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Qasim Ahmad

February 1, 2024 . 10 min read

This is the best guide you can find for It will help you learn how to survive in this exciting mobile strategy game.

Our tips and tricks are meant to improve your game, whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced player trying to beat hard levels. has taken the gaming world by storm, involving players in controlling their survivors through waves of enemies and powerful bosses while strategically upgrading skills and equipment. 

Movement is Key

In, your virtual survival hinges on one fundamental principle: always keep moving. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, this tip is crucial for success.

It might be tempting to find a cosy spot and stick to it, but the constant movement is your ally. During the initial waves of enemies, resist the urge to stay in one location.


By staying on the move, you not only dispatch enemies more efficiently but also collect experience points at a faster rate, accelerating your level progression.

As you move through the levels, the tasks get tougher, which makes moving quickly even more important. Mastering this simple but effective plan will not only help you stay alive in the ever-changing world of, it will also help you do very well.

Always Use the Best Equipment

Equip yourself for success in by adhering to the golden rule: always use the best equipment available.

While personal weapon preferences may vary, certain pieces like legendary gloves, belts, boots, necklaces, and armour should consistently find a place in your arsenal. In the early stages, prioritize using the highest-graded equipment at your disposal.

weapons rank

This decision grants you additional powers, providing a crucial edge in completing challenging missions.

As you progress, tailor your equipment selection to face specific bosses and challenges strategically. By adhering to this tip, you ensure that your survivor is always well-equipped to confront the evolving threats in, boosting your chances of success in every mission.

Do Not Get Boxed In by Zombies

Survival in demands strategic decision-making, and one critical aspect is to avoid getting boxed in by zombies. While it might seem tempting to surround yourself with zombies, hoping to amass XP, this tactic is generally ill-advised. Instead, when faced with a horde, stick to a single direction.

This focused approach directs your weapon attacks efficiently, which is particularly beneficial when dealing with weapon types that auto-aim.

By avoiding being surrounded, you maintain control over the direction of engagement, enhancing your chances of success in clearing waves and progressing through the game.

Remember, strategic movement is not only about offence but also a powerful defence strategy in the unpredictable world of

Ham is Your Friend

When you’re playing, where every hit point counts, ham is your best friend. It is very important to keep an eye on your Health Points (HP) if you want to complete a task.

Ham can help you get your HP back. Ham can be discovered after defeating formidable bosses and hidden within crates scattered across the game map. In situations where an Energy Drink is unavailable, ham serves as your primary means of recovering HP.

ham is your friend

As you progress and reach the max level with all skills upgraded, you gain the option to heal by 30% upon accumulating enough XP. Make ham a staple in your survival strategy, ensuring that your health is maintained at optimal levels to tackle the challenges that throws your way.

Pick the Most Efficient Skills introduces a dynamic system where choosing the right skills can be a game-changer. Strategic skill selection becomes increasingly vital as you progress through levels.

Early on, plan your skill picks with an eye toward evolving your weapons to EVO level, the pinnacle of weapon mastery. Each supply in the game is associated with specific weapons. With just one star on the supply, you can upgrade the corresponding weapon to its EVO level after reaching a 5-star rating.

skills in

By aligning your skill choices with the end game in mind, you pave the way for mastering your weapons and obtaining top-tier abilities. A thoughtful approach to skill selection is your key to unlocking the full potential of’s diverse arsenal.

Customize Your In-Game Profile not only tests your strategic prowess but also allows you to showcase your unique style through in-game profile customization. Take advantage of this feature to personalize your gaming experience. Experiment with various avatars, backgrounds, and other elements to make your profile stand out.

profile customization

By customizing your in-game profile, you not only add a touch of personal flair to the game but also create a visual identity that represents your journey. lets you make a statement by customizing your image.

Whether you like a fierce warrior look or a more fun vibe, you can do it. Take advantage of the creative parts of the game and make your in-game character show what kind of survivor you want to be.

Use Best Setting

Optimizing your gaming experience in begins with the simple yet impactful act of using the best settings. Tailor the game settings to suit your preferences and device capabilities, ensuring smooth gameplay.

Adjusting graphic and sound settings can significantly enhance performance, providing a more immersive and responsive gaming environment. Experiment with different configurations to find the perfect balance between visual quality and smooth gameplay.

By utilizing the best settings, you not only elevate your overall gaming experience but also gain a competitive edge in navigating the challenges presented by Take a moment to fine-tune your settings and unlock the full potential of the game on your device.

Claim Your Chapter Chests

The world of is always changing, so managing your resources strategically is important for winning. One thing that is easy to forget is how important it is to claim chapter boxes.

You can find valuable items like gems, coins, and gear in these chests, which are important for your survival trip. Ensure that you regularly claim your chapter chests as you progress through the game.

chapter chest

These awards can make a big difference because they give you the money you need to buy things and make upgrades. Finding and opening chapter chests regularly will help you get the most out of your resources, giving your survivor

the strength to take on tougher tasks and confidently move through the chapters. Take every chance you get to claim these chests and strengthen your place in

Why Dropped Item Strategy Is Best

While enemies are down, they leave behind a prize chest full of useful crystals and gear. Taking the initiative to collect dropped things will ensure a steady flow of resources and upgrades.

Particularly, prioritizing the retrieval of blue and gold crystals becomes a strategy that pays off in the long run. These crystals, left by defeated enemies, yield substantial experience points, expediting your level progression.

By making the most of the dropped item strategy, you not only augment your survivor’s capabilities but also establish a sustainable resource flow, making each encounter a stepping stone toward becoming the ultimate survivor in the challenging world of

Improve Your Player or Equipment After Each Attempt demands adaptability and resilience, and a key strategy to navigate its challenges is to consistently enhance your player and equipment after each attempt. Take a proactive stance in upgrading your survivor’s skills, equipment, and abilities, especially after facing setbacks.

By learning from each encounter, you can pinpoint weaknesses and tailor your enhancements for a more robust performance in subsequent attempts. This continuous improvement loop makes sure that you get stronger and better at the game over time, getting past the challenges it presents.

In the ever-changing world of, the key to winning is to keep getting better with each try, whether it’s by evolving weapons, merging tools, or raising key stats.

Try Different Strategies If You’re Not Succeeding is a constantly changing battlefield where you need to be able to adapt and change your strategy as needed. If your current methods aren’t working, it’s time to look into and try out some other ones.

Each level may demand a unique approach based on factors like enemy types, bosses, and spawn rates. Don’t hesitate to switch up your choice of weapon skills, supplies, and movement patterns.

Using a variety of tactics will help you figure out which ones work best in different situations. To reach your full potential in, you need to keep trying new things and be persistent. This will help you turn tough situations into chances to grow and succeed.

Avoid Using Precious Gems for Regular Gear

Every resource is important for life, and in, precious gems are some of the most valuable money. It’s important to be careful and save these gems for long-term investments instead of buying random gear with them.

While the temptation to spend gems on immediate upgrades may arise, saving them for high-impact purchases, such as the 10-crate bundle, can yield far greater benefits.

This prudent use of gems ensures that you maximize their impact on your progression, acquiring top-tier equipment and resources that significantly boost your chances of success. By avoiding impulsive gem expenditures on routine gear, you secure a strategic advantage in the challenging journey through

Collect Gold and Blue Crystals to Gain More Experience Points operates on a fundamental principle: the more experience points you gather, the quicker you progress. Gold and blue crystals, left behind by defeated enemies, serve as potent sources of experience points.

These crystals hold varying values, with gold crystals offering the highest XP rewards, followed by blue crystals. Make it a priority to actively collect these crystals during your gameplay.

gold pouch

These items not only help you move up in levels right away, but they are also necessary for improving your survivor. Gathering gold and blue crystals should be your top priority.

To do this, you should carefully fight tougher enemies that drop these valuable items. To become a master in, you have to work hard to earn experience points, and these crystals will help you get there faster.

Qasim Ahmad

Qasim Ahmad