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How To Evolve Void Power – Survivor.Io

Qasim Ahmad

January 26, 2024 . 7 min read

Join us on an exciting adventure through the virtual battlefields of as we look into how to evolve the prized Void Power weapon.

In this complete guide, we’ll figure out how to change this S-Grade weapon and look at its special abilities and tactics. Find out how active and passive skills, like the Exo-Bracer, work together to make the Gloom Nova stronger. 

Overview of the Void Power Weapon

The Void Power Weapon stands as a formidable force in the universe, introduced in the 1.6.0 update. A newly added S Grade weapon, it unleashes unparalleled devastation with its base ATK stat of 75.

This manual-aim weapon fires black holes, which, when strategically placed, pull in enemies and deal damage over time. The black holes stay stationary when targeting hordes but relentlessly follow bosses, ensuring sustained damage.

void power

Getting a 5-star review is necessary to evolve this amazing weapon. Getting the Exo-Bracer skill is important because it lets you change into the powerful Gloom Nova.

This change not only increases the rate of fire but also increases the damage done overall. Gloom Nova adds energy veils that look like bubbles and pop, making your offensive skills even better.

Understanding Void Power’s grade skills is essential for optimal utilization. Initially classified as Excellent grade, upgrading to Legendary unlocks additional grade skills.

These skills, such as Attack Plus 15, Projectile Range Plus 15, Return To Zero, Attack Plus 25 Percent, and Neogenesis Energy Veil, progressively elevate your combat prowess.

How To Evolve Void Power In

You can play, an exciting game of strategy and survival, and the Void Power tool will give you more Power than anyone else. Learning how to develop this powerful S Grade weapon is a game-changer for people who are new to the digital battlefields.

To kick off the evolution journey, let’s grasp the basics. Void Power is a devastating tool, firing black holes that snatch enemies into a cosmic vortex, dealing damage over time. The weapon evolves like a hero, and reaching a 5-star status is your golden ticket to unlocking its true potential.

Now, you need a partner skill called the Exo-Bracer to level up your Void Power. It’s like the magic sauce that turns your weapon into the powerful Gloom Nova. It’s like getting a new Pokémon but with energy from black holes and space.

void power

But how do you get the Exo-Bracer skill? Fear not; it’s easier than you think. When you equip your Void Power in the inventory, the game automatically hands you its active skill. You, dear survivor, only need to pick a passive skill in-game, and the Exo-Bracer is your go-to choice for evolution.

Picture this: your Void Power, now armed with the Exo-Bracer, reaches a 5-star status. Boom! Gloom Nova emerges – a force to be reckoned with.

The transformation not only cranks up your firing rate but also amps up the damage dealt. Gloom Nova adds another layer of strategy with bubble-like energy veils that burst, wreaking havoc on your foes.

Now, you might wonder, why go through all this trouble? The answer lies in the game’s hierarchy of weapon grades. Void Power starts as an Excellent grade, but unlocking Legendary status brings forth a buffet of grade skills – Attack Plus 15, Projectile Range Plus 15, Return To Zero, Attack Plus 25 Percent, and Neogenesis Energy Veil. These skills are your arsenal, each contributing to your survival and dominance.

To obtain Void Power, explore various avenues – from the Void Power Supply Crate to S Grade Supplies, EDF Supplies, and the Large Depot. Each route has its perks and challenges, adding an element of strategy to your quest.

GradeATK Base Grade Skills
Normal?? None
Good?? ATK +15%
Better?? All projectile range +15%
Excellent75 Return to zero: Released black holes explode before fading
Excellent + 190 None
Excellent + 2105 None
Epic198 ATK +25%
Epic + 1231 None
Epic + 2264 None
Epic + 3297 None
Legendary347 None

Void Power Evolution & Details In

This brand-new S Grade weapon, which came out with the 1.6.0 update, changes everything for players who want the strongest weapons possible. Let’s get into the specifics and clear up the mystery of how to get this powerful tool and make it better.

Weapon Details

Void Power, with a base ATK stat of 75, fires black holes that stick to spots for a brief period, pulling in enemies and dealing damage over time. When facing hordes, the black holes remain stationary, but when confronting bosses, they relentlessly follow, ensuring sustained damage.

To enhance the weapon’s capabilities, evolution is key. As Void Power reaches a 5-star status, the Exo-Bracer skill becomes instrumental. This skill acts as the catalyst for transformation, turning Void Power into the formidable Gloom Nova.

The evolution not only increases firing rates but also boosts overall damage, introducing bubble-like energy veils that burst, adding a new dimension to your offensive strategy.

Grade Skills

Understanding Void Power’s grade skills is vital for maximizing its potential. Starting as an Excellent grade weapon, upgrading to Legendary unveils a range of skills, including ATK +15%, All projectile range +15%, Return to zero, ATK +25%, and the unique ability for the energy veil to explode when shattered.

How to Obtain Void Power

Acquiring the Void Power is a thrilling quest with multiple avenues:

  • Void Power Supply Crate: A limited-time special crate with an increased chance to drop Void Power. Opening 100 crates guarantees the weapon.
  • S Grade Supplies: This permanent chest in the shop offers an increased chance to drop S Grade equipment, including Void Power.
  • EDF Supplies: While Void Power may appear in EDF Supplies, it’s not the most recommended method due to lower drop rates for S Grade equipment.
  • Large Depot: Another permanent chest in the shop where you can open ten chests at once, but it’s not the ideal choice for obtaining Void Power.

Best Evolution Skill Tier List

Our guide to the best Evolution Skills will help you figure out how to beat other players in by giving you the planning edge you need. Understanding the order of Evolution Skills is important for both launching powerful attacks and making your defences stronger.

  • Attack Plus 15% (Excellent Grade): Elevate your offensive capabilities by boosting your weapon’s attack power. A must-have for maximizing damage output, especially when facing formidable foes.
  • Projectile Range Plus 15% (Better Grade): Extend your reach and keep enemies at bay with this skill. Ideal for those who prefer a tactical approach, maintaining distance while dealing significant damage.
  • Return to Zero (Excellent Grade): Unleash a powerful strategy as released black holes explode before fading. This skill adds a dynamic element to your attacks, catching enemies off guard.
  • Attack Plus 25% (Epic Grade): Take your offensive game to the next level with a substantial 25% boost in attack power. Perfect for those seeking overwhelming firepower on the battlefield.
  • Neogenesis Energy Veil (Legendary Grade): A game-changer in defensive tactics, this skill ensures the energy veil explodes when shattered. Use it strategically to create a protective barrier and unleash chaos upon your foes.

Final Words

If you want to win at, you need to understand the Void Power and how it evolves. With the Exo-Bracer on, you can see the cosmos change into the powerful Gloom Nova.

Use advanced skills like Attack Plus and Projectile Range Plus to do a lot of damage. As you play, strategic development will help you beat both hordes and tough bosses.

Qasim Ahmad

Qasim Ahmad


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