How much do apple trees cost in hay day?
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Qasim Ahmad

January 12, 2024 . 6 min read

Have you ever wondered how much those apple trees cost in Hay Day? As your farm grows, you’ll need more and more ways to generate coins to keep things running.

While crops and production buildings are great for earning a steady income, investing in some fruit trees can give your coin balance a big boost during harvest time. 

In-game currency and Apple Tree Costs

In gaming, understanding in-game currency and the costs of acquiring essential items, like apple trees, is crucial. Let’s straightforwardly dive into the facts to help players grasp these important aspects.

In this game, the primary in-game currency is coins. Coins can be earned in various ways, such as by fulfilling orders, selling goods, and completing tasks.

You’ll receive cash when you level up or participate in special events. Coins play a vital role in your gaming experience, as they are used to purchase items, including apple trees.

apple tree price in hay day

Speaking of apple trees, they are indispensable in the game. Each apple tree comes with a price tag of 160 coins. These trees need 16 hours to yield apples; each tree can provide you with up to 13 apples collected over four harvests.

Focus on fulfilling truck and boat orders to acquire coins in the game. These orders often request apple pies, a product in high demand.

Additionally, complete tasks, participate in events and level up to earn coins. Look for opportunities to sell your goods in the market for currencies.

Harvesting and Earning with Apple Trees

1. Apple Tree Harvests:

  • Apple trees take 16 hours to yield apples.

  • Each tree can provide up to 13 apples, which you can collect over four harvests.

  • After the third harvest, the tree wilts and can be revived by another player for a final crop of four apples, earning the helper 7 XP points.

2. Earnings from Apple Trees:

  • Each apple tree costs 160 coins to purchase.

  • You can sell apples in the in-game market or use them to make products like apple pies.

  • Apple pies are in high demand for boat and truck orders, making them a profitable choice.

How to Maximize Earnings:

  • Ensure you have a steady supply of apple trees to harvest apples consistently.

  • Use the collected apples efficiently by fulfilling orders and making valuable products.

  • Keep an eye on the market for opportunities to sell surplus apples for coins.

Strategies for Efficient Apple Tree Farming

Adopting a smart approach to managing your apple tree farm is key to excelling in the game. Let’s explore some professional gaming strategies for efficient apple tree farming in easy-to-understand terms.

First and foremost, consider a steady expansion of your apple tree collection. Gradually adding more trees over time ensures a continuous supply of apples without overwhelming your resources.

Timing plays a crucial role in optimizing your apple tree farm. Plan your harvests to align with your in-game activities, ensuring you don’t miss any valuable apples.

Additionally, don’t forget to revive wilting trees, as this can grant you extra harvests and earn you different XP points in collaboration with other players.

Product prioritization is another essential strategy. Use your apples wisely, prioritizing valuable products like apple pies, especially when they are in high demand for boat and truck orders. These items can be a significant source of profit.

Keep a close watch on the in-game market. Selling surplus apples now can yield extra coins, enhancing your in-game finances.

How to Revive Apple Trees in Hay Day

In Hay Day, maintaining a flourishing orchard is a priority for any seasoned farmer. It’s disheartening when your apple trees begin to wither but fear not, there’s a straightforward way to bring them back to life. 

Revive Apple Trees in Hay Day

The Telltale Signs of Withering:

You may notice your apple trees showing signs of distress as you navigate your farm. They’ll change colour, appearing sickly and worn. This indicates that intervention is needed to save your precious apple trees.

The Revival Process:

When approaching a suffering apple tree, tap it to reveal your options. If all you see is an axe, it’s an unfortunate sign that you’ve waited too long, and the tree must be removed. However, luck is on your side if you’re greeted by a sign marked with an exclamation point. Your apple tree can still be rescued, and there’s no need for drastic measures.

Reviving with the Exclamation Point:

To revive a withering apple tree, drag the exclamation point symbol over to your chosen tree. This action places a sign on the ground next to the tree. Now, other players visiting your farm can lend a hand by tapping your ailing apple tree to nurse it back to health.

Mobilizing Your Friends:

If you wish, you can take it a step further. After planting the sign next to your tree, tap it, and you’ll notice an option resembling a megaphone. This option lets you post a message on your Facebook wall explaining the situation. Hopefully, this will attract friends who play the game to come to your aid and revive your struggling apple trees.

When your friends visit and assist, you’ll witness your apple trees springing back to life, accompanied by a new sign that proudly displays the avatar of the player who came to the rescue.


Reviving your apple trees on Hay Day is not just necessary; it’s a skill that can make all the difference in your virtual orchard’s success. With a keen eye for spotting withering trees and a few taps of your screen, you can rescue them from their sorry state. 

Better yet, mobilize your fellow Hay Day players by posting on your Facebook wall, and watch as your friends come to the rescue, breathing life back into your orchard. These simple yet effective steps will ensure your apple trees flourish, resulting in bountiful harvests and a thriving farm.

Qasim Ahmad

Qasim Ahmad


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