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Qasim Ahmad

January 26, 2024 . 9 min read

With our complete guide to weapons, you can start an exciting journey in! Get ready to win as we look at how guns change the game by looking at how they affect ATK stats and special grade skills. Find the best weapons for your play style, such as the strong Lightchaser, the fast Kunai, and the elite Void Power. 

What Stats Do Weapons Affect?

In, weapons aren’t just cool-looking tools – they play a crucial role in your success. Let’s break down what stats these weapons impact and why they matter for your in-game journey.

Firstly, weapons directly affect your ATK stat, determining how much damage you deal to enemies. Picture it like this: the stronger your weapon, the harder you hit! But that’s not all; as you level up your weapons, they unlock special abilities called grade skills. These skills can be total game-changers.

For instance, a weapon might boost your ATK by a certain percentage, making you even more formidable. Some weapons offer unique skills like projectile range increases or the ability to shoot constant streams of powerful projectiles.

These skills come in different grades – good, better, excellent, epic, and legendary – and can be permanently unlocked as you merge and level up your equipment.

So, when choosing your weapon in, think about more than just its appearance. Consider how it enhances your ATK and the special skills it brings to the table.

Weapons In Survivor.Io

Void Power

To obtain the formidable Void Power in, players need to seek it out in crates and limited-time events. This S-grade weapon stands out as one of the rarest and most elite in the game. At its base (excellent) grade, Void Power packs a punch with an ATK stat boost of +15%. But that’s just the beginning.

void power

The more epic and legendary grades you give this tool, the stronger it gets. At the epic level, your ATK stat goes up by an extra 25%, which gives your strikes a big boost.

Neogenesis, a legendary-level skill, goes one step further by making the energy veil created by Void Power explode when it breaks, dealing a lot of damage to enemies nearby.

So, keep an eye out for crates and events to secure the Void Power, and witness its might as it transforms into Gloom Nova at the EVO level.


For survivors who appreciate precision, the Kunai is a top-tier choice. This elite weapon has the unique ability to self-aim at enemies, making it a valuable asset, especially against bosses. To unlock the Kunai, players progress through different grades, starting from good and reaching legendary.


As you enhance the Kunai’s grade, it gains various grade skills. For instance, at the blue (better) grade, the Kunai’s damage spikes by 30%, making it a force to be reckoned with.

The legendary grade skill takes it to the next level – causing the Kunai to split into multiple parts after hitting an enemy, dealing significant damage to a cluster of foes.

So, for those who favour agility and precision, the Kunai proves itself as a reliable companion for intense battles.

Light chaser

The Lightchaser, a radiant sword shooting waves of projectiles, is another exceptional weapon in This S-grade weapon starts at an excellent (purple) grade, offering immediate access to three-grade skills. These include an ATK stat boost of 15%, an attack interval reduction of -15%, and a backward slash triggered after every five attacks.

light chaser

As the Lightchaser ascends to epic and legendary grades, its power amplifies. At the epic grade, enjoy another ATK stat boost of +25%, significantly enhancing your offensive capabilities.

The legendary grade skill introduces a sword array left behind after every ten attacks, proving the Lightchaser’s prowess in handling large swarms of enemies.

To wield the Lightchaser, survivors need to secure it in the game, and at its EVO level, it transforms into the formidable Eternal Light, boosting firing rate and damage.

Shotgun offers a versatile Shotgun that can be a game-changer in battles. To obtain the Shotgun, players can find it in various grades, from normal to legendary, unlocking grade skills through equipment merging. At the green (good) grade, the Shotgun provides a crucial ATK stat boost of +10%.


As the Shotgun progresses through grades, its abilities evolve. Upon reaching the blue (better) grade, it inflicts a 2x damage increase to enemies in its line of fire.

The purple (excellent) grade extends the Shotgun’s range significantly, making it effective in diverse combat scenarios.

Upon reaching the epic grade, the Shotgun gains another ATK stat boost of +15%, elevating its offensive capabilities. The pinnacle is the legendary grade, where the Shotgun pierces through every enemy it encounters, simplifying crowd control by damaging all foes in its vicinity.

Secure the Shotgun, evolve it to the legendary grade, and witness its potency in blasting through adversaries, making it an indispensable asset for survivors.

Revolver introduces the Revolver, a weapon offering precision shots and explosive power. Available in grades ranging from normal to legendary, the

Revolver’s effectiveness increases as players unlock grade skills through levelling and merging. At the green (good) grade, the Revolver grants an essential ATK stat boost of +10%.

Advancing to the blue (better) grade reduces reload time by -2s, enhancing its rapid-fire capabilities. The purple (excellent) grade introduces a unique mechanic – restoring a bullet to your ammo every time you eliminate an enemy, making it more user-friendly in the heat of battle.

Reaching the epic grade provides another ATK stat boost of +15%, solidifying the Revolver’s impact. The legendary grade skill adds a minor explosion to enemies hit by a bullet, a valuable asset when dealing with bosses boasting high HP levels.

For survivors seeking precision and explosive power, the Revolver proves its worth, especially when strategically levelling up other skills during the game.


The Katana in, while considered more average, has its unique strengths. Obtainable in every grade, from normal to legendary, the Katana evolves to the Demon Blade at its EVO level, enhancing attack rate and damage output.


Starting at the green (good) grade, the Katana provides an initial ATK stat boost of +10%. Progressing to the blue (better) grade introduces an additional blade wave to your base attack, expanding your offensive capabilities.

The purple (excellent) grade adds a fascinating element, releasing ki blasts with each attack, extending your reach to damage enemies from a distance.

Upon reaching the epic grade, the Katana gains another ATK stat boost of +15%. The pinnacle is the legendary grade skill, where hitting enemies with the blade wave heals you by 3% HP.

This healing grace makes the Katana an intriguing choice, especially for those adept at skilful gameplay, turning moments of aggression into opportunities for recovery.

Baseball Bat

In, the Baseball Bat emerges as a formidable melee weapon with unique attributes. Players can acquire this weapon in various grades, from normal to legendary, unlocking grade skills through merging and levelling. At the green (good) grade, the Baseball Bat provides an initial ATK stat boost of +10%.

Advancing to the blue (better) grade, the Baseball Bat gains the ability to inflict a bleed effect on enemies, causing damage over time. Reaching the purple (excellent) grade doubles the knockback effect, creating opportunities to clear paths and navigate through challenges.

baseball bat

Upon reaching the epic grade, the Baseball Bat secures another ATK stat boost of +15%, reinforcing its offensive capabilities. The legendary grade transforms the weapon’s swing range into a circular motion, enabling it to strike enemies in all directions by default.

Survivors wielding the Baseball Bat can unleash its power strategically, making it an effective choice for crowd control and dealing with challenging foes in

Things to Consider When Picking Weapon Skills

Choosing the right weapon skills in is a critical aspect of ensuring success in the game. Several factors come into play when making these decisions:

  • Playstyle: Consider your preferred style of play. Are you more comfortable with ranged attacks, or do you thrive in close-quarters combat? Different weapon skills cater to distinct playstyles.
  • Level/Challenge: Assess the specific level or challenge you are facing. Some weapons and skills may be more effective in certain scenarios. Adapt your weapon choices based on the demands of the situation.
  • Skill Synergy: Take into account the synergy between your chosen weapon and other skills in your arsenal. Some skills complement each other, creating a more potent combination.
  • Adaptability: Stay adaptable and be open to experimenting with different weapons and skills. What works well in one situation may not be as effective in another.

By considering these factors, you can tailor your weapon skills to suit your strengths and overcome the diverse challenges presented in


In the ever-changing world of, learning weapons is the only way to stay alive and win. From the powerful Void Power to the quick Kunai and the flexible Baseball Bat, each weapon has its own set of skills and abilities. As you get higher grades and unlock new skills, strategy decisions become more important than ever.

Qasim Ahmad

Qasim Ahmad