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Best Ways To Get Weapons – Survivor.Io

Qasim Ahmad

January 24, 2024 . 10 min read

Here is our guide on how to get the most out of your weapons! This article goes into great detail about tried-and-true ways to quickly gather a huge collection of powerful weapons, making sure you’re ready to take on difficult levels and enemies. 

What Are Weapons In Survivor.Io?

As an important part of your inventory, guns help you beat enemies and complete difficult levels. Let’s talk about the important things.

Out of the six types of equipment, weapons have the most important effect on your ATK stat, giving you a wide range of attack styles, from close combat to long-range. With seven different types, each one has its special skills.

Now, let’s look at the ways you can get these necessary tools for life. First, Patrol Earnings make it easy to get guns even when you’re not in the game. By advancing through the game’s chapters, you unlock more lucrative rewards.

Additionally, the Seeker Skill, available at level 11, makes monsters drop equipment during gameplay, a valuable resource for enhancing your arsenal.

Stay tuned for more insights on obtaining weapons in as we unravel additional methods like the Daily Store, S-Grade Supplies, Army Crates, Special Ops, Daily and Weekly Chests, Limited-Timed Events, Daily Login Rewards, and even exclusive Promo Codes. Ready to enhance your experience?

WeaponSkill EVO
RPGHE Fuel Sharkmaw Gun
ForcefieldEnergy Drink Pressure Forcefield
GuardianExo-Bracer Defender
Lightning EmitterEnergy Cube Thunderbolt Power Cell
Molotov CocktailOil Bonds Fuel Barrel
Drill ShotAmmo Thruster Whistling Arrow
FootballSneakers Quantum Ball
BrickFitness Guide Dumbbell
BoomerangHi-Power Magnet Magnetic Dart
Drone Type ADrone Type B Destroyer
KunaiKoga Ninja Scroll Spirit Shuriken
KatanaRonin Oyoroi Demon Blade
BatFitness GuideLucile
ShotgunHi-Power Bullet Gatling Gun
RevolverHi-Power Bullet Reaper
Light chaserRonin Oyoroi Eternal Light

How To Get Weapons In Survivor.Io

 Check out the Daily Store, S-Grade Supplies, Army Crates, Special Ops, Daily and Weekly Chests, Limited-Time Events, Daily Login Rewards, and special Promo Codes to learn how to build your weapons. Get ready to do well!

The Daily Store

Through’s Daily Store, you can start a daily quest to get new weapons. This handy market updates its items every 24 hours, bringing new weapons and gear to the public. Accessible with gems, the Daily Store provides a valuable opportunity to bolster your arsenal.

 Exercise prudence in your purchases, opting for weapons that complement your inventory or propel your merging and upgrading endeavors. This regular gem investment ensures a steady influx of gear, contributing to your strategic prowess in

Team Up for Gear

In, collaboration can be key to amassing weapons through the “Team Up for Gear” feature. Uniting forces with fellow players enhances your collective strength, leading to more lucrative rewards.

team up for gear

Engage in cooperative gameplay, tackling challenges and levels together to earn a plethora of weapons and equipment. Leverage the power of teamwork to navigate the game’s intricacies, ensuring a shared success that benefits each team member.

By combining forces, you not only strengthen your in-game alliances but also exponentially increase your chances of acquiring diverse and valuable weaponry.

Army Crates And EDF Supplies

Unlock guns through Army Crates and EDF Supplies to get around in’s constantly changing world. You can get to these loot boxes with keys you get from special events, level completions, and in-game awards. Inside are weapons and other gear.


While Army Crates contain normal or good-graded pieces, EDF Supplies exclusively offer good, better, and excellent weapons and equipment.

Exercise caution with gem spending, reserving this currency for higher-yield S-Grade Supplies. Preserve your strategic edge by selecting the most advantageous moments to crack open these virtual treasure troves, securing the weapons needed to thrive in

Daily Login Rewards

In, scoring weapons can be as simple as logging in daily. The Daily Login Rewards feature presents a hassle-free method to bolster your arsenal. By merely logging into the game, you unlock free weapons and equipment, with rewards refreshing every 24 hours.

As you reach specific milestones, additional chests become claimable at the top of your screen. This low-effort, high-reward system ensures a steady influx of weaponry, making it an ideal strategy for those seeking consistent and effortless enhancements to their experience.

Complete Missions is an immersive world that you can explore by planning how to complete tasks and get weapons. There are many tasks in the game, and each one helps you reach your mission goals.

Stars earned upon mission completion unlock daily and weekly chests containing increasingly valuable content based on their star value.

completing missions

These tasks are seamlessly integrated into normal gameplay, allowing you to progress while enhancing your weapon inventory effortlessly.

With objectives ranging from the straightforward to the more challenging, completing missions stands as a dynamic and engaging strategy for acquiring weapons in Strategize, conquer and watch your arsenal flourish as you accomplish missions and rise to the top of the leaderboard.

Daily and Weekly Chests

Unlocking weapons in becomes a rhythmic delight with the introduction of Daily and Weekly Chests. These scheduled treasure troves, refreshing every 24 hours and seven days, respectively, house valuable rewards for players.

Completing tasks featured in these chest challenges, which range from simple to slightly more complex, earns you stars.


The higher the star value, the more valuable the contents of the chest. Enjoy a strategic and consistent approach to weapon acquisition as you seamlessly integrate daily and weekly challenges into your gameplay, ensuring a regular supply of gear to fortify your journey.

Patrol Earnings

In, amassing weapons becomes an effortless endeavor through Patrol Earnings. Serving as one of the most passive methods, Patrol Earnings reward you with weapons even when you’re AFK. Engage in the Quick Patrol option, utilizing energy points or watching an ad to enhance your earnings.

portal earning

The amount of equipment acquired correlates with your in-game chapter progress, offering more rewards and loot as you advance. This cost-free, user-friendly method ensures a steady stream of weapons, providing an essential foundation for merging and upgrading equipment to higher grades in

By Playing the Game With the Seeker Skill

Get better at by getting to level 11 and getting the Seeker Skill. This skill changes the way you play games by making monsters drop gear while you’re playing. By actively participating in the main story chapters, you maximize the benefits of the Seeker Skill.

seeker skill

The higher the chapter you engage in, the better the equipment dropped from enemies. Adding this skill to your game plan without any problems will guarantee that you always have access to new guns and gear.

When you combine your gaming skills with the Seeker Skill, you can easily improve your weapons and take on the tasks of with confidence and speed.

S-Grade Supplies

Through S-Grade Supplies, you can get the best weapons in You can get the best guns and gear in the game with these supplies, which are the pinnacle of gear excellence.

Invest wisely, as a singular chest demands 300 gems, while a bundle of 10 chests requires 2680 gems. Optimal strategy dictates saving gems to open ten chests at once, maximizing your chances of securing high-level equipment.

These supplies boast a range of rarities, from good to excellent and S-grade, with a guaranteed excellent or S-grade piece after a certain number of opened chests. Navigate the gem economy judiciously and witness your arsenal flourish with elite weaponry.

Special Ops’s Special Ops lets you go on quick missions where you can win weapons and gear. Even though not all missions give you guns, completing these quick, energy-free tasks will give you a variety of items and gear.

special ops

The color-coded difficulty levels indicate the challenge awaiting, escalating as you conquer more special ops.

Integrate these missions into your gameplay strategy for a blend of rewards, enhancing not only your weapons collection but also your overall in-game experience. With minimal time investment and no energy requirements, Special Ops stands as a dynamic method to diversify your gear.

Limited-Timed Events

Engage in the thrill of Limited-Timed Events in, offering an opportunity to collect coveted weapons and equipment. Comprising a series of challenges, these events present achievable objectives with rewarding returns.

One such example allows you to exchange flowers for an excellent-grade weapon. As these events unfold throughout the year, each challenge completed brings you closer to valuable rewards.

Stay attuned to’s evolving landscape, as limited-timed events provide a dynamic and rewarding pathway to enhancing your weapon inventory.

Participate in these time-sensitive challenges to secure weapons that stand the test of time in the ever-evolving world of

Promo Codes

Stay ahead in by tapping into exclusive rewards through Promo Codes. Developers periodically release codes through their social channels, offering one-time rewards such as equipment, energy, gems, and coins.

Simply follow or like the developer’s social channels to stay in the loop when these codes drop. Most codes remain valid for around a month, presenting a limited-time opportunity to bolster your inventory.

Keep an eye on the latest codes and redeem them promptly to enjoy the unique advantages they bring, adding an extra layer of excitement to your experience.

Seeker Evolution

Seeker Evolution is an advanced stage in that you can unlock at level 11. This new version of the Seeker Skill adds new elements that make your arsenal even stronger.

As monsters drop equipment during gameplay, the Seeker Evolution enhances the quality and frequency of these drops.

By actively participating in main story chapters, you can capitalize on this evolved skill to acquire additional weapons and equipment.

Strategically integrating Seeker Evolution into your gameplay ensures a seamless progression, providing a substantial boost to your arsenal and strengthening your ability to face the challenges of

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