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How To Make Cream In Hay Day

Qasim Ahmad

January 10, 2024 . 6 min read

Hey there, fellow Hay Day farmer! Have you been struggling to keep up with the demand for cream in your town? Between filling boat crates, truck deliveries, and keeping your town visitors happy, producing enough cream seems nearly impossible. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

We will show you a few tips and tricks to ramp up your cream production and complete those group order requests in no time. Get ready to build some new production facilities, upgrade your existing ones and make smart use of boosters to maximize your output.

What You’ll Need

To craft creamy perfection in Hay Day, you’ll need just one simple ingredient: Milk. With this foundational component, you can create a delightful cream essential for various recipes. So, keep your dairy stocked with milk, and you’re on your way to becoming a Hay Day master chef!

How to Use the Cream Machine

The Cream Machine in Hay Day is a game-changer for your virtual farm. It allows you to produce creamy goodness that’s essential for various recipes. Here’s how to use it:

Unlock and Place It

To start, ensure you’ve reached experience level 6. Once you’re there, unlock the Cream Machine. Find a suitable spot on your farm and place it.

Gather Milk

The Cream Machine requires one key ingredient: milk. Ensure you have enough milk stocked in your barn before starting.

Production Process

Tap on the Cream Machine to open the production menu. Select the cream option. It takes 20 minutes to produce a bowl of cream, but this time can be reduced to 17 minutes with a fully mastered Dairy.

Collect XP

Each bowl of cream you make will earn you 6 XP points. So, producing cream benefits your recipes and helps you level up.

Selling Cream

To make extra coins, you can sell cream through your Roadside Shop. The maximum price for ten units is 504 Coins, and buying the ingredients costs 32 Coins.

Mastery System

As you use the Cream Machine, you’ll unlock a mastery system. The more you produce, the more stars you’ll earn. These stars can boost your game, making your goods more valuable or increasing production speed.

Incorporate these steps, and you’ll become a cream-making pro. Enjoy creating creamy delicacies and enhancing your Hay Day experience!

Selling Cream for Profit: A Farmer’s Guide

In Hay Day, crafting cream isn’t just about adding a dash of sweetness to your recipes; it’s also a fantastic avenue for earning some Coins. Here’s a farmer’s guide to selling cream for profit. First, ensure you’ve got a stockpile of cream. 

The key to success is having plenty of this delightful dairy product ready in your barn to meet the rising demand. Once you’ve got your supply in place, head to your Roadside Shop.


Your Roadside Shop is your ticket to selling cream to other players. Remember that the maximum price for ten units of cream is 504 Coins. To attract buyers, set a competitive price. Timing is crucial; monitor the market for periods of high demand for dairy products, and that’s when you should prominently display your cream.

Advertising is your friend. Make your shop stand out by promoting your cream, catching the attention of passersby and increasing your chances of selling. Regularly check your Roadside Shop and replenish your cream supply to keep those Coins flowing into your virtual farm.

Using Cream

This table shows different desserts and how much cream they have, the flavours they come in, and their ice cream levels. The cream levels indicate how creamy the dessert is, with higher levels meaning more creaminess. 

DessertCream LevelIce Cream Level
Cream CakeCreamx1Level 23
Vanilla Ice CreamCreamx1Level 29
Strawberry Ice CreamCreamx1Level 34
Baked PotatoCreamx1Level 35
Strawberry CakeCreamx1Level 35
Chocolate Ice CreamCreamx1Level 39
Caffè MochaCreamx1Level 45
Raspberry MochaCreamx1Level 46
Lobster SoupCreamx1Level 46
Hot ChocolateCreamx1Level 47
Sesame Ice CreamCreamx1Level 50
Asparagus SoupCreamx2Level 51
ChocolateCreamx1Level 54
Lemon CakeCreamx1Level 68
Peanut Butter MilkshakeCreamx1Level 68
Yogurt SmoothieCreamx1Level 70
Veggie PlatterCreamx1Level 74
Peach TartCreamx1Level 76
Lobster PastaCreamx2Level 83
Peach Ice CreamCreamx1Level 85
Mint Ice CreamCreamx1Level 85
Cream DonutCreamx1Level 94
Banana PancakesCreamx1Level 95
Chocolate RollCreamx1Level 95
Banana SplitCreamx1Level 100
Tropical FondueCreamx2Level 103
Plain YogurtCreamx2Level 103
Pomegranate CakeCreamx2Level 109
Chili StewCreamx1Level 109
Guava CupcakeCreamx1Level 109
Cookie CupcakeCreamx2Level 114

What’s the fastest way to level up in Hay Day?

In Hay Day, levelling up quickly is crucial for unlocking new features and expanding your farm. Here are some easy and effective tips to speed up your progress:

Plant and Harvest Strategically

  • Choose crops with short growing times, like wheat and corn.
  • Keep an eye on your fields and harvest when the crops are ready.

Focus on High-XP Items

  • Certain items, like pies and juices, offer higher experience points (XP) than basic crops.
  • Prioritize producing and selling these items for a faster XP boost.

Complete Orders

  • Fulfil truck and boat orders regularly to earn XP and valuable resources.
  • Focus on orders that provide higher XP rewards.

Participate in Events

  • Events often offer special tasks with increased XP rewards.
  • Engage in events and complete tasks to level up faster.

Help Your Friends

  • Visiting and helping friends builds community and rewards you with XP.
  • Be an active member of the Hay Day community for mutual benefits.

Expand Your Land

  • Use tools to clear land for expansion, unlocking more space for crops and production buildings.
  • A larger farm allows for more efficient production and greater XP gains.

Keep the Machines Running

  • Utilize production buildings like the bakery and dairy to create higher-value items.
  • Continuous production ensures a steady flow of XP.

Invest in Decorations

  • Decorations not only beautify your farm but also provide XP bonuses.
  • Place decorations strategically to maximize their impact.
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