 90 becomes a strategic tool in your progression, ensuring that each battle contributes not only to immediate survival but also to your character’s long-term development.

As you advance, prioritizing the Battle-Hardened Skill guarantees a swifter and more rewarding journey through the challenging landscapes of Survivor.io.

Level 95 – Cytothesis Skill

Upon reaching player level 95 in Survivor.io, the Cytothesis Skill becomes available, offering a substantial improvement to your revival capabilities. Unlocking this skill enhances your revival effect by 10% in-game.


Imagine reviving with increased effectiveness, allowing for a quicker return to battle after being defeated. The Cytothesis Skill at level 95 becomes a pivotal asset in your survivability strategy, ensuring that setbacks are swiftly overcome.

As you progress, prioritizing the Cytothesis Skill contributes to a more resilient and efficient survivor, ready to face the challenges of Survivor.io with enhanced revival capabilities.

Level 100 – Omni Gravity Skill

Level 100 in Survivor.io unlocks the Omni Gravity Skill, a game-changing ability that dramatically increases your initial item loot radius.

Upon obtaining this skill, your loot radius expands by 100% in-game, allowing you to collect items from a wider range. Picture yourself effortlessly gathering resources and gear, ensuring that no valuable item escapes your reach.

omni gravity

The Omni Gravity Skill at level 100 becomes a cornerstone of your resource-gathering strategy, guaranteeing that you maximize your potential in each battle.

As you progress, incorporating the Omni Gravity Skill into your gameplay ensures a more efficient and resourceful survivor, capable of thriving in the diverse and challenging environments of Survivor.io.

Best Strategy To Pick Skills

Choosing skills wisely in Survivor.io is crucial for maximizing your chances of success. Follow these easy steps to formulate the best strategy for picking skills:

  • Evaluate Your Playstyle: Consider your preferred playstyle – whether you enjoy aggressive combat, strategic manoeuvres, or a balanced approach.
  • Assess Current Needs: Analyze your current in-game needs, such as survivability, damage output, or mobility. Prioritize skills that address these requirements.
  • Synergize with Base Stats: Align selected skills with your upgraded base stats, ensuring a harmonious combination that amplifies your overall effectiveness.
  • Adapt to Level Challenges: Tailor your skill choices based on the challenges presented by the specific level you are currently facing. Skills that complement the level’s dynamics can be advantageous.
  • Strategic Unlocks: Unlock skills strategically according to the evolving needs of your character and the challenges posed by increasingly difficult opponents.
  • Balance Offense and Defense: Strike a balance between offensive and defensive skills to create a well-rounded character capable of both dealing damage and withstanding enemy attacks.
  • Experiment and Learn: Don’t hesitate to experiment with different skill combinations. Learn from your experiences to refine your strategy and adapt to the dynamic nature of Survivor.io.
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