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Hay Day Feed Mill

Qasim Ahmad

January 9, 2024 . 5 min read

Hey there, are you stuck trying to find the feed mill in Hay Day? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. When you first start playing the farming game sensation that is Hay Day, it can be tricky to locate some of the key buildings. The feed mill is essential for keeping your livestock happy and healthy, so you’ll want to find it soon.

What is the feed mill on Hay Day?

The Feed Mill in Hay Day is an important building that helps you care for your animals in the game. It’s one of the first production buildings you unlock, becoming available at experience level 3, and you can build a second one once you reach level 12.

The primary purpose of the Feed Mill is to produce feed for various animals, including chickens, cows, pigs, sheep, and goats. It also helps make wheat bundles for animals in your sanctuary (available when you reach reputation level 3).

feed mill

The Feed Mill might look like a big wooden mixing pot with a mixing tower on top. It takes some time to master, but once you do, it will display golden parts and a star on the mixing tower.

How to upgrade the feed mill

Upgrading your Feed Mill in Hay Day is essential to enhance your animal feed production capacity. When you first acquire a Feed Mill, you have three slots for making feed, with each space offering a specific production rate. To upgrade your Feed Mill, consider investing in additional places. 

You can purchase up to six slots, and each space has its own cost. The first additional slot costs nine diamonds, and each subsequent slot costs three more than the previous one. Unlocking all six places in your Feed Mill will require 99 diamonds. 

Increasing the number of slots allows you to produce more feed simultaneously, making it easier to meet the feeding needs of your animals efficiently. This investment becomes crucial as your farm grows and you acquire more animals. Proper feed management can be the key to a successful and thriving farm in Hay Day. 

How the Feed Mill Works in Hay Day

The Feed Mill is a vital structure in Hay Day that helps you produce feed for your animals. Understanding how it works is essential to manage your farm efficiently efficiently. Here’s a detailed explanation of how the Feed Mill functions:

AnimalUnlock LevelProduction TimeUpgraded Time*CoinsExperience
Chicken FeedLevel 35 min4 min71
Cow FeedLevel 610 min8 min142
Pig FeedLevel 1020 min17 min142
Sheep FeedLevel 1630 min25 min143
Goat FeedLevel 3240 min34 min143
Wheat BundleRep. 31 H 30 min1 h 16 min5010

The Feed Mill’s main function is to convert crops like carrots, corn, soybeans, and wheat into animal feed. As you progress in the game, you can unlock and upgrade additional slots to increase your production capacity, allowing you to make more feeds simultaneously. This is especially helpful as your farm grows and you acquire more animals with diverse feed requirements.

How do you expand your farm fast on Hay Day?

Expanding your farm quickly in Hay Day involves strategic planning, resource management, and active participation. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to efficiently grow your farm:

Focus on Quick-Growing Crops

  • Plant crops with short growing times, like wheat and corn, for faster harvests.
  • Swift turnarounds allow you to accumulate resources more rapidly.

Prioritize High-XP Items

  • Concentrate on producing and selling items that offer higher experience points (XP).
  • Pies, juices, and other processed goods can quickly boost your XP than basic crops.

Complete Orders Regularly

  • Fulfilling truck and boat orders earns you coins and provides XP.
  • Prioritize high-value orders to maximize your rewards.

Participate Actively in Events

  • Special events often offer tasks with increased XP rewards and valuable resources.
  • Engaging in affairs and completing tasks can significantly accelerate your farm’s growth.

Expand Land Strategically

  • Use land expansion tools to clear space for additional crops, animals, and production buildings.
  • Plan your layout efficiently to make the most of the expanded area.

Invest in Production Buildings

  • Construct and upgrade production buildings like the bakery and dairy to process raw materials into higher-value items.
  • Continuous production ensures a steady flow of XP and resources.

Connect with Friends and Neighborhoods

  • Add friends to the game and join a neighbourhood for mutual benefits.
  • Cooperative play helps in completing tasks faster and provides additional resources.

Strategic Use of Diamonds

  • Diamonds can be used to speed up processes or make essential upgrades.
  • Spend diamonds wisely on critical aspects contributing to your farm’s rapid expansion.

Continuous Gameplay

  • Regularly log in and engage in gameplay to maintain momentum.
  • Consistent and active gameplay is key to achieving fast and constant growth.

Utilize Special Boosters

  • Occasionally, special boosters and tools are provided as rewards or for purchase.
  • Use these boosters strategically to enhance production and speed up growth.
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