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Easiest Way | How To Get More Planks In Hay Day

Qasim Ahmad

January 11, 2024 . 7 min read

Have you been struggling to fill group orders in Hay Day lately? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Completing those big requests for hundreds of planks, bolts, and duct tape can seem downright impossible, especially when you’re just starting out.

But there are a few tricks you can use to start racking up those planks in no time and satisfy even the most demanding neighbourhood goat.

Here are some Easy Ways to get Planks

Optimizing Sawmill Production

To acquire more planks efficiently in Hay Day, you need to optimize your sawmill production. The sawmill is your primary source of planks, and it’s crucial to keep it running at its best. You can upgrade your sawmill to increase plank production as you level up. 

At level 1, it produces 1 plank every 30 minutes, but at level 5, this rate increases to 1 plank every 10 minutes. You must always have enough wood on hand, as you require two pieces of wood to create one plank. You can significantly boost your plank production by maintaining a well-upgraded sawmill and a steady wood supply.

Strategic Tree Cutting

Strategic tree-cutting is another effective way to gather planks. When you cut down trees, there’s a chance they will drop planks.

Fruit trees, in particular, have a better plank drop rate than regular trees. Therefore, it’s smart to focus on cutting fruit trees to maximize your plank collection. 

Additionally, consider planting your trees in a well-spaced manner to prevent clutter on your farm and make them easier to harvest. This strategy ensures a steady plank supply from tree cutting.


Barn and Silo Upgrades

Upgrading your barn and silo is essential in your plank-gathering strategy. A larger barn allows you to store more items, including planks. Whenever you have the opportunity, upgrade your barn to increase its capacity. 

Your silo is also a key element, as it’s used to store wheat, which you can trade for planks. Upgrading your silo will enhance your wheat storage capacity, enabling you to stockpile more grain and, consequently, obtain more planks through trading.

Neighbor Interaction

One of Hay Day’s most effective ways to collect planks is by interacting with your neighbours. Here’s how you can do it:

Help Your Neighbors: Visiting and assisting your neighbours’ farms is a great way to earn planks. When you help your neighbours with their tasks, you might receive planks as a reward in return. It’s a mutual benefit – you assist, and they may reciprocate by gifting your planks.

Trading with Neighbors: Another way to acquire planks is trading with your neighbours. If you have excess items that your neighbours need, and they have items you require, you can engage in trades. Planks can often be part of these trades, making it a convenient method to bolster your plank collection.

Event and Achievement Rewards

Participating in events and achieving in-game milestones can be a lucrative source of planks. Here’s how to go about it:


Complete Events: Hay Day frequently hosts in-game events, often featuring planks as rewards. You aim to participate in these events and meet their goals to earn those planks.

Achievement Milestones: As you progress through the game, you will naturally accomplish various achievements. Many of these achievements come with plank rewards. Keep playing, achieving milestones, and unlocking planks as you go along.

Fishing for Planks

Fishing is not just a relaxing pastime in Hay Day; it can also be a fruitful source of planks. Here’s how to make the most of it:

Use Mystery Nets: While fishing, be sure to use mystery nets. These nets can yield fish, planks, and other valuable items. The more you fish and employ mystery nets, the higher your chances of accumulating planks.

Upgrade Your Fishing Spots: As you level up, you will unlock and have the opportunity to upgrade fishing spots. These upgraded spots often offer a better chance of catching planks. Keep an eye out for these spot upgrades to maximize your plank collection.

How to Use Planks Effectively

Planks in Hay Day are valuable resources, and it’s essential to use them wisely to enhance your farm and gameplay. Here are some effective ways to utilize planks:

  • Upgrade the Barn and Diner: Planks are primarily used for upgrading your barn and diner. As your farm grows, you’ll need more storage space for crops and products. Spend planks on these upgrades to increase your storage capacity and ensure you have room for all your farming essentials.
  • Expand Your Land: Expanding your farm is crucial for accommodating more crops, animals, and production buildings. Planks are needed to clear land and make room for expansion. Plan your land expansions strategically to optimize your farming space.
  • Create and Upgrade Buildings: Planks are also used for constructing and upgrading various farm buildings, such as the sawmill and the dairy. These buildings boost your production and efficiency. Invest in them to speed up your farm’s progress.
  • Unlock and Upgrade Fishing Spots: Fishing spots are not just for relaxation; they can provide valuable resources. Planks are used to unlock and upgrade fishing spots. A higher-level fishing spot increases your chances of catching rare fish and other valuable items.
  • Repair the Neighborhood House: The neighborhood house can be repaired with planks. By doing so, you contribute to your neighborhood’s development and foster a sense of community.
  • Trade for Items: Planks can also be used for trading with other players. If you lack certain resources or want to acquire specific items, trading planks can be a valuable currency to exchange for your needs.

By using planks effectively in these ways, you can optimize your Hay Day experience and make the most of this valuable resource to advance your farm and achieve greater success in the game.

How do you grow faster in Hay Day?

Growing faster in Hay Day is an exciting journey that involves strategic planning and efficient management of your farm. Here are some user-friendly tips to boost your progress:

Plant and Harvest Strategically

Choose crops with shorter growing times initially. This ensures a more frequent harvest, leading to quicker experience points (XP) and coins.

Prioritize Orders

Fulfilling truck and boat orders promptly earns you coins and experience and unlocks valuable expansion items. Focus on orders that align with your available resources.

Expand and Upgrade Smartly

Prioritize expanding your storage and production buildings to accommodate more resources. Upgrading machines and storage buildings enhances efficiency, allowing for faster production.

Utilize Advertisements

Watch in-game ads to earn freebies, including tools and boosters. These can significantly speed up production and enhance your farming capabilities.

Strategic Use of Diamonds

While spending diamonds impulsively is tempting, save them for essential tasks like speeding up production or expanding your farm when necessary.

Connect with Friends

Expand your social network in Hay Day by connecting to Facebook. Having active friends opens up opportunities for trading and acquiring resources more efficiently.

Participate in Events

Engage in special events to earn rewards and boost your farm’s growth. Events often provide exclusive items and resources that can accelerate your progress.

Stay Active

Regularly log in to the game to collect resources, tend to your crops, and participate in ongoing events. Consistency is key to steady growth.

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