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Qasim Ahmad

January 4, 2024 . 6 min read

Have you ever wondered how much a silver bar is worth in Hay Day? As an experienced farmer, you know the value of every item in your inventory and how to get the most for your goods.

Maps are among Hay Day’s most useful tools for maximizing your profits. With maps, you can find valuable items to sell at a premium, locate rare resources to complete boat and town orders and uncover hidden secrets around your farm.

How To Get Silver Bar In Hay Day

Silver Bars hold a special place in Hay Day due to their significance. These shiny bars are primarily used for crafting valuable items like Bracelets, Necklaces, and Iron Bracelets. But beyond their crafting utility, their true value lies in the coins they can fetch you. 


When sold at your Roadside Shop, a stack of ten Silver Bars can bring in a maximum of 1,476 Coins. This makes them a precious commodity for players looking to bolster their in-game wealth. So, watch for Silver Bars to sparkle your Hay Day finances.

How to Make Silver Bars

In Hay Day, crafting Silver Bars is a valuable skill to master. To create a Silver Bar, you’ll need the Smelter. The process is quite straightforward. First, gather three units of Silver Ore. Then, use the Smelter to process the Silver Ore. 

Crafting a Silver Bar takes approximately 8 hours, but if you’ve fully mastered the Smelter, it’ll be ready in just 6 hours and 48 minutes. Once the crafting is complete, you’ll earn 18 Experience Points for each Silver Bar you produce. Remember, Silver Bars are stored in your barn, just like all other products in the game.

How to Use Silver Bars

Silver Bars have various uses in Hay Day. They are essential for crafting high-value items like Bracelets, Necklaces, and Iron Bracelets. For example, crafting a Bracelet requires 2 Silver Bars, a Necklace also requires 2 Silver Bars and an Iron Bracelet needs just 1 Silver Bar. You can significantly boost your in-game economy by crafting and selling these jewelry items. 

Players often seek these items, making them a profitable choice. Completing truck orders that request Silver Bars can also be a lucrative strategy, as these orders often reward you with random vouchers, enhancing your gameplay experience. It’s important to note that boat orders in Hay Day never ask for Silver Bars, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your farming and crafting.

Strategies for Maximizing Silver Bar Value

In Hay Day, Silver Bars can be a key asset in enhancing your in-game wealth. Focus on crafting valuable items like Bracelets, Necklaces, and Iron Bracelets to make the most of them. Crafting a Bracelet requires 2 Silver Bars, while both Necklaces and Iron Bracelets need 2 Silver Bars each. 

This method allows you to increase the value of your Silver Bars significantly. Another smart strategy is to complete truck orders that request Silver Bars. These orders often reward players with random vouchers, which can be used for various in-game items and help speed up your progress.

Comparing Silver Bars to Other In-Game Currency

In Hay Day, Silver Bars stand out as one of the valuable in-game resources, but how do they stack up against other forms of currency? Let’s take a closer look.

Coins: Coins are the most common currency in Hay Day. When comparing Silver Bars to Coins, it’s important to note that you can trade a stack of ten Silver Bars for a maximum of 1,476 Coins in your Roadside Shop. Silver Bars are a potential source of significant coinage, especially when crafting valuable jewelry items.


Diamonds: Diamonds are another in-game currency. Silver Bars are not directly convertible to Diamonds, but you can earn Diamonds through various in-game activities. While Silver Bars may not replace Diamonds, they can certainly enhance your overall in-game wealth, as crafting jewelry with Silver Bars can make your Diamonds stretch further.

Vouchers: Vouchers are valuable items in Hay Day that you can obtain by completing truck orders requesting Silver Bars. These vouchers can be exchanged for various in-game goodies, making Silver Bars a unique path to earning valuable resources.

How to earn more money in Hay Day

Follow these simple and effective strategies to boost your earnings in Hay Day. First and foremost, focus on growing and selling high-profit crops. Different crops offer varying returns, so planting those yielding more coins when harvested is wise. Keep an eye on the market and sell your crops when prices are favorable.

Diversifying your farm is another key aspect. Besides crops, invest in animals and machines that generate steady income. Livestock like chickens and cows produce goods that can be sold or used to fulfill orders. At the same time, devices such as dairy and bakery equipment turn raw materials into valuable products.

Completing truck and boat orders is a reliable way to earn coins and experience points. Prioritize fulfilling orders that offer better rewards, and use your resources efficiently to meet demand. Additionally, watch for special visitors who pay handsomely for specific items.

Participating in events and derby competitions can significantly boost your income. Events often come with exclusive rewards, while derbies offer the chance to earn coins and valuable items by completing tasks as a team. Join an active neighborhood to maximize your derby earnings.

Don’t overlook roadside shop management. Regularly restock your shop with popular items, set fair prices, and advertise to attract more visitors. Engaging with other players by visiting their farms and trading items can create additional income streams.

Qasim Ahmad

Qasim Ahmad


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