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January 6, 2024 . 6 min read

Hey there, fellow farmer! If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve been playing Hay Day for a while and are looking for ways to boost your farm. Upgrading your barn is one of the best ways to increase productivity and unlock new areas.

Upgrading your barn provides more space to store goods, which means you can produce and collect more items to sell and ship. With an upgraded barn, you’ll swim in coins in no time.

Why Upgrade Your Silo?

Upgrading your silo in your farm game is not just an optional feature; it’s a strategic necessity. There are several compelling reasons to invest your resources in enhancing your silo’s storage capacity.

First and foremost, crops, including berries, fruits, and peanuts, are the lifeblood of your farm. As your farm grows, so does the demand for crop storage. Initially, a silo can only hold 50 items, which is hardly sufficient. Upgrading it, however, opens up a world of possibilities. With each upgrade, you can store more crops, starting with an additional 25 spaces and extending upward without a limit.

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Upgrades are accomplished by investing in nails, screws, and wood panels, with the requirements increasing incrementally. More storage space means you can stockpile a diverse range of over 40 crop types and be better prepared for large boat orders that require substantial quantities of a single crop.

In summary, upgrading your silo is not just about having more space; it’s about ensuring the smooth operation and expansion of your farm. So, don’t hesitate to invest in silo upgrades to guarantee your farming success.

Requirements for Silo Upgrades

To boost your silo’s storage capacity, you’ll need specific building materials. The key materials required for silo upgrades are:

  1. Nails: These are essential for fortifying your silo’s structure. The number of pins you need increases with each upgrade.

  2. Screws: Screws provide stability to your silo and play a crucial role in expansion. Like nails, the number of screws required also rises with each upgrade.

  3. Wood Panels: Wood panels are used for reinforcing and enlarging your silo. Just like nails and screws, the number of wood panels needed increases progressively as you upgrade your silo.

Gathering these building materials is vital to enhancing your farm’s productivity. The more materials you collect, the more you can improve your silo’s capacity, ensuring you have ample storage for various crops. 

Using Tom to Find Building Materials

In your farm adventure, Tom can be your trusty companion when it comes to finding building materials for silo upgrades. Tom is a reliable and hardworking animal who can assist you in various tasks.

You can send Tom out to search for nails, screws, and wood panels. He’s efficient and speedy, helping you gather these materials quickly. Tom can locate these items on your farm or in the nearby areas.

Here’s how it works: Once you’ve earned enough Tom vouchers, you can hire him to perform material searches. Tom will embark on a journey and return with the materials you need. The number of materials he collects will depend on the task’s duration and the specific items you’ve sent him to find.

As Tom’s level increases, his efficiency and capacity for finding materials also improve. This means you’ll be able to collect more building materials in less time. By utilizing Tom’s services wisely, you can streamline your material collection and speed up your silo upgrades.

Visiting Neighbors for Help

In farming, cooperation with your neighbors can be incredibly beneficial. When it comes to gathering building materials for silo upgrades, visiting neighbors can make a significant difference.

You can interact and collaborate with fellow players by visiting your neighbors’ farms. You can collect building materials as gifts from your neighbors, and in return, you can offer them items they may need for their farms. It’s a win-win situation.

Neighbors are an excellent resource for obtaining nails, screws, and wood panels. You can send and receive these materials through the mailbox system, making it a convenient way to boost your inventory.

Upgrading table

The table provides a clear and concise overview of silo upgrades, showcasing the silo capacity ranges alongside the exact quantities of nails, screws, and wood panels required for each level of expansion. This information simplifies the process of planning and executing silo upgrades in your farm game. 

Capacity RangeBuilding Materials Required (Bolts + Duct Tape + Plank)

How do you increase storage fast in hay day?

Increasing storage quickly in Hay Day is crucial for managing a growing farm and handling various resources. Here’s a simple and effective guide on how to boost your storage capacity rapidly:

Upgrade Barn Regularly

  • Tap on your barn to see its current capacity and upgrade it whenever possible.
  • Upgrading the barn requires coins and building materials. Collect these materials by harvesting crops and completing orders.

Participate in Events

  • Engage actively in special events as they often reward you with building materials needed for storage upgrades.
  • Completing event tasks may provide specific resources that contribute to expanding your storage.

Harvest and Sell Strategically

  • Focus on crops and items that sell quickly to make coins faster.
  • Use the earned coins to invest in barn upgrades, increasing your storage capacity.

Complete Truck and Boat Orders

  • Fulfilling truck and boat orders earns you coins and experience points and provides materials for barn upgrades.
  • Prioritize orders that offer materials you need for storage expansion.

Connect with Friends and Neighborhoods

  • Add friends and join a neighborhood to exchange resources and receive help in upgrading your storage.
  • Visiting friends’ farms can also provide bonus materials for upgrades.

Strategic Use of Diamonds

  • While it’s not the most efficient way, you can use diamonds to speed up processes and acquire needed materials.
  • Spend diamonds wisely and prioritize using them for essential upgrades.

Participate in the Derby

  • Joining a neighborhood and participating in the Derby can reward you with special tools and building materials.
  • Utilize these rewards to enhance your storage capacity.

Optimize Layout and Organization

  • Arrange your farm layout efficiently to make the most of available space.
  • Organize items in storage neatly to avoid clutter and make it easier to manage resources.
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