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How To Use Energy Essence – Survivor.Io

Qasim Ahmad

January 26, 2024 . 6 min read

Welcome to the ultimate guide on’s Energy Essence – demystifying its significance and unveiling the key strategies for optimal utilization.

In the fast-paced world of, Energy Essence often takes a backseat in players’ minds, yet it holds the key to upgrading characters and unlocking unique boosts.

What Is Energy Essence?

Energy Essence in is a crucial in-game currency, often underestimated by players. Imagine it as a mysterious fluid that acts as the lifeblood for upgrading your characters. This virtual elixir plays a pivotal role in enhancing your survivors, unlocking new abilities, and boosting their stats.

Think of Energy Essence as the powerhouse behind your characters’ growth. As you progress through the game, you’ll earn this valuable resource through special op challenges, chests, and patrol earnings.

It’s that magical substance that fuels your characters’ evolution, making them more formidable in the unforgiving world of

Checking your Energy Essence balance is a breeze. Simply click on the “Survivors/Outfit” button on the main equipment screen, and you’ll find it displayed on the top bar. This mysterious fluid becomes increasingly essential as you level up your characters. While gold may pose a bottleneck for upgrades, Energy Essence ensures your survivors keep reaching new heights.

In essence (pun intended), understanding and harnessing the power of Energy Essence is the key to mastering As you progress, keep a keen eye on this mystical fluid and watch your characters evolve into formidable survivors, ready to take on any challenges the game throws your way.

Best Ways To Earn Energy Essence In

With its fast-paced gameplay, brings players to the exciting world of using Energy Essence to improve their characters. Learning how to get this important currency can make your game experience a lot better. 

Patrol Earnings

Patrol Earnings stand out as one of the most straightforward and effortless methods to accumulate Energy Essence in

This feature allows you to collect loot and equipment with minimal effort, even while you’re away from the game. The beauty lies in its simplicity – login daily, tap the claim button, and watch as your resources grow.

The amount of Energy Essence you receive from Patrol Earnings is influenced by the chapter you’re currently in. Progressing through higher chapters unlocks greater rewards, making it a strategic move to advance in the game.

Additionally, introduces the “Quick Earnings” feature during Patrol, providing instant rewards at the cost of some energy. Utilize all your daily quick earnings and one additional free earning for an efficient boost in Energy Essence.

Special Ops

Moving into the world of Special Ops in gives you another way to make money by collecting Energy Essences. Energy Essence is one of the rewards you can get for finishing certain tasks in the game mode Special Ops.

The best thing about Special Ops is that tasks can be done up to 10 times a day, and they start over every 24 hours. Strategically engaging with Special Ops can provide a substantial boost to your Energy Essence balance.

Whether you aim to level up your characters or enhance specific equipment, completing Special Ops challenges can be a targeted approach to acquiring this valuable currency. Plan your daily gameplay to make the most of these challenges and steadily build up your Energy Essence reservoir.

Season Pass introduces the Season Pass as another avenue for players to earn Energy Essence. While there’s both a free and paid version of the Season Pass, both cater to players looking to enhance their in-game resources.

The free version offers a smaller amount of Energy Essence compared to its premium counterpart, but it remains a viable method for both free-to-play and paid players.

Engaging with the Season Pass not only rewards you with Energy Essence but also provides additional perks, making it a well-rounded investment of your time and effort.

The Season Pass can be particularly beneficial for those aiming to optimize their gaming experience, offering a consistent stream of Energy Essence alongside other valuable items.

In, combining these three methods – Patrol Earnings, Special Ops, and the Season Pass – forms a comprehensive strategy for accumulating Energy Essence.

As you progress through the game and naturally engage with these features, you’ll find your Energy Essence balance steadily growing.

Whether you prefer the ease of Patrol Earnings, the targeted approach of Special Ops, or the extended benefits of the Season Pass, integrating these methods into your gameplay ensures a healthy and sustainable source of Energy Essence.

How To Use Energy Essence In Survivor.Io

In the adrenaline-pumping realm of, understanding how to wield Energy Essence is the key to unlocking the full potential of your characters.

This essential in-game currency, often overlooked, plays a crucial role in levelling up survivors and fortifying their skills. Here, we break down the steps on how to effectively utilize Energy Essence, ensuring you make the most out of this valuable resource.

Checking Your Energy Essence Balance

You need to know how much Energy Essence you have in your collection before you start upgrading.

On the main screen for tools, click on the “Survivors/Outfit” button. On the top bar, between your name and gem balance, you can see how much Energy Essence you have left. You can also place it in your item bag, which is easy to find on the right side of most menu screens.

Upgrading Your Characters

To use Energy Essence, you need at least one character in-game. Don’t worry; you start with a default character that’s ready for upgrades. The magic happens in the “Equipment” tab. Click on the green “Survivors/Outfit” button situated under your character.

Once you’re on the “All Survivors” screen, choose the survivor you want to enhance and tap on the “Level Up” button at the bottom right corner.

A green arrow will indicate if you have enough Energy Essence and gold to proceed. This streamlined process ensures you’re only spending when you’re ready to level up.

Understanding Upgrade Requirements

Upon pressing the “Level Up” button, a new screen appears, displaying the requirements for levelling up your character.

At the bottom of the screen, just above the “Level Up” button, you’ll see the amount of Energy Essence and gold required. This transparency allows you to plan your upgrades effectively and manage your resources wisely.

Navigating Multiple Characters

If you have multiple characters, the process remains straightforward. Navigate to the character selection screen to choose the survivor you wish to enhance.

The green arrow will guide you, indicating if you have the necessary Energy Essence and gold for the upgrade. Press the “Enhance” button in the bottom right-hand corner to execute the upgrade seamlessly.

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