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Qasim Ahmad

January 5, 2024 . 7 min read

As an avid Hay Day player, you know the importance of fishing to progress in the game. Catching fish provides a steady source of income and resources to expand your farm. However, fishing in Hay Day requires patience and the proper technique to master. With a few tips and tricks, you’ll reel in fish after fish quickly.

In this article, you’ll learn strategies for upgrading your fishing spot, using lures and bait effectively, and choosing the right time to fish. You’ll also discover how to catch rare and hard-to-find fish to complete your fish collection.

How To Catch Fish In Hay Day

Fishing on Hay Day is a relaxing and enjoyable activity that lets you catch various fish. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting, here are the steps to catch fish with your trusty fishing rod.

Unlock the Fishing Area

To begin your fishing adventure, you’ll need to reach Farm level 27 and repair the Fishing Boat on your farm. This will unlock the Fishing Lake, where all the action takes place.

First Visit to the Fishing Area

Upon visiting the Fishing Lake for the first time, you’ll be greeted by Angus, your in-game uncle. He’ll provide a handy tutorial to get you started with fishing. Angus is always there to assist whenever you need guidance, so don’t hesitate to poke him for help.

Choosing Your Lure

To begin fishing, find an open Fishing area and select a lure. Simply tap and hold the lure, then drag and drop it into the water.

Attracting Fish

The key to successful fishing is enticing fish to your lure. Move the lure gently in the water to attract the fish towards it.

The Catch

When a fish bites, a circle will appear around the pool. You aim to keep the fish inside this circle by moving the line in the opposite direction of the fish’s movement.

Recording Your Catch

If you manage to keep the fish inside the circle until it closes, congratulations! You’ve made a catch, which will be recorded in your Fishing Book.

Chasing Rare Fish

As you explore different Fishing areas, you’ll have the chance to chase after rare and elusive fish. Remember that the more irregular the fish, the more challenging they are to catch. They tend to be more wriggly and might escape the lure, but don’t worry; you can always try again.

How do Fishing nets work in Hay Day?

In addition to the trusty fishing rod, you can use fishing nets to catch fish in Hay Day. These nets provide an alternative way to gather fish without needing the same hands-on interaction as the fishing rod.


Using a fishing net is quite simple. You’ll drop the net into the water and let it work for you. After approximately 20 hours, the net will automatically catch three fish. These fish contribute to your game experience points (XP), with each fish giving between 4 and 20 XP.

The best part about using fishing nets is no cooldown time. Once you’ve used the net, you can do so again immediately. However, it’s important to note that fishing nets are ideal for catching specific types of fish, such as the three species that can be seen with red lures. They do not count towards your Fishing Book rewards or fishing tasks in derbies.

Trapping Fish in Lobster and Crab Pots 

Besides fishing with a rod and using nets, Hay Day offers another way to catch aquatic creatures – through lobster and crab pots. These traps can be crafted using the Net Maker and are specifically designed to catch lobsters and ducks.

Once you’ve set up your lobster or crab pot, it will automatically catch one animal after several hours. Lobsters typically take six hours to trap, while ducks only need three hours. Unlike fishing with a rod or nets, no fishing book rewards are associated with trapping lobsters and ducks.

Fishing pots are a unique feature that adds diversity to your fishing experience on Hay Day. Whether you’re trying to gather lobsters for a particular dish or want to add ducks to your farm, these traps are a great addition to your fishing repertoire.

Exploring the Fish Sanctuary for Rare Catches 

The Fish Sanctuary in Hay Day is a hidden gem for those looking to score rare catches. It’s an exclusive location where you can find some of the game’s most elusive and valuable fish. To unlock the Fish Sanctuary, you must reach higher farm levels and expand your fishing area.

Here, you can expect to find unique fish species that are not commonly available in other areas of the game. The Fish Sanctuary is a great spot to test your fishing skills and add extraordinary catches to your Fishing Book.

Seasonal Fish and Their Locations:

  • Spring: The Lake area.
  • Summer: The River area.
  • Autumn: The Town area.
  • Winter: The Winter area.

Combining Fishing Methods for Efficiency 

Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to fishing in Hay Day. Consider combining different fishing methods to maximize your catch and make the most of your fishing adventures.

Start by alternating between using your fishing rod and fishing nets. This allows you to catch a wide variety of fish efficiently. When using the fishing rod, aim for rare and valuable catches, while the fishing net can help you accumulate a steady stream of fish with minimal effort.

Can you sell Fishing Lures in Hay Day?

At experience level 27, Hay Day introduces the exciting world of fishing lures, a product that adds a thrilling element to your farming endeavours. Lures play a vital role in catching fish, ultimately leading to the production of valuable fish fillets. Understanding the nuances of these lures can significantly impact your fishing success.

SELLING LURES in hay day

There are five distinct types of lures: red, green, blue, purple, and yellow. Each type has its unique qualities, attracting different species of fish. The diversity of lures allows players to choose the best one for their fishing goals strategically.

It’s essential to note that, unlike other fishing gear, lures cannot be bought or sold. Instead, they are stored in the tackle box and become accessible once unlocked at level 27. Interestingly, lures can also be requested in neighbourhood requests, fostering community and collaboration among players.

While truck and boat orders never specifically request lures, their significance lies in enhancing your fishing capabilities, making them a valuable asset for dedicated anglers. Crafting and utilizing the right lures become integral to a thriving fishing venture, providing players with an additional layer of strategy in their pursuit of fish and fillets.

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