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Bacon And Eggs Hay Day

Qasim Ahmad

January 6, 2024 . 6 min read

Hey there, fellow farmer! So you’ve mastered the basics of harvesting crops and feeding your animals, and now you’re ready to cook something tasty.

Making bacon and eggs is one of the most satisfying parts of Hay Day. It gives you the energy to keep working your farm, and the sizzling sound and mouthwatering aroma are irresistible.

How to Make Bacon and Eggs in Hay Day: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you trying to master the art of making Bacon and Eggs in Hay Day? You’ve come to the right place. At experience level 11, this delicious dish becomes available for you to create.

Here’s a simple and informative guide on how to make Bacon and Eggs, complete with facts, figures, and a straightforward method.


  • 2 Bacon
  • 4 Eggs

BBQ Grill Mastery

  • PR-rating: B/1
  • Do-ability (A to F)

The Process

  1. Gather Bacon: Your pigs will provide you with the bacon you need. It takes 4 hours to get 2 pieces of bacon.
  2. Collect Eggs: Head over to your chickens, and in just 20 minutes, you’ll have the required 4 eggs.
  3. Cook: Now, it’s time to fire up your BBQ Grill. Making Bacon and Eggs takes 1 hour on a regular grill, but if your grill is fully mastered, it only takes 51 minutes.

Total Time from Scratch

  • For your first Bacon and Eggs, you’re looking at 4 hours.
  • For each additional one, it’ll take an extra hour.
  • If you have a fully mastered grill, you can save 9 minutes on each one, making it 51 minutes.


  • On a scale of 1 to 6, we give it a 3 rating for profitability.
  • BBQ Grill can make 1 Bacon and Egg in 1 hour, earning you 201 coins and 24 experience points.
  • With a fully mastered BBQ Grill, you can make 5 Bacon and Eggs in approximately 4 hours and 15 minutes, yielding 1008 coins and 120 experience points.

How to Sell Bacon and Eggs in Hay Day

Selling Bacon and Eggs in Hay Day is a fantastic way to boost your in-game income. These products are unlocked at experience level 11, and we’ll guide you through selling them.

bacon and egg

First, you need to produce Bacon and Eggs using the BBQ Grill. To make one serving, you’ll need 2 Bacon and 4 Eggs, which can be gathered from your pigs and chickens. A regular grill takes 1 hour, but a mastered one only takes 51 minutes for each serving.

Once you have your Bacon and Eggs ready, you can sell them at your Roadside Shop. The maximum selling price is 2,016 coins for 10 units. Keep in mind that buying the ingredients costs 172 coins.

Additionally, Bacon and Eggs are often requested in boat and truck orders. The number required may vary based on your level, so keep an eye on these orders to maximize your sales and profits.

Other Alternative Products in Hay Day

While Bacon and Eggs are a popular choice in Hay Day, there are other alternative products you can produce and sell for profit. Here’s a look at some of these options:

  1. Bread: Bread is a straightforward product to make. It requires just 2 Wheat and takes 20 minutes to produce. You can sell it at your Roadside Shop, and it’s a good option for early-level players.
  2. Cheese: Cheese is another versatile item. It needs 1 Milk, and you can make it in the Cheese Maker. It takes just 45 minutes and sells for a decent price, making it a good choice for those with dairy-producing animals.
  3. Cream: Cream is a valuable ingredient in various recipes. To make Cream, you need 1 Milk and 30 minutes in the Creamery. It’s often in demand and can fetch a good price.
  4. Pancakes: Pancakes are a bit more complex but worth it. To create Pancakes, you’ll need 1 Egg, 1 Wheat, and 1 Maple Syrup. They take 20 minutes in the Pancake Grill and sell for a nice profit.
  5. Popcorn: Popcorn is a quick product. With just 1 Corn, it takes only 5 minutes in the Popcorn Pot to make. It’s a great choice for those who want fast turnaround times and reasonable earnings.

Each alternative product has its production time, cost, and selling price. Experiment with them to find the best combination that suits your playing style and helps maximize your profits in Hay Day.

How do you level up faster in Hay Day?

If you’re eager to level up quickly in Hay Day, there are some straightforward strategies to boost your progress. Firstly, focus on planting and harvesting crops regularly.

Opt for produce with shorter growth times, like wheat and corn, as they allow for quicker turnarounds. This consistent cycle of planting and harvesting will swiftly earn you experience points (XP).

Additionally, keep an eye on your farm animals. Ensure they are well-fed and happy, contributing to your XP. Regularly feed and collect products from your animals to maximize the XP gain. Don’t forget to pet and take care of them for an extra XP bonus.

Participating in boat and truck orders is another effective method to level up. Completing these orders earns you coins and other resources and grants valuable XP. Prioritize fulfilling orders with higher XP rewards to expedite your progress.

Take advantage of the roadside shop to sell surplus items and earn additional XP. Offering goods to other players boosts your XP and provides a steady source of income. Keep your shop stocked and advertise to attract more customers.

Participate in neighborhood events and derbies, as these activities offer substantial XP rewards upon completion. Coordinate with your neighbors to excel in derbies and earn even more XP.

Lastly, regularly visit the town and interact with the visitors. Completing their requests will earn you coins and vouchers and contribute to your XP. Stay active and engaged in all aspects of the game to ensure a continuous flow of XP.

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