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Hay Day Buildings Price List

Qasim Ahmad

January 12, 2024 . 6 min read

You’ve been playing Hay Day for a while now and have a nice little farm going. Your silo is filling up with food to sell, you’ve got a few animals producing goods, and your town is starting to come together. Now, it’s time to start upgrading some of those buildings.

But buildings aren’t cheap, even in a virtual farming world. Upgrading your barn or buying a new production building will cost you. Before tapping away at those upgrade buttons, you should know how much each building costs so you can budget properly.

Hay Day Production Buildings

Here’s the table for the Production Buildings List with the items listed by level and sortable:

Bakery22010 sec33×3
Feed Mill x23 (1st)5 (1st)40 sec43×3
12 (2nd)3,200 (2nd)
Sugar Mill x27 (1st)350 (1st)6h132×2
76 (2nd)200,000 (2nd)13
Popcorn Pot 86508 h143×3
BBQ Grill97308 h142×2
Pie Oven142,20012 h173×3
Sewing Machine194,50020 h192×2
Cake Oven2112,1001 d 243×3
Mine2421,0001d 11 h28N/A
Smelter x52412,500 (1st)18 h212×2
22,000 (2nd)
31,500 (3rd)
41,000 (4th)
50,500 (5th)
Juice Press2631,0001 d 8 h272×2
Lure Workbench27N/AN/AN/AN/A
Ice Cream Maker2938,0001 d 7 h273×2
Net Maker3028,0002 d32N/A
Jam Maker3559,0001 d 12 h282x
Jeweler3868,0001 d 12 h282×2
Honey Extractor3935,0001 d242×2
Coffee Kiosk4275,0001 d 11 h352×2
Lobster Pool Stage 64480,0002 d32N/A
Soup Kitchen46115,0001 d 12 h282×2
Candle Maker48118,0001 d 14 h242×2
Flower Shop49120,0001 d 15 h302×2
Duck Salon Stage 65090,0002 d 5 h34N/A
Candy Machine51120,0001 d272×2
Sauce Maker54135,0001 d 16 h303×3
Sushi Bar56150,0001 d 20 h382×2
Salad Bar58165,0002 d323×3
Sandwich Bar61180,0002  d 4 h343×3
Smoothie Mixer64220,0003 d392×2
Pasta Maker67400,0003 d 7 h432×2
Wok Kitchen69350,0003 d 8 h412×2
Hat Maker70260,0003 d 3 h402×2
Pasta Kitchen72550,0003 d 12 h422×2
Hot Dog Stand75650,0003 d 16 h412×2
Donut Maker76680,0003 d 18 h422×2
Taco Kitchen77700,0003 d 18 h432×2
Omelet Station77600,0003 d 8 h412×2
Tea Stand80750,0003 d 23 h442×2
Fondue Pot81800,0004 d442×2
Bath Kiosk84850,0004 d442×2
Deep Fryer87900,0003d 23 h442×2
Preservation Station9194950,0004 d442×2
Pottery Studio941,000,0004 d462×2
Fudge Shop991,050,0004 d442×2
Yogurt Maker1031,100,0004 d442×2
Stew Pot1061,150,0004 d442×2
Cupcake Maker1091,200,0004 d442×2
Waffle Maker1141,250,0004 d442×2
Porridge Bar1191,300,0004 d442×2

Tips for Efficient Building Cost Management

Efficient building cost management in the Hay Day game is vital to maximizing your resources. Start by planning your farm layout carefully, ensuring you have enough space and organizing buildings efficiently to prevent costly relocations. Regularly upgrade your Silo and Barn to increase storage capacity and avoid selling items at low prices due to storage shortages. 

When planting crops, choose varieties that grow quickly during your active playing hours to harvest and sell them for maximum profit. Prioritize fulfilling truck and boat orders with higher rewards, and don’t rush to complete all orders. Log in daily to collect tips from the Daily Dirt and Town Visitors, as these often include construction materials and other useful items. 

machine area in hay day

Join a neighbourhood to trade with neighbours and obtain building materials without excessive spending. Save your diamonds for essential items and critical tasks rather than using them on trivial things. 

Keep an eye on the newspaper for good deals on building materials, and invest in upgrading your production machines, such as the bakery and dairy, to increase efficiency and resource savings in the long run. 

Lastly, avoid rushing to expand your farm, and manage your resources wisely to avoid overspending on unnecessary buildings. These easy-to-follow tips will help you efficiently manage your building costs and progress in Hay Day without breaking the bank.

How much does it cost to build the town in Hay Day?

Fans of Hay Day often want to know how much it costs to build their town, which is an exciting feature that starts to be available at Farm Level 34. 

Repairing the Neighborhood Platform

You’ll need to fix the platform next to your Neighborhood house to get your town trip going. It takes three days and 39,000 coins to finish this important step. Once you’re done, you can use the handcar to get to the Town area.

EGGspress Train and Visitor Rewards

Repairing the Train Station is the key to unlocking the EGGspress Train. This train brings eager visitors to your town, and tending to their needs in Service Buildings yields valuable rewards such as Coins, Experience points, Reputation points, Tools, and even supplies.

Reputation Points and Building Progress

Red hearts measure visitor satisfaction in the town, and Reputation Points are exclusive to this area. As your Reputation Level advances, you can construct up to 7 Service Buildings, including a Grocery Store, Cinema, Diner, Bed and Breakfast, Spa, Gift Shop, and Beach Café.

Town Request Board

Keep an eye on the Town Request Board near your farm’s handcar. It displays the required products for each waiting visitor, guiding you on what to produce for optimal service.

What are the maximum production slots on Hay Day?

In Hay Day, the maximum number of production slots available for players is 9. These production slots are essential for various farming activities, allowing players to produce and craft crops, goods, and products.

You gradually unlock additional production slots as you level up in the game. Starting with a few places at lower levels, players gain access to more areas as they progress, reaching the maximum of 9 slots at higher levels.

managing machine slots in hay day

These slots are crucial for efficient farming and production. They enable players to manage multiple tasks simultaneously, such as growing crops, producing goods in machines, and fulfilling orders. By utilizing all available production slots, players can optimize their farm’s productivity and meet the demands of the in-game economy.

What is the most profitable thing to make and sell on Hay Day?

You can do many profitable things in Hay Day that can help you make a lot of money. These include selling valuable crops, making and selling in-demand goods, meeting truck and boat orders, and attending special events. Setting up a shop on the side of the road and selling goods or taking care of characters’ orders are also ways for players to earn coins.

There are many ways for players to get more money in-game with these different income lines. Hay Day players can get more cash in several ways, such as by growing and selling valuable crops, fulfilling the needs of in-game characters through orders, or taking part in special events to earn prizes.

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