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How To Get Catnips – Survivor.Io

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January 30, 2024 . 8 min read fans, get ready for an exciting trip to unlock the highly sought-after Catnips character and improve your gameplay! Catnips is a well-liked survivor in the action-packed strategy game

She stands out as a field doctor with a special skill called the Medi-drone, which lets players heal themselves. This guide will show you different ways, both free and paid, to get Catnips and get better at living.

About Survivors In

Survivors are the heart and soul of, each bringing unique abilities to the battlefield. In this expansive multiplayer strategy game, players have the opportunity to control a diverse cast of characters, adding layers of complexity and excitement to the gameplay. The default characters include Common, Tsukiyomi, and the highly sought-after Catnips.

survivors in

Common, the default survivor, serves as a versatile starting point for players, offering a well-rounded set of skills. Tsukiyomi, another default character, brings her distinct abilities into play, adding variety to your survival tactics.

However, the standout among them is Catnips, the third survivor with an exclusive healing ability—the Medi-drone, which deploys a healing zone for strategic advantage.

Upgrading these survivors is crucial for maximizing their potential in battling zombies and monsters. The experience is enriched by the diverse attributes of each character, allowing players to tailor their strategy based on individual preferences.

Explore, a cool game where you’re not just playing characters – you’re the key to beating challenges in this exciting survival world.

How To Get Catnips In Survivor.Io

Unlocking Catnips in is a thrilling quest! Here are the ways to get this awesome survivor:

  1. Join limited-timed events like the Annual Christmas Carnival.
  2. Explore  the special ops game mode for survivor shards.
  3. Spend 6000 gems for a direct unlock.


Gems, the in-game coin that lets you access special content in, make it easy to get and use Catnips. For those who are new to Catnips, this is a simple guide on how to get Gems and use them to your advantage.

Acquiring Gems

Gems are earned through regular gameplay, presenting a rewarding path to obtaining Catnips. As you progress through, complete challenges, and emerge victorious in battles, you’ll accumulate Gems.

Keep an eye out for special events and achievements, as they often come with additional Gem rewards, speeding up your journey towards unlocking Catnips.

Utilizing Gems for Catnips

Once you’ve gathered enough Gems, the next step is to head to the in-game store. Within the store, locate the Catnips character and choose the option to unlock using Gems. The cost for Catnips is 6000 Gems, making it the most direct but pricier method.

To streamline your Gem collection, consider optimizing your gameplay. Participate in events, conquer challenges, and strategically spend your Gems. Additionally, keep an eye on’s official announcements, as they might introduce limited-time offers or discounts, allowing you to make the most out of your Gems.

Tips for Efficient Gem Usage

  • Strategic Saving: Resist the urge to spend Gems impulsively. Save them for unlocking Catnips or other valuable in-game items.
  • Event Participation: Engage in special events to earn bonus Gems and accelerate your progress.
  • Achievement Hunting: Explore the game’s achievements for hidden Gem rewards, providing an extra boost.

Limited-Timed Events

  • Participating in limited-timed events is a dynamic avenue to secure the cherished Catnip character in These events, such as the Annual Christmas Carnival, offer a time-limited window for players to engage in exciting challenges and reap exclusive rewards. 
  • Event Participation: Keep a keen eye on’s event calendar, especially during festivities like the Annual Christmas Carnival. These events typically present challenges that, when conquered, yield valuable rewards, including Catnip’s shards.
  • Collectables and Rewards: In the case of the Christmas Carnival, players collected Santa hats to claim Catnips. The event duration is crucial, running from December 22nd to December 29th. Ensure your active participation during this period to gather the necessary collectables.
  • Future Opportunities: If you miss a particular event, don’t fret. regularly introduces new limited-timed events, each with distinct challenges and rewards. Stay tuned for announcements and seize the chance to unlock Catnips in upcoming events.
  • Survivor Shards as Prizes: Some limited-timed events also reward survivor shards as prizes. Luck may be on your side, allowing you to amass the required 50 Catnip shards needed to unlock this exceptional character.

Special Ops Survivor Shards

In, the Special Ops game mode introduces a tactical route to acquire Catnips through Survivor Shards. Delve into the world of Special Ops, accumulate Special Ops coins, and exchange them for the coveted Catnip shards. Here’s your comprehensive guide on harnessing the power of Special Ops for Catnips:

Engaging in Special Ops Mode

Begin your quest by participating in the Special Ops game mode within This mode presents distinct challenges and scenarios, allowing you to earn Special Ops coins through your strategic prowess.

Earning Special Ops Coins

Successfully navigating through the challenges and emerging triumphant in Special Ops mode rewards you with Special Ops coins. These coins serve as your currency for unlocking Survivor Shards, bringing you one step closer to Catnips.

Survivor Shard Exchange

Head to the Special Ops menu, where a unique feature allows you to exchange your hard-earned Special Ops coins for random survivor shards. The element of randomness adds an element of excitement as you work towards collecting the essential 50 Catnips shards.

Persistent Efforts for Catnips

Gathering Survivor Shards through Special Ops may take time, but persistent efforts pay off. Continue honing your skills in Special Ops, collecting coins, and exchanging them for shards until you reach the required count for unlocking Catnips.

How to get new characters in – Catnip players who are interested in exploring the game’s constantly changing world will enjoy going on quests to get new characters, especially the highly sought-after Catnips.

One primary avenue is through Limited-Timed Events, where introduces special occasions like the Annual Christmas Carnival. During these events, players are tasked with completing time-limited challenges.

For instance, in the Christmas Carnival, the objective was to collect Santa hats, which served as the ticket to claim the cherished Catnip character. Active participation during these events becomes crucial to securing unique characters.


Another strategic approach involves delving into the Special Ops game mode. In Special Ops, players navigate through distinct challenges and scenarios, earning Special Ops coins as a reward for their strategic prowess.

These coins play a pivotal role in the acquisition of Survivor Shards, bringing players one step closer to unlocking Catnips. The exchange system within the Special Ops menu allows players to trade their hard-earned coins for random survivor shards.

While this method may require persistent efforts, the satisfaction of unlocking Catnips through Special Ops adds an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.

Level Up Survivors in Enhance Your Heroes for Zombie Conquest

In, the key to taking over the zombie-filled world is to help your people reach their full potential. Here is a simple guide on how to level up your heroes so they can do their best.

Gameplay Progression

  • Getting Started: As you play, your survivors gain experience points through various in-game activities.
  • Earning Experience: Engage in battles, complete challenges, and participate in events to accumulate experience points, gradually levelling up your survivors.

Collecting Survivor Shards

  • Importance of Shards: Survivor shards are essential for levelling up your characters.
  • Sources of Shards: Obtain shards through special ops, limited-timed events, or direct purchases in the in-game store using gems.

Upgrading Abilities

  • Unlocking Enhancements: With each level gained, survivors unlock new abilities or improve existing ones.
  • Strategic Choices: Tailor your survivor’s abilities to match your playstyle, ensuring a well-rounded and powerful approach to battles.

Investing in Gear

  • Weapon and Gear Upgrades: Strengthen your survivors further by investing in upgraded weapons and gear.
  • In-Game Resources: Use collected resources wisely to enhance your survivor’s arsenal, boosting their overall effectiveness.

In summary, levelling up survivors in is a gradual process that involves accumulating experience points, gathering survivor shards, and strategically upgrading abilities and gear.

By investing in the growth of your heroes, you pave the way for a more resilient and powerful team ready to face the challenges of the zombie apocalypse.

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