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Merging Equipment (Proper Guide) – Survivor.Io

Qasim Ahmad

February 1, 2024 . 8 min read

Welcome to the best guide for people who love! In the realistic world of, the key to beating tasks is learning how to combine pieces of equipment.

This complete guide reveals the secrets of equipment joining, a game mode where improving gear is very important. We’ve made it easier to merge guns, tech parts, and other things from standard to legendary.

What is the merge feature?’s merge feature is a game-changing mechanic that boosts your equipment’s power. In simple terms, merging allows you to upgrade your gear by combining identical pieces.

This process enhances your equipment’s base stats and unlocks additional perks, propelling you to higher grades like excellent, epic, and legendary.

random merging list

Found in the equipment tab in the lobby, merging is cost-free, requiring only matching items. The coloured grading system—grey to red—reflects the gear’s rarity and strength. Mastering this feature is crucial for overcoming challenges and achieving dominance in the realm.


  • Grey Item (Standard): Combine 3 to get 1 Green (Good).
  • Green Item (Good): Merge 3 for 1 Blue (Better).
  • Blue Item (Better): Combine 3 to yield 1 Purple (Excellent).
  • Purple Item (Excellent): Merge 8 to craft 1 Epic (Gold).
  • Epic Item (Gold): Combine 6 to form 1 Red (Legendary).

How To Get Tech Parts In Survivor.Io

Finding out how to get Tech Parts is an important part of improving your game in the exciting world of You can get Tech Parts, which are needed to merge pieces of tools, by doing different things in the game.

Fight in battles, explore the different stages, and finish tasks to get these useful items. Also, keep an eye out for loot boxes and prizes because they often have Tech Parts inside. There may also be chances to get more Tech Parts when you join groups or take part in special events.

Remember, the more you get into the game, the more chances you have to accumulate Tech Parts. Be strategic in your approach, collaborate with fellow survivors, and maximize your loot to ensure a steady supply of Tech Parts.

By mastering the art of Tech Part acquisition, you’ll pave the way for powerful gear upgrades in, increasing your chances of survival in this thrilling gaming adventure.

Merging in Basic to Good

Taking your gear from basic to good in is a crucial step in fortifying your lone survivor. To achieve this upgrade, gather three identical standard-grade items, such as weapons or tech parts, and head to the merge button in the equipment tab.

Merging in Basic to Good

By combining these pieces, you’ll seamlessly transition from basic (grey) to good (green), enhancing your gear’s base stats and paving the way for more challenging levels.

Merging in Good to Better

Advancing from good to better in involves a strategic combination of three matching good-grade items. Navigate to the equipment tab, spot the merge button, and place your identical gear in the slots provided.

Merging in Good to Better

This process not only escalates your equipment’s base stats but also unlocks the first-grade skill, giving you a competitive edge. Transitioning from green to blue is a significant milestone, and mastering this merging stage is vital for optimizing your gear’s potential in the game.

Merging in Better to Excellent

Ascending from better to excellent in signifies a substantial power boost for your gear. Gather three identical better-grade items, be they weapons or tech parts, and proceed to the equipment tab.

Better to Excellent merging

Placing these items in the merging slots and activating the merge button propels you from blue to purple, unlocking another grade skill and elevating your equipment’s base stats.

Excelling at this merging stage is pivotal for overcoming tougher challenges, as it solidifies your status as a formidable survivor in the competitive landscape of

Advancing Merging in Excellent to Excellent +1

To propel your gear from excellent to excellent +1 in, gather two identical excellent-grade items and make your way to the merging interface. Notably, the items don’t have to be precisely the same, just within the same group, like gloves or weapons.

Excellent to Excellent +1

Activating the merge button enhances your equipment’s base stats and increases its maximum level, marking a significant stride in your journey.

Advancing Merging in Excellent +1 to Excellent +2

Stepping up from excellent +1 to excellent +2 requires a strategic combination of two excellent-grade items and one excellent +1 piece, all from the same group. Head to the merging section, arrange your gear accordingly and press the merge button.

Excellent +1 to Excellent +2

This progression not only boosts your equipment’s base stats and maximum level but positions you closer to the coveted epic-grade gear, unlocking new possibilities for customization and dominance.

Advancing Merging in Excellent +2 to Epic

Epic gear in is a pinnacle achievement, and advancing from excellent +2 to epic involves a meticulous merging process. Gather two identical excellent +2 items and head to the merging interface.

Activating the merge button transforms your gear into epic grade, unlocking additional grade skills and significantly elevating your equipment’s base stats.

Excellent +2 to Epic

 This transition signifies a remarkable leap in power and sets the stage for even more formidable challenges in the immersive world of

Advancing Merging in Epic to Legendary

The journey from epic to legendary in is the pinnacle of gear evolution, signifying unparalleled power and prestige. Achieving this legendary status requires a step-by-step merging process, starting with epic gear. Follow these stages:

Epic to Epic +1: Combine identical epic-grade items to achieve epic +1, enhancing base stats.

Epic +1 to Epic +2: Merge two epic items and one epic +1 item to reach epic +2, further boosting stats and max level.

Epic +2 to Epic +3: Progress by merging two epic items and one epic +2 item, continuing the enhancement.

Epic +3 to Legendary: Finally, merge an epic +3 item with two epic items of the same kind to attain the coveted legendary gear. This marks the pinnacle of’s prowess, offering unmatched stats and the ultimate grade skill. Equipment Gear Rarity Levels List

Understanding the gear rarity levels in is crucial for optimizing your loadout. The rarity levels determine the strength and capabilities of your equipment. Here’s a simplified list:

  • Normal (Gray colour): Standard gear with baseline attributes.
  • Good (Green colour): A step above normal, offering improved stats.
  • Better (Blue colour): Further enhanced stats and the introduction of grade skills.
  • Excellent (Purple colour): Significant improvements with additional grade skills.
  • Excellent 1 & 2 (Purple colour): Continuing the excellence with more advanced skills.
  • Epic (Yellow colour): Rare and powerful gear with substantial enhancements.
  • Epic 1, 2, & 3 (Yellow colour): Gradual upgrades within the epic tier.
  • Legend (Red colour): The pinnacle of rarity, representing the most powerful and coveted gear in
Qasim Ahmad

Qasim Ahmad