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Weapon Evolution Guide – Survivor.Io

Qasim Ahmad

February 1, 2024 . 11 min read

Start your exciting journey in Survivor.io with our Weapon Evolution Guide! Find out how to level up your weapons and get access to strong skills that will help you win the game.

This guide makes it easy to understand how each weapon evolves, from the Kunai’s Spirit Shuriken to the Katana’s powerful Demon Blade.

Which Statistics Are Impacted by Weapons?

In exciting Survivor.io, the weapon you choose not only determines how you play but also has a big impact on important game data. Let’s make it easy to understand:

Attack (ATK) Stat

  • Every weapon directly influences your Attack status.
  • Different weapons provide varied ATK values, determining your damage output.

Grade Skills

  • Weapons unlock Grade Skills, modifying your base attack and offering unique boosts.
  • Grades like Good, Better, Excellent, Epic, and Legendary enhance your weapon’s capabilities.

Evolution Skills

  • As your weapon evolves, it gains increased firing rates and damage output.
  • Evolution skills, like Gloom Nova for Void Power or Demon Blade for Katana, elevate your weapon’s effectiveness.

Skill Evolutions and How to Create Them

In Survivor.io, becoming a skilled survivor involves mastering the art of skill evolution. Don’t worry if you’re new to the game; we’ll guide you through it step by step.

  1. What Are Skills?
  • Skills aren’t something you learn; they’re special tools collected during your runs.
  • These tools give your character unique abilities, and they’re lost after each match.
  1. How to Find Skills:
  • Gain skills by levelling up through experience crystals from defeated enemies.
  • Open monster chests dropped by minibosses and bosses for a chance to get skills.
  1. The Evolution Quest:
  • While every skill helps, the real game-changer is evolving them.
  • Evolution involves combining an active skill with its corresponding passive skill.
  1. Components of Evolution:
  • Skills like Boomerang and Hi-Power Magnet combine to create Magnetic Rebounder.
  • Each evolution requires both an active and a passive skill at the maximum level.
  1. Identifying Evolutions:
  • Evolution items look different, with a unique outline and text, and only have one star.
  • Once evolved, they can’t be upgraded further but pack a more potent punch.
  1. Evolution Examples:
  • Combine Brick and Fitness Guide for 1-Ton Iron, throwing indestructible dumbbells.
  • Merge Laser Launcher with Energy Cube to unleash Death Ray, spiralling lasers dealing massive damage.
  1. Importance of Planning:
  • Choosing skills that complement your playstyle is crucial.
  • Some evolutions may seem less impressive, but their passive items can be more beneficial.

How to Find Skills in Survivor.io

In Survivor.io, honing your skills is essential for navigating the unpredictable challenges of the game. One primary way to acquire skills is through levelling up. As you venture through the game and defeat enemies, you’ll collect experience crystals.

Once you accumulate enough, a menu will appear, allowing you to choose one skill out of three options. This levelling-up process not only strengthens your character but also provides the opportunity to tailor your abilities to your preferred playstyle.


Another avenue for obtaining skills is by opening monster chests. These special chests materialize after overcoming minibosses, identifiable by their red outlines or bosses, the formidable giant enemies with distinct health bars.

These chests not only yield gold but also present you with the chance to acquire valuable skills. The contents of these chests, including the number of items they contain, are subject to randomness, adding an element of surprise to each encounter.

Weapons Evolutions In Survivor.Io

Void Power in Survivor.io 

Survivor.io introduces an intriguing weapon known as Void Power, a game-changer in the quest for survival. As our competitor rightly pointed out, Void Power is a rare and effective weapon that shoots black hole projectiles, pulling in enemies and creating chaos on the battlefield.

void power

Evolution transforms Void Power into the mighty Gloom Nova. To achieve this, players need the Exo-Bracer, an essential component for elevating Void Power to the next level.

Gloom Nova not only deals more damage but adds a strategic layer by generating an Energy Veil upon the black holes’ disappearance. This temporary shield offers protection and forces enemies away, giving players a valuable few seconds of respite.

Strategically, Void Power and its evolution shine in both offensive and defensive scenarios. When lucky enough to obtain a legend-rarity Gloom Nova, the Energy Veil releases a devastating 60X damage to nearby enemies, showcasing its immense power.

Kunai Evolution

Survivor.io introduces the Kunai, a weapon that stands out for its precision strikes and self-aiming capabilities. Our competitor has rightly highlighted its effectiveness in taking down enemies with ease. 

kunai power

Upon reaching its Evolution level, the Kunai transforms into the formidable Spirit Shuriken. To unlock this evolution, players need the Koga Ninja Scroll as one of their skills.

The Spirit Shuriken takes the Kunai’s self-aiming prowess to the next level, unleashing a relentless stream of powerful projectiles to rain down on adversaries.

Strategically, the Kunai and its evolution excel in long-range encounters and provide a dynamic play style. The self-aiming feature eliminates the need for precise targeting, making it an ideal choice for players who favour versatility and agility in fast-paced situations.

Light chaser in Survivor.io

Survivor.io introduces the Lightchaser, a unique weapon that brings both elegance and potency to the battlefield. Building upon our competitor’s insights, 

The Lightchaser, as described, is a sword that projects waves of projectiles at enemies. While manual aiming is required, the Lightchaser compensates by firing projectiles in every direction after a certain number of attacks.


When evolved to Eternal Light, a process facilitated by the Ronin Oyoroi, this weapon exhibits an increased firing rate and amplified damage output, elevating its effectiveness in combating adversaries.

Strategically, the Lightchaser and Eternal Light shine in crowd control scenarios. The ability to shoot projectiles in all directions makes it a formidable choice when surrounded by foes. As players progress in Survivor.io, mastering the timing of the Lightchaser’s waves becomes a crucial skill for maximizing damage and survivability.

Baseball Bat Evolution 

Survivor.io introduces the Baseball Bat, a melee weapon that packs a punch and provides players with a unique and satisfying combat experience.

As previously mentioned, the Baseball Bat allows players to swing at enemies, introducing a knockback effect that can be tactically advantageous.

baseball bat

Evolution transforms this formidable weapon into Lucille, a process initiated by choosing the Fitness Guide as one of your in-game skills. Lucille not only ups the damage output but also enhances the hit rate, delivering a more potent and efficient means of dispatching foes.

Strategically, the Baseball Bat and Lucille excel in close-quarter combat. The knockback effect provides players with breathing space, especially when facing multiple enemies. Timing becomes crucial, and mastering the art of melee combat contributes significantly to a player’s success in Survivor.io.

Survivor.io Shotgun

The Shotgun is a powerful weapon in the fast-paced world of Survivor.io. It can fire multiple rounds at enemies. As accurately described, the Shotgun requires manual aiming but compensates by sending a barrage of projectiles outward in the chosen direction. Evolution elevates this already potent weapon to the mighty Gatling Gun.

To unlock this evolution, players need the Hi-Power Bullet as one of their in-game skills. The Gatling Gun not only increases the fire rate but also amplifies the damage output, asserting dominance on the battlefield. Strategically, the Shotgun and Gatling Gun shine in scenarios demanding rapid and widespread damage.

The tight spread and high fire rate make it effective against groups of enemies, offering players a versatile and dynamic approach to engagements. Mastering the art of aiming and positioning becomes crucial for maximizing the Gatling Gun’s potential.

Revolver Evolution

Survivor.io introduces the Revolver, a force to be reckoned with, sending potent projectiles toward enemies.  As rightly pointed out, the Revolver’s damage output becomes impressive as it levels up.

Evolution transforms this formidable weapon into the Reaper, amplifying the number of bullets, fire rate, and damage output. To unlock this evolution, players need the Hi-Power Bullet as one of their in-game skills. The Reaper becomes a forceful tool, packing a punch with its increased firepower.

revolver evolution

Strategically, the Revolver and Reaper excel in precision shooting and dealing heavy damage to single targets. The increased fire rate and bullet count make it a formidable choice for those who prefer a methodical and accurate approach to combat. Timing shots and maximizing damage become essential skills for a player wielding the Reaper.

Understanding Weapon Evolution

To start the evolution, raise your weapon to its highest level, get the item that goes with it, and then beat an elite monster while opening a chest. Pick carefully because each evolution combo needs different things, and some have special rules.

Key Weapon Evolution Combos

Here are some essential Vampire Survivors weapon evolution combos to enhance your arsenal:

  • Axe + Candelabrador = Death Spiral
  • Cross + Clover = Heaven Sword
  • Fire Wand + Spinach = Hellfire
  • King Bible + Spellbinder = Unholy Vespers
  • … (Include other combos)

Tips for Success

Remember that certain weapons benefit greatly from specific items. For instance, pairing the Garlic weapon with the Candelabrador can yield additional advantages. Make strategic choices based on your evolving weapon’s requirements.

Unlocking Challenging Evolutions

By getting through the Moongolow stage, you can find the hard-to-find Crimson Shroud and Infinite Corridor weapon evolutions. Get the Gilded Clover to turn enemies into cat eyes and move on to the next difficult level.

Get the Yellow Sign, which shows you where important things are, to finally be able to use these powerful evolutions.

Vampire Survivors weapon evolution combos

How Weapon Evolution Works

To trigger a weapon evolution, level up your weapon to its maximum, collect its linked item, and defeat an elite monster while opening a chest. Remember, some combos have unique conditions, so understanding the process is crucial.

Essential Combos

  • Axe + Candelabrador = Death Spiral
  • Cross + Clover = Heaven Sword
  • Fire Wand + Spinach = Hellfire
  • King Bible + Spellbinder = Unholy Vespers
  • … (Include other combos)

Optimizing Weapon Benefits

Certain weapons benefit greatly from specific items. For example, pairing the Garlic weapon with the Candelabrador can provide additional advantages. Always be mindful of the synergies to maximize your effectiveness in battles.

Challenging Evolutions

By beating the Moongolow stage, you can get the hard-to-find Crimson Shroud and Infinite Corridor evolutions. Get the Gilded Clover, turn enemies into cat eyes, and make your way through tough rounds. Get the Yellow Sign to see where important items are hidden, which makes these powerful evolutions possible.

Qasim Ahmad

Qasim Ahmad