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Hay Day Attract Foxes

Qasim Ahmad

January 2, 2024 . 7 min read

Hey there, fellow farmer! Have you been trying to figure out how to get foxes to visit your farm in Hay Day but with little success? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Foxes can be tricky creatures to attract, but with a little effort and the right techniques, you’ll have foxes frolicking on your farm in no time.

Understand Foxes in Hay Day

Foxes are curious visitors to your Hay Day farm, and knowing a few things about them is essential to make your farm life more enjoyable. These cunning creatures, like raspberry bushes and apple trees, are their favourite spots to appear. 

  • Favourite Spots: Foxes often hang around raspberry bushes and apple trees. While their appearances are random, planting these crops may increase your chances of seeing them.
  • Building Traps: If you want to keep foxes around, you can build traps with fences on your farm. Be sure to have enough bars to capture them when they show up.
  • Capture and Keep: Once a fox appears, use the fences to guide it into a trap, ensuring it can’t escape. Repeating this process will help you keep foxes on your farm.
  • Not a Fan of Foxes?: If you’re not a fan of foxes on your farm, there’s a guide on how to get rid of them, too.

Understanding these foxes in Hay Day can add an exciting element to your farming experience. Whether you want to attract or keep them away, now you know how to do so.

How To Attract Foxes In Hay Day

If you want to make your Hay Day farm a cosy haven for charming foxes, there are several key factors to consider in creating a fox-friendly environment. First and foremost, ensure that your farm provides ample space. 

Foxes enjoy roaming freely, so a spacious, well-maintained farm will be more inviting. Additionally, consider planting their preferred crops – raspberry and blackberry bushes – in the lower right corner of your farm, as these are the areas where foxes tend to appear.

Creating a Fox-Friendly Farm Environment

Stonewall traps can be a valuable tool to stonewall traps can be a useful tool to entice and keep foxes on your farm. Construct a quadrilateral using stone walls, leaving an opening large enough for the fox to enter. As the fox ventures inside the trap, quickly encircle it with stone walls, adjusting their placement to limit the fox’s movement. 

Repeating this process can increase the number of foxes on your farm and maintain a fox-friendly atmosphere. Moreover, it’s essential to clear clutter and obstacles from your farm. A tidy, well-organized farm is visually appealing and more attractive to these curious creatures. 

By implementing these strategies, you can create an environment that welcomes and retains foxes in your Hay Day farm, whether seeking them as permanent residents or occasional visitors.

Plant Fox-Attracting Crops

If you want to make your Hay Day farm a haven for foxes, attracting them with the right crops is a smart strategy. Foxes have their favourite treats, and by planting these fox-attracting crops generously, you can increase your chances of encountering these charming visitors.

Consider planting crops such as corn, carrots, and wheat to lure foxes to your farm. These are the delicacies that foxes love, and by having them in abundance, you’ll make your farm more enticing to these curious creatures.

Corn, with its golden kernels, seems particularly irresistible to foxes. Carrots, with their vibrant orange hue, and wheat, with its tall stalks, are also highly appealing to these furry friends. Ensure that these crops are plentiful on your farm, especially in the areas where you’d like to see more fox activity.

Remember that foxes enjoy a diverse diet, and by providing a variety of these crops, you can increase your chances of making your farm a desirable destination for them.

Set Up Fox Dens

To make your Hay Day farm a welcoming place for foxes, consider setting up fox dens as cosy shelters for these curious critters. Foxes appreciate a safe and snug place to call home, and by providing them with dens, you can encourage them to stick around.

Building fox dens doesn’t have to be complicated. You can create simple, natural-looking shelters or use decorative items that resemble cosy hiding spots for foxes. Place them strategically around your farm to give the foxes plenty of options.

Strategically placed fox dens serve a dual purpose. Not only do they provide shelter for the foxes, but they also add a charming and realistic touch to your Hay Day farm. This can enhance your gaming experience by creating a more authentic and inviting atmosphere.

Fox Feeding Tips and Strategies

To keep the foxes on your Hay Day farm happy and content, providing them with food is a great strategy. These creatures enjoy nibbling on tasty treats, and by following these feeding tips and strategies, you can make your farm even more attractive to them.

One way to entice and feed foxes is by placing feeders with pet food around your farm. Foxes are known to like pet food, and having these feeders readily available can be a surefire way to catch their attention.

Fox Feeding Tips and Strategies

To ensure a steady supply of pet food, keep an eye on your inventory and ensure you have enough to keep the foxes coming back. By offering them a regular source of nourishment, you can encourage them to visit your farm more frequently.

While feeding foxes can make your farm more appealing, it’s also essential to maintain a balanced approach. Foxes are decorative animals in Hay Day; providing them won’t directly impact your farm’s production.

Harvesting Rewards: Benefits of Having Foxes

Having foxes grace your Hay Day farm can be a rewarding experience. While these creatures serve as decorative additions and don’t directly influence your farm’s production, their presence has factual advantages.

Firstly, foxes enhance the visual appeal of your farm. Their charming and lifelike presence can make your virtual world more aesthetically pleasing, creating a realistic and inviting farm.

Additionally, foxes offer entertainment value. Observing their playful behaviour and exploring your farm can be a delightful diversion, adding an element of amusement to your gaming experience.

Attracting and maintaining foxes on your farm also gives you a sense of accomplishment. It’s a factual testament to your farm management skills, indicating your ability to create an environment where even virtual creatures choose to stay and explore.

Furthermore, the presence of foxes can promote community interaction. Sharing your fox-filled farm with friends and fellow Hay Day players can create a sense of community, with others appreciating the opportunity to visit your farm and witness these charming virtual guests.


In conclusion, foxes in Hay Day offer a unique and enjoyable dimension to your farm, enhancing its visual appeal and entertainment value. While their primary role is decorative, they contribute to the charm and sense of accomplishment within your virtual farming world. 

By following dos and don’ts, setting up fox dens, and strategically planting fox-attracting crops, you can create an environment that makes your farm enticing for these delightful creatures. 

Qasim Ahmad

Qasim Ahmad


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