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Qasim Ahmad

December 19, 2023 . 6 min read

Have you ever run out of slots on Hay Day and cannot need help with another delivery or group order? You’ve come to the right place. Managing your slots and production efficiently is critical to progressing quickly in the game as your farm expands. 

The good news is you can use a few simple strategies to open up more slots and never have to turn down another order again. In this article, we’ll walk you through managing your slots best, optimizing your production, and even gaining additional slots to keep your deliveries and group orders running smoothly.

Why Slots Matter on Hay Day

In Hay Day, the importance of slots cannot be overstated, as they are fundamental to effective farm management. These slots serve as storage units, allowing you to keep your harvested crops and crafted items safely. The more slots you possess, the more you can store, which is vital for keeping your farm running smoothly. 

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Whether it’s retaining harvested crops, holding onto products for order fulfilment, or safeguarding resources for farm expansion, these slots are indispensable. They also play a vital role in completing product orders and enabling you to sell surplus items for valuable coins. Moreover, if you plan to expand your farm, having enough slots is essential as they allow you to store the required items and coins. 

Additionally, many in-game events and special offers involve collecting unique event items, and slots provide the necessary storage space until needed. Without sufficient slots, you’ll constantly face storage constraints, which can be a time-consuming hindrance to efficient farm management.

Levelling Up to Unlock More Slots

In Hay Day, levelling up is a simple way to get more slots. As you play the game and gain experience, you’ll unlock extra slots for your barn, silo, and roadside shop. This is helpful, especially in the early stages of starting. 

As you increase in levels, your storage capacity expands, and you can store more crops, products, and items. So, keep playing, complete tasks, and fulfil orders to earn experience points. Levelling up is like climbing a ladder to more slots, making your farming adventure in Hay Day even more exciting.

Getting Slots with XP Points

In Hay Day, you can acquire more slots using XP points. XP stands for Experience Points, and you earn them by doing various things in the game, like planting and harvesting crops, feeding your animals, and completing town orders. 

As you gather XP points, you level up and get opportunities to expand your slots. So, keep doing these activities, and your XP points will grow. With more XP points, you’ll be able to unlock additional slots for your barn, silo, and roadside shop. It’s an intelligent way to increase your storage and succeed in your farming adventure.

Earning Extra Slots with Reputation Points

On Hay Day, you can earn extra slots using Reputation Points. These points are collected by helping your town visitors with their requests and assisting your neighbours. When you’ve gathered enough Reputation Points, you can use them to add more slots to your barn, silo, and roadside shop. It’s like a reward for being a helpful and friendly farmer. This way, not only do you expand your storage space, but you also build a good reputation in the game.

Adding Slots by Upgrading Barn and Silo

Collect the Required Materials

Each upgrade requires specific building materials, such as nails, screws, planks, and duct tape. You can obtain these materials by collecting them from your farm, purchasing them from the in-game shop, or receiving them as rewards for completing orders and events.

Access the Building Menu

Tap on your barn or silo to access the building menu. You’ll see the option to upgrade if you have collected enough materials and reached the required level.

Upgrade the Building

When you have the necessary materials and meet the level requirements, tap the “Upgrade” button. The upgrade will start, and you may need to wait for it to complete. You can also use diamonds to speed up the upgrade process if you want to do it immediately.

Enjoy the Benefits

After the upgrade is complete, your barn or silo will have more storage capacity, and you’ll also receive additional slots. This allows you to store more crops and products, making it easier to manage your farm and succeed in the game.

How do you Get More Coins on Hay Day?

Firstly, prioritize the cultivation and harvesting of high-yield crops. Opt for crops with shorter growth cycles to maximize your output. Utilize your land’s diversity by planting various crops to cater to different needs. This ensures a steady influx of coins as you continually replenish your harvest.

Take good care of your animals because they are valuable tools on your farm. Feed them often so they can make useful things like eggs, milk, and wool. Being good at caring for your animals guarantees a steady flow of goods and helps you make money.


Engaging in trade with neighbours is another effective strategy. Actively participate in the in-game community by establishing a network of reliable neighbours. Exchange surplus goods with them, and leverage the roadside shop to sell your products to other players. This fosters a symbiotic relationship, boosting your coin earnings while assisting fellow farmers.

Moreover, take advantage of Hay Day’s various events and tasks. Participating in events provides you with exciting challenges and rewards you with coins upon completion. Complete daily tasks, orders, and boat shipments to earn additional coins and experience points.


In Hay Day, having more slots is super important. You can get them by levelling up, earning XP points by doing farm activities or using Reputation Points for being a helpful farmer. Also, upgrading your barn and silo is a smart move to boost storage space and unlock extra slots. These additional slots help you store more crops, products, and resources, making your farm life smoother and more enjoyable.

Qasim Ahmad

Qasim Ahmad


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