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Best Ways To Get Gold – Survivor.Io

Qasim Ahmad

January 24, 2024 . 10 min read

This is the complete way to get gold in Gold is needed to improve your survivor and their gear and to access the development system in this game. No matter how experienced you are as a player, you need to learn how to farm gold in order to take on harder tasks.

What Is Gold In Survivor.Io? is an exciting world where gold is more than just a shiny coin. It’s your key to power and staying alive. But what is this valuable thing, and how can you use it to your advantage in the game?

Gold in serves a crucial role, being the lifeline for upgrading your survivor’s attack (ATK) and health points (HP). This valuable resource is earned through various methods, such as playing the game, engaging in patrol earnings, and seizing opportunities in combat supply chests.

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Found in the top right corner of the main lobby, your gold balance dictates your in-game wealth. Aside from upgrading, gold is also your gateway to the daily shop, offering a chance to purchase equipment that can turn the tide in your favor.

Whether you’re defeating bosses, exploring maps, or breaking open crates, just playing the game can be a lucrative gold source. Additionally, patrol earnings allow for passive accumulation, and combat supply chests and timed events present golden opportunities.

How To Get Gold In Survivor.Io

Find out how to get a lot of gold in with these useful tips. These tried-and-true strategies will help you get a lot of gold, whether you just play the game and get rewards in chapters or you use patrol earnings and take advantage of chances in combat chests.

Just Enjoy the Game!

Start an exciting trip in by just having fun with it! You’ll naturally get gold as you play through stages, beat bosses, look around maps, and open crates. Each stage completion brings rewards, and using the oil bond supply skill can maximize your gold earnings.

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Battle Tactics

Gear up for a gold-filled adventure with strategic combat in! Combat supply chests, scattered at the start of each level, hold the key to substantial gold rewards.

Collect these chests as you progress, with each click yielding either three lots or five lots of gold. Be mindful of the varying amounts – bundles, pouches, and safes – influenced by events, your level, and the specific challenge.

Engage in battles, seize these golden opportunities, and watch your wealth grow as you conquer each level through tactical combat!

By Taking Part In Timed Events And Special Ops

Boost your gold reserves by diving into exciting timed events and special ops in! Engage in the adrenaline-pumping Gold Mine challenge, where defeating bosses rewards you with substantial gold. Even ordinary monsters drop gold coins, enhancing your wealth without using energy.

limited events

Special ops, a series of escalating challenges, offer gold and valuable equipment as rewards. The best part? No energy consumption is required for these events, making them a lucrative and energy-efficient way to amass gold. Participate, conquer challenges, and watch your gold stash grow in!

Progressively Upgrade Your Character After Every Run

Ascend to greatness in by adopting a smart strategy: progressively upgrading your character after every run. With gold as your ally, merge equipment, level up your survivor, and unlock the evolution table to enhance your character’s attack and health points.

Chapter completion rewards, patrol earnings, and combat supply chests offer additional gold to fuel your character’s growth.

Strategically invest in your survivor, gear, and tech parts to conquer harder levels as you progress through the game. Take each run as an opportunity to evolve, ensuring your character stands strong against the challenges that lie ahead!

Promo Codes

Unlock exclusive treasures in with Promo Codes! Game developers often share these special codes through social channels or Discord. Redeemable only once, these codes grant you a variety of rewards, including gold, gems, and equipment.

Keep an eye on official channels to catch these codes, giving your journey an extra boost. Stay connected, grab those codes, and enhance your in-game wealth!

Daily and Weekly Bonus Opportunities

Seize daily and weekly opportunities to fatten your wallet in! Completing various tasks unlocks daily and weekly chests, rewarding you with stars. Accumulate stars by playing the game regularly, completing chapters, and engaging in daily stages.

weekly bonus

Open the chests located at the top of the daily and weekly tabs to claim your star rewards, which often come in the form of substantial gold.

These simple tasks, ranging from logging in to playing daily stages, make for an easy yet effective way to consistently earn gold. Don’t miss out on these bonus opportunities; play smart, collect stars, and let the gold flow in daily and weekly!

Daily and Weekly Chests

Discover a gold mine with Daily and Weekly Chests in! By completing various tasks, you can earn star rewards that unlock these treasure troves.

From logging in to playing main chapters and daily stages, these tasks are straightforward and rewarding. Claim your star rewards and open the chests at the top of the daily and weekly tabs to reveal generous amounts of gold.

It’s a simple yet effective strategy to enhance your wealth regularly. Don’t pass up the chance to collect extra gold effortlessly; make these daily and weekly chests a part of your routine!

Chapter Chests

Chapter Chests lets you find riches that are hidden in! You can get these special prizes after 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and finishing a chapter. These one-time rewards can be found in the main lobby.

chapter chest

They give out gold and other useful items. Surviving each stage in the game, defeating bosses, exploring maps, and breaking open crates contribute to your gold accumulation.

Additionally, using the supply skill, like the oil bond, increases the gold you collect with each level-up. Make sure to claim these chapter chests strategically after playing a chapter, boosting your gold balance and enhancing your journey.

By Watching Short Ads In The Shop

Turn a simple action into gold riches by watching short ads in the shop! At the bottom of the shop, a free 2-hour patrol gold package is available regularly. By watching a short ad, you can collect this package, adding a significant amount of gold to your balance.

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This opportunity recurs every few hours, making it a consistent method to earn free gold. While watching ads might seem like a small effort, the substantial gold offered makes it worthwhile. Make it a habit to check the shop regularly, watch those short ads, and watch your gold reserves grow effortlessly in!

Varying Amounts Of Gold In-Game

Discover the gold spectrum in as you navigate through different amounts scattered throughout the game. Keep an eye out for three distinct forms of gold: single gold coins, clusters of three gold coins, and bags of gold.

Each type carries a different value, with single gold coins being worth ten gold, clusters of three coins worth 30 gold, and bags of gold boasting a hefty 100 points.

During your gameplay, you’ll encounter varying amounts of gold either falling from crates or earned by defeating monsters. It’s crucial to be strategic in your gold collection, ensuring you gather it when it’s safe to do so.

While it might not be wise to dash through a mob of monsters for a mere ten coins, collecting gold when the coast is clear becomes a valuable tactic.

Maximizing your gold collection is even more achievable if you invest in the oil bond skill early on, allowing you to amass a substantial amount of gold while playing.

Pay attention to the gold falling in-game, and with careful planning; you can capitalize on these varying amounts to enhance your experience and strengthen your overall gameplay.

Patrol Earnings

Boost your gold reserves effortlessly with Patrol Earnings in! This fantastic feature allows you to passively accumulate gold and other equipment while you’re away from the game.

patrol earnings

Simply click on the patrol button in the main lobby, and you’ll be directed to the patrol earnings section. Here, you can see the gold coins and equipment you’ve gathered. Click “claim” to receive your well-deserved gold and rewards. Keep in mind there’s a short cool-down period after claiming, so be patient.

Quick Earnings is another exciting feature that lets you earn a substantial amount of coins by either watching a short advertisement or spending 15 energy points. Take advantage of these passive and quick-earning methods to continuously add to your gold stash in

Season Pass (Survivor Pass)

Start your journey with more features by getting the Season Pass, also known as the Survivor Pass! This in-game pass has both free and paid levels, and as you move up the levels, you’ll get different prizes.

Even with the free pass, you can earn a substantial amount of gold by simply playing the game and completing objectives. Keep an eye on the red symbol that appears on the season pass in the main lobby, indicating when you can collect a reward.

season pass

The paid season pass takes the rewards to the next level, offering a combination of gold, gems, equipment, and outfits at each tier.

Consider purchasing the battle pass if you plan to play extensively during the season and aim to reach the top tiers. With the Survivor Pass, you’re not just playing; you’re on a rewarding journey filled with treasures to enhance your experience.

Qasim Ahmad

Qasim Ahmad