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Qasim Ahmad

January 4, 2024 . 6 min read

Hey, fellow Hay Day farmer! Have you gotten to the point where you must complete group order requests to keep levelling up your farm but find the indigo crop frustratingly slow to grow?

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Indigo may take a long time to mature, but with a few tips, you’ll be fulfilling group requests for indigo in no time and watching your XP bar fill up.

What Is Indigo Used For In Hay Day

Indigo plays a pivotal role in the “Hay Day” world, and its importance is undeniable. It serves several vital functions that are integral to the game’s progression.

First and foremost, indigo is a crucial ingredient in dyeing fabrics. It creates various stylish clothing items, including blue woolly hats, sweaters, and violet dresses.

These fashion pieces are not just for looks; they are essential for completing in-game orders, which, in turn, earn you valuable rewards and coins.

Indigo doesn’t stop at clothing; it’s also used to craft beautiful bouquets and scented floral candles. These items are highly sought after in the game and can be sold for coins or employed in fulfilling boat orders, contributing to your overall success.

Furthermore, every time you harvest indigo, you earn experience points. These points are a fundamental part of levelling up in Hay Day. As you progress through the levels, you unlock new features and expand your farming capabilities.

Indigo Production Tips and Tricks

Producing indigo efficiently in “Hay Day” can be a game-changer. Here are some simple tips and tricks to boost your indigo production:

  • Indigo becomes available at experience level 13. As soon as you reach this level, start planting indigo to take advantage of its benefits.
  • Indigo takes 2 hours to mature. Be mindful of this timeline to plan your farming activities accordingly. Set alarms or reminders to maximize your harvests.
  • Each harvest of indigo rewards you with 5 experience points. If you’re looking to level up quickly, indigo is a reliable source of experience.
  • Store your indigo in the silo-like other crops. Having some indigo on hand for crafting and orders is always a good idea.
  • Indigo creates blue woolly hats, sweaters, and violet dresses. Remember the specific levels at which you can craft these items: Level 19, 20, and 25, respectively.
  • You can use indigo to craft rustic bouquets, bright bouquets, and floral candles at Levels 49, 65, and 95, respectively.
  • Boat orders may ask for 8 to 19 indigo per crate, with a total limit of 68 per boat. Monitor boat orders and plan your indigo production to meet these demands.
  • Recipes usually require only a small quantity of indigo, so you don’t need to keep a massive stockpile. Maintain a balance between planting and harvesting to avoid overproduction.

What is Indigo Used for in Hay Day?

ProductLevelIndigo Used
Blue Woolly Hat191 Indigo
Blue Sweater202 Indigo
Violet Dress251 Indigo
Rustic Bouquet493 Indigo
Bright Bouquet653 Indigo
Floral Candle952 Indigo

Indigo is used to craft clothing, such as blue woolly hats, sweaters, and violet dresses. It’s also essential for creating rustic and bright bouquets and floral candles in “Hay Day.”

How To Sell Indigo ?

Selling indigo in “Hay Day” is a straightforward process. You have a few options to consider. Firstly, you can place your indigo in your Roadside Shop, where other players can purchase it. Remember to set a fair price to attract buyers, but be cautious not to overprice it, as this might discourage potential customers.


The maximum price you can ask for 10 units of indigo is 252 coins, which can serve as a useful pricing reference. Additionally, watch boat orders, as they often require indigo. Fulfilling these orders can efficiently sell larger quantities and earn rewards, contributing to your farm’s success.

How To Grow Indigo In Hay Day

Growing quickly in Hay Day is an exciting goal; with some straightforward strategies, you can boost your progress efficiently.

Smart Crop Selection

Begin by planting crops with shorter growth times. This allows for more frequent harvests, swiftly earning you experience points (XP) and coins. As you level up, unlock and cultivate higher-value crops for increased profits.

Timely Order Fulfillment

Prioritize fulfilling truck and boat orders promptly. Not only does this earn you coins and XP, but it also unlocks valuable expansion items. Focus on orders that align with your available resources to maximize efficiency.

Expand and Upgrade Wisely

Invest in expanding your storage and production buildings early to accommodate more resources. Upgrading machines and storage enhances efficiency, speeding up overall production.

Utilize Advertisements and Boosters

Watch in-game ads to earn free tools and boosters. These can significantly speed up production, making planting and harvesting quicker.

Diamond Strategy

Use diamonds strategically. While it might be tempting to spend them impulsively, save them for essential tasks like speeding up production or expanding your farm when needed.

Socialize for Success

Connect with friends by linking your game to Facebook. Active friends provide opportunities for efficient trading and acquiring resources more swiftly.

Seize Event Opportunities

Participate in special events to earn rewards to accelerate your farm’s growth. Events often offer exclusive items and resources, giving you a valuable boost.

Regular Log-ins

Consistency is key. Log in regularly to collect resources, tend to your crops, and participate in ongoing events. Staying active ensures steady growth and a thriving farm.


In conclusion, indigo in “Hay Day” is a versatile crop with many uses. It’s vital for crafting clothing items and beautiful bouquets and levelling up. Timing your indigo harvests and monitoring boat orders can help you make the most of it. Regarding selling, the Roadside Shop and boat orders are your best friends. Remember, setting a fair price is key to attracting buyers. 

Qasim Ahmad

Qasim Ahmad


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