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How To Get Corn In Hay Day

Qasim Ahmad

January 9, 2024 . 6 min read

So you’ve unlocked the Group Order board in Hay Day and want to know how to fulfil one of those requests, huh? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

Fulfilling group orders is a great way to gain valuable experience points, coins, and other goodies on Hay Day, not to mention the satisfaction of helping your neighbourhood.

Harvesting Corn Crops in Hay Day

Harvesting corn in Hay Day is critical in boosting your farm’s productivity and profits. To make the most of this valuable crop, you must understand the details of harvesting corn. Corn is unlocked at experience level 2, making it one of the earliest crops you can cultivate. 

Each corn plot yields two plants, resulting in a net gain of one plant per plot. It takes just 5 minutes for corn to mature, making it a quick turnaround for your investment. For each field of corn, you’ll earn 1 XP, and the cost of planting one story is a mere seven coins.

corn crops

You should know the various avenues for selling your corn to optimise your earnings. Boat orders can request anywhere from 50 to 102 corn per crate, with a maximum of 408 corn per boat order.

You can sell ten corn to visitors for 28 coins in your Roadside Shop. Even during special events where prices double, this rate remains lower than the maximum Roadside. 

Shop price. Selling corn in the Daily Dirt is common, but setting high prices may slow down your sales, so price your corn competitively.

Additionally, keep a close eye on your inventory, especially if you regularly use corn for recipes like cornbread or popcorn or as feed for your farm animals.

Corn from Neighbors and Friends

In Hay Day, collaborating with neighbours and friends greatly enhances your farm’s productivity. One of the key aspects of this collaboration is sharing and trading valuable resources like corn. 

One of the primary ways to acquire corn from neighbours and friends is through the Corn Exchange. When you visit their farms, you can see if corn is available for sale in their Roadside Shop.

You can buy ten units of corn for as low as 28 coins per batch. During special events, when prices double, this remains an affordable option.

Collaborating with friends and neighbours is not just about buying corn; it’s also about fulfilling boat orders. Boat orders can request between 50 and 102 corn per crate, with a maximum of 408 corn per boat.

You can ask for help from your friends, and they can contribute to these orders, making it a win-win situation for everyone.

The Community Request Board is another avenue for receiving corn from your friends and neighbours. They can respond to your requests and provide corn, helping you complete tasks and achieve your farming goals.

Using Corn in Your Farm

This table outlines the various farm products you can create using corn as a key ingredient in the game Hay Day. It provides a concise reference for players, listing the necessary corn quantities and the corresponding levels at which these products become accessible. 

Farm ProductIngredientsLevel Unlocked
Chicken FeedCorn x1Level 3
Cow FeedCorn x1Level 6
Corn BreadCorn x2Level 7
PopcornCorn x2Level 8
Buttered PopcornCorn x2Level 16
Chili PopcornCorn x2Level 25
Goat FeedCorn x1Level 32
Honey PopcornCorn x2Level 40
Chocolate PopcornCorn x2Level 44
Snack MixCorn x2Level 64
Corn DogCorn x4Level 78
NachosCorn x4Level 87

Tips for Maximizing Your Corn Production in Hay Day

Corn is a fundamental crop in Hay Day, and optimizing its production can significantly boost your farm’s success. As a seasoned Hay Day player, I’m here to share valuable insights to help you excel in corn farming.

Crop Rotation

Plant corn in a systematic rotation. Corn matures in 5 minutes so you can plant it frequently for a steady supply. Alternate it with longer-growing crops like wheat for a balanced production.

Profitable Sales

Sell corn strategically to neighbours and in your Roadside Shop. Charging 28 coins for ten units is a sweet spot, even during special events. This ensures a steady income while not deterring potential buyers.

Boat Orders and Friend Help

Leverage boat orders by collecting up to 408 corn per boat. Collaborate with friends for mutual benefits – they can assist in fulfilling orders, making everyone’s farms flourish.

By following these tips, you’ll master the art of corn production in Hay Day and secure a thriving and prosperous farm. 

How can I grow my farm in Hay Day?

Growing your farm in Hay Day is an exciting journey that involves strategic planning and active engagement. Here are simple and effective ways to expand and enhance your farm:

Crops and Fields

  • Plant crops with short growth times to harvest quickly.
  • Expand your fields using the shovel tool to increase crop production.


  • Invest in animals like chickens and cows for a renewable source of eggs and milk.
  • Build the appropriate structures, such as a chicken coop or dairy, to accommodate more animals.

Production Buildings

  • Construct and upgrade production buildings like the bakery and dairy to create valuable items.
  • Keep machines running consistently to produce goods for sale and trade.

Expand Land

  • Use land expansion tools to clear more space for crops, animals, and buildings.
  • Carefully plan your layout to optimize efficiency and organization.

Complete Orders

  • Fulfil truck and boat orders to earn coins and experience points.
  • Prioritize high-value orders to maximize rewards for your efforts.

Participate in Events

  • Engage in special events to earn unique rewards and boost your farm’s growth.
  • Complete event tasks for extra resources and experience.

Connect with Friends

  • Add friends to the game to exchange gifts and help each other with tasks.
  • Visiting friends’ farms can also provide additional rewards and benefits.

Invest in Decorations

  • Decorate your farm with various items to increase its aesthetic appeal.
  • Some decorations offer bonuses like increased experience points, providing added benefits.

Use Diamonds Wisely

  • Save and spend diamonds strategically on essential upgrades or to speed up processes.
  • Avoid unnecessary purchases to ensure long-term growth.
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