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Patrol Earnings Guide BY Gametronaut – Survivor.Io

Qasim Ahmad

February 1, 2024 . 7 min read

Welcome to our complete guide on how to earn money on Patrol! You’ve come to the right place if you’re a serious player who wants to get the most out of your AFK rewards or who wants to improve their patrol plan.

Patrol is a useful tool in that lets you get Gold, EXP, Designs, and Equipment with little work. It’s an important part of the game. Patrol, which you can access after finishing Chapter 1, gives you rewards continuously for up to 16 hours, which is good for both busy and inactive players.

What Is Patrol In

Patrol in is a game-changing feature designed to boost your in-game rewards effortlessly. After conquering Chapter 1 (Wild Streets), you unlock this essential tool accessible from the “Battle” screen.

patrol earnings

So, what exactly is Patrol? Think of it as your AFK companion, granting you Gold, EXP, Designs, and Equipment without requiring active gameplay. It’s your resource generator that operates for up to 16 hours, ensuring you earn even when away from the game.

The beauty of Patrol lies in its simplicity. Once activated, it automatically accumulates rewards based on your game progress, offering a steady flow of Gold and EXP every hour.

The more chapters you conquer, the greater your rewards become. Timing is key – claiming your rewards before the 16-hour mark ensures you maximize your gains. As you progress, Patrol evolves, introducing valuable items like Designs and Equipment to enhance your gaming experience.

How To Find Quick Patrol In

When you unlock Quick Patrol in, it changes the game and gives you a quick boost in patrol earnings. Here are some easy steps you can take to find Quick Patrol in if you want to use this function quickly:

Navigate to the Battle Screen

Open and head to the Battle screen, the central hub for various in-game activities.

Locate the Patrol Feature

On the Battle screen, identify the Patrol button. It’s usually positioned next to the “Chapter Chest” button and above the “Start” button.

Access Quick Patrol

Once you’ve located the Patrol button, tap on it to enter the Patrol screen. Here, you’ll find the “Quick Earnings” button, which is your gateway to Quick Patrol.

Tap on Quick Earnings

To initiate Quick Patrol, tap on the “Quick Earnings” button. This action will prompt the game to offer you an option to spend 15 energy points in exchange for an instant 5 hours’ worth of patrol earnings.

Confirm Quick Patrol

After tapping on “Quick Earnings,” the game will ask for confirmation. Confirm your decision to spend 15 energy points, and voila! You’ve successfully activated Quick Patrol.

Repeat as Needed

Quick Patrol can be used up to three times daily. If you wish to maximize your benefits, consider utilizing all three opportunities. Remember that each Quick Patrol session costs 15 energy points.

Daily Task Importance

Recognize the significance of Quick Patrol in completing daily tasks. Some tasks may require the use of Quick Patrol to earn points for your daily rewards, including Patrol Coins, gems, and EDF keys.

Utilize Quick Patrol Wisely

Strategically incorporate Quick Patrol into your gaming routine. Consider using it before periods of inactivity or when aiming to achieve specific daily goals.

Claiming Patrol Earnings Whilst AFK

Claiming patrol earnings while being AFK (Away From Keyboard) is a simple yet powerful strategy in When you’re away or taking a break from the game, your patrol earnings continue to accumulate based on the number of chapters you’ve cleared.

The more chapters you’ve conquered, the higher your earnings will be. Upon your return to the game, head to the Patrol screen and locate the “Patrol Time” near the top, indicating the time elapsed since your last claim.

Tap on the “Claim” button to collect your AFK earnings. The longer you wait (up to a maximum of 24 hours), the better the rewards, including gold, EXP, and sometimes even equipment designs.

patrol earnings

 To maximize your patrol earnings, consider leaving them AFK for as close to 24 hours as possible. This strategic timing ensures you reap the maximum benefits from this passive earning method.

AFK earnings are an excellent way to receive valuable loot and resources with minimal effort and no cost, providing a hassle-free method to boost your gold, EXP, and equipment levels while taking a break from actively playing

Claiming Patrol Earnings With Quick Patrol

To get the most out of your prizes in, you need to know how to claim your patrol earnings through Quick Patrol. Here is an easy guide on how to quickly claim your earnings:

Access the Patrol Screen

Head to the Battle screen in and locate the Patrol button. Tap on it to enter the Patrol screen.

Spot the Quick Earnings Button

Once in the Patrol screen, identify the “Quick Earnings” button. This is your gateway to claiming patrol earnings instantly.

Tap on Quick Earnings

Initiate the Quick Patrol process by tapping on the “Quick Earnings” button. This action prompts the game to offer an option to spend 15 energy points for an immediate 5 hours’ worth of patrol earnings.

Confirm Your Decision

The game will ask for confirmation before proceeding with Quick Patrol. Confirm your decision to spend 15 energy points, and you’ll successfully claim your patrol earnings.

Repeat if Desired

You can use Quick Patrol up to three times daily. If you have sufficient energy points, consider claiming your patrol earnings multiple times to maximize your benefits.

Strategic Timing

Be strategic in using Quick Patrol. Consider claiming your earnings before periods of inactivity or when aiming to achieve specific daily tasks requiring Quick Patrol.

How To Increase Patrol Earnings

Increasing your patrol earnings in is a key strategy for enhancing your in-game rewards. There are two straightforward methods to boost the amount of Gold, EXP, and valuable items you receive through Patrol.

Firstly, advancing through the game by clearing more chapters is a fundamental approach. As you conquer each chapter, your hourly earnings of Gold and EXP increase.

Additionally, you’ll unlock more Designs and higher-quality Equipment as you progress further. This means the more chapters you complete, the richer your rewards become. So, focus on your journey through the game’s chapters to steadily amplify your patrol earnings.

rewards of patrol earnings

Secondly, consider investing in the Monthly or Super Monthly Card, available through the “M” button on the Battle screen. These cards not only provide a daily gem supply but also grant a 5% or 10% increase in patrol earnings, depending on the card you choose.

Moreover, they offer 1 to 3 additional daily opportunities for Quick Patrol. By purchasing these cards, you can significantly enhance your overall patrol earnings and quick patrol capabilities.

Qasim Ahmad

Qasim Ahmad