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Qasim Ahmad

January 6, 2024 . 6 min read

Hey there, fellow farmer! If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve been playing Hay Day for a while and are looking for ways to boost your farm.

Upgrading your barn is one of the best ways to increase productivity and unlock new areas. Upgrading your barn provides more space to store goods, which means you can produce and collect more items to sell and ship. With an upgraded barn, you’ll swim in coins in no time.

What is the Barn House in Hay Day?

In Hay Day, the Barn House is a fundamental storage building where you store all your valuable products, animal goods, and essential supplies. Its role is pivotal in the success of your farm, making it a central point in your gaming strategy.

The Barn House serves as the core of your farm’s storage system. It starts with an initial capacity of 50 spaces, where you can safely store items like wheat, corn, berries, carrots, apples, and more.

Given the variety of things your farm produces, the Barn House is crucial in keeping your inventory organized and accessible.

barn storage

Upgrading your Barn House is a strategic move that can significantly improve your farm’s efficiency. As you advance in the game, your storage needs will grow, and that’s where upgrades come in handy. You’ll need building materials like duct tape, bolts, and planks to enhance your capacity. 

What’s interesting is that each upgrade not only increases capacity but also provides more storage space for your items.

For instance, moving from 50 to 1,000 capacity adds an extra 25 rooms; beyond 1,000, each upgrade delivers a generous 50 additional storage spaces.

Capacity RangeBuilding Materials Required (Bolts + Duct Tape + Plank)

Advantages of Upgraded Barn House

Upgrading your barn house in Hay Day brings benefits that can transform your farming experience. As someone who has taken the upgrade path, I can attest to its game-changing advantages.

First and foremost, an upgraded barn house means increased storage capacity. You’ll have more room to stock up on crops, animal products, and essential supplies, ensuring that nothing goes to waste.

Say goodbye to constant worry about running out of space and enjoy the freedom to collect without constraints.

This expanded storage translates to more efficient farming. You can gather and store items without the constant hassle of managing your inventory. It means less time spent shuffling things around and more time devoted to productive farming tasks.

Additionally, an upgraded barn house can significantly boost your farm’s productivity. All your resources are conveniently located in one place, making crafting and fulfilling orders in your farm’s shop a breeze.

You’ll need fewer upgrades in the long run as you progress and upgrade. With a larger capacity, your barn can accommodate more, reducing the need for frequent expansions.

Lastly, there’s an economic value to upgrading your barn. You can save items for special events and get better deals in the game’s economy, leading to more efficient resource management.

Can you upgrade things in Hay Day?

In Hay Day, the ability to upgrade various elements on your farm is a fundamental aspect of the game that contributes to its dynamic and evolving nature.

Upgrading Production Buildings

  • Many production buildings, such as the bakery, dairy, and sugar mill, can be upgraded to higher levels.
  • Upgrades often increase the building’s capacity, speed up production, and unlock new items to create.

Upgrading Machines

  • Machines, like the feed mill and sugar mill, can be upgraded to enhance their efficiency.
  • Upgrades reduce processing time, allowing you to produce more feed and sugar in a shorter period.

Land Expansion

  • The land on your farm can be expanded by using land tools.
  • As you level up, you unlock the ability to purchase and use land tools and clear space for additional crops, animals, and structures.

Upgrade Barn and Silo

  • Your barn and silo storage capacity can be increased by upgrading these buildings.
  • Higher levels of barn and silo upgrades enable you to store more items, facilitating larger-scale farming and production.

Tool Upgrades

  • Various tools can be upgraded, such as the axe for trees and the pickaxe for rocks.
  • Upgraded tools improve efficiency, allowing you to clear obstacles more quickly and effectively.

Fishing Area Upgrades

  • The fishing area on your farm can be upgraded to unlock new fishing spots.
  • Upgrading the fishing area expands your fishing opportunities, providing different types of fish and valuable rewards.

Town Buildings

  • Certain buildings like the cinema and spa can be upgraded in the town area.
  • Upgrading town buildings attracts more visitors, resulting in increased rewards and benefits.


  • While not all decorations are upgradable, some, like the truck and personal train, can be improved.
  • Upgraded decorations often provide additional advantages or increase rewards.

Experience Points (XP) and Levels

  • Engaging in various activities, such as harvesting crops, fulfilling orders, and participating in events, earns you XP.
  • Accumulating XP helps you level up, unlocking new features, buildings, and upgrades.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the highest level of hay?

Recently, a player reached 800 levels on Hay Day. However, it’s essential to note that game updates and expansions can introduce higher levels beyond what was known.

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