what are maps used for in hay day
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What Are Maps Used For In Hay Day?

Qasim Ahmad

December 21, 2023 . 7 min read

You may have noticed that maps are an integral part of Hay Day. But have you ever considered what those maps are used for in the game? Maps do more than show you the layout of your farm. They provide critical information to help you strategize and succeed.

The farm map gives an overview of your farm to see what areas need attention. You can spot where trees need to be cleared, where you have open land for new buildings or crops, and where you may want to reorganize or redesign certain sections.

The town map lets you quickly locate shops to buy or sell items as needed. It ensures you don’t waste time searching when completing town tasks during events.

Exploring the Role of Maps in Hay Day

In the enchanting world of Hay Day, maps serve crucial roles in enhancing your farming and town expansion experience. These map pieces are vital assets that are significant in your farming journey. 

First and foremost, map pieces unlock new land for your farm as you reach experience level 34. This expansion not only provides you with more space but also allows you to diversify your farming operations.

You can construct new buildings, plant different crops, and keep more animals, all contributing to the growth of your farm.

Map pieces are stored in your barn, and having sufficient barn capacity is essential to manage these valuable resources effectively. An organized barn ensures you can collect, store, and use your map pieces when needed.


When acquiring map pieces, there are several avenues to explore. You can find them in roadside shops, available for purchase at prices ranging from 1 to 450 coins per piece. Additionally, you have the option to buy map pieces directly using diamonds. These options provide flexibility in obtaining the map pieces you require.

Furthermore, map pieces can also be obtained through chance. Mystery boxes and packages may occasionally contain these valuable items. By completing requests from town visitors and watching ads in “A Night at the Movies,” you might also uncover map pieces.

The Hay Day Newspaper can be another source to acquire these pieces. Moreover, you can exchange item items with other farmers in your neighbourhood.

Finding Hidden Treasures with Maps

In Hay Day, maps are your key to discovering hidden treasures and secret locations that add excitement to your farming adventure. Let’s delve into the various remote locations and events you can explore with these valuable maps.

Mystery Boxes

Mystery boxes scattered throughout your farm and town are where you can uncover hidden treasures. These boxes contain rewards, such as coins, experience points, vouchers, and map pieces. Keep an eye out for them while tending to your farm.

Mystery Packages

Similar to mystery boxes, mystery packages are another source of surprises. These packages can be obtained through various activities and may hold rare items, resources, and map pieces. Opening them can bring unexpected joy to your farming life.

Town Visitors

Fulfilling the requests of town visitors is more than just a way to earn coins and experience points. It can also lead to hidden treasures. Satisfying the needs of these visitors might result in the discovery of map pieces, expanding your opportunities for town development.

“A Night at the Movies” Trailer

Watching the “A Night at the Movies” trailer can be a rewarding experience. By doing so, you may receive map pieces as a bonus. This is a simple and enjoyable way to collect these valuable items.

Hay Day Newspaper

The Hay Day Newspaper is a bustling marketplace where you can find items for sale. It’s also a source for map pieces. Keep an eye on the newspaper to snatch map pieces when they become available.

Neighbourhood Exchanges

Interacting with fellow farmers in your neighbourhood can be mutually beneficial. You can engage in item exchanges, and some may be willing to trade map pieces. This collaborative effort helps you obtain the pieces you need for town expansion.

Roadside Shops

Keep an eye on the roadside shops, as they often have map pieces for sale. You can purchase them using coins, and the price may vary, ranging from 1 to 450 coins per piece. Check these shops regularly to grab map pieces at affordable rates.

These hidden locations and events allow you to find valuable map pieces and other treasures on Hay Day.

What Are Bricks Used for in Hay Day?

In Hay Day, bricks are essential for expanding your farm and crafting items. They’re crafted in the Smelter using clay, which you can find by mining in the mine or buying from other players. Bricks serve a vital role in constructing buildings like the silo and barn, allowing you to store more resources.


Additionally, they’re used to produce various items, such as duct tape and lobster traps. Efficient brick production is critical to advancing the game, so keep your Smelter busy and maintain a steady supply of clay.

Hay Day Fishing Map

The Fishing Map is a lovely place in the beautiful world of Hay Day for players who want to rest and catch lots of fish. This virtual watery paradise is a peaceful getaway from the busy farm life, where players can cast their virtual fishing rods into calm waters.

When players join the Fishing Map, they see a beautiful scene with lily pads, gently rippling water and lots of greenery. The plan was carefully made so that there are a lot of different fishing spots for everyone. E

very place to fish, from small ponds to big lakes, offers a different experience.
To start your fishing adventure, simply tap on the desired fishing spot, and your character will eagerly set up their fishing gear.

The easy-to-use interface ensures that even novice players can enjoy the experience without hassle. As you wait patiently for a bite, the ambient sounds of nature and the soothing background music contribute to the overall calming atmosphere.

When you fish successfully, you get coins and experience points, both handy tools. You can use these prizes to improve your farm or fishing gear to make your trips more productive.

How do you Expand your Farm Faster on Hay Day?

Expanding your farm quickly in Hay Day is an exciting journey that requires strategic planning and intelligent decisions. To accelerate your farm’s growth, focus on critical aspects of the game.

Firstly, prioritize levelling up by completing orders, harvesting crops, and fulfilling boat and truck requests. Each level you gain unlocks new buildings, crops, and features, bringing more opportunities to earn coins and experience points.

Efficiently managing your resources is crucial. Regularly check your silo and barn capacity to ensure you’re not overfilled, allowing you to produce and collect items continuously. Utilize your roadside shop to sell surplus goods and earn extra coins.

Invest in expanding your land by collecting expansion materials from the Daily Dirt or participating in the Wheel of Fortune. Unlocking new land provides more crop, machine, and decoration space, contributing to farm productivity.

Engage in neighbourhood activities and events to earn rewards and boost your farm’s development. Joining a helpful and active neighbourhood provides opportunities for trading items and receiving assistance with tasks, accelerating your progress.

Strategic crop planning is essential. Focus on high-yield crops that offer substantial profits and have shorter growth times. Rotate crops to maintain a steady flow of resources and coins.

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