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How Much Is A Pig Pen In Hay Day?

Qasim Ahmad

January 4, 2024 . 6 min read

Have you ever wondered how much a pig pen costs in Hay Day? As a casual Hay Day player, you’ve probably accumulated coins by selling crops and other goods. But now that you’ve leveled up, expanded your farm, and are part of an active neighborhood, bigger purchases like animal pens have become a reality. 

While a chicken coop or sheep pen might seem more attainable, don’t discount the pig pen. Pigs are one of the most useful animals in the game for producing coins, experience points, and other rewards.

What is a Pig Pen?

A pig pen in Hay Day is a special shelter for your porcine friends. It provides a cozy home for your pigs, ensuring they stay happy and productive on your farm. Pig pens are a crucial element in the game and become available at experience level 10.

You can house up to 5 pigs in a pig pen, making it an excellent addition to your farm as you progress in the game. The great thing is that you can eventually build up to three enclosures, allowing you to raise even more pigs.

pig pen

These pens are simple yet effective structures with a fenced square on muddy ground. However, it’s important to note that the pigs are fed individually with pig feed, and they do not use a manger like some other animals on your farm.                  

Remember that pig pens are vital to your farm’s success, and understanding how to use them effectively can make a significant difference in your Hay Day experience.

How to Build a Pig Pen

Building a pig pen in Hay Day is a straightforward process that doesn’t involve any complicated steps. Here’s a quick guide on how to construct a pig pen:

  • Level Up: First, you need to reach experience level 10. Once you’ve achieved this, you’ll be able to unlock the ability to build a pig pen on your farm.
  • Visit the Shop: Head over to the Hay Day Shop, where you can find the section for Animal Homes.
  • Purchase with Coins: You can buy a pig pen for 150 Hay Day coins. Simply tap on the pig pen icon to make the purchase.
  • Place the Pen: Once you’ve bought the pen, you can place it anywhere on your farm.
  • Start Housing Pigs: With the pig pen in place, you can now start housing up to 5 pigs.

Effective Strategies for Using Your Pig Pen

To get the maximum advantage from your pig pen in Hay Day, following some simple yet effective strategies is essential. First and foremost, ensure that you regularly feed your pigs with pig feed. Well-fed pigs are happy pigs, producing more resources, making it crucial to keep them well-nourished.

When you see the harvest or feed icon in color, don’t delay; it’s your cue to act. Tap on the pen immediately to harvest or feed your pigs promptly, ensuring you get the most out of them.


As you level up in the game, consider upgrading your pigs. Higher-level pig breeds are more productive, and upgrading can significantly boost resource output.

Don’t forget that you can build up to three enclosures in your pig pen. Expanding your pen allows you to raise more pigs, increasing your overall productivity.

Lastly, think strategically about where you place your pig pen on your farm. A convenient location can save you time collecting resources and feeding your pigs. Following these strategies, you can efficiently manage your pig pen, optimize your pig-related resources, and ensure your farm thrives on Hay Day.

Comparing Pig Pen Costs to Other Farm Upgrades

Using coins wisely in Hay Day is critical, as it is with all of your resources. The pig pen costs 150 coins and can house up to 5 pigs, making it a relatively affordable investment. In comparison, the chicken coop, another animal home, costs 100 coins and can hold up to 12 chickens. So, if you’re looking for more animals on a budget, the chicken coop might be a better choice.

Regarding crop fields, a single wheat field costs five coins, and you can have multiple areas to grow various crops. Dairy, such as a cow shed, costs 10,000 coins and can house up to 4 cows.

Like an apple tree, orchards cost 320 coins and yield valuable fruits. Fish ponds for fishing enthusiasts are priced at 15,000 cash each.

Comparing the pig pen to other upgrades, you’ll find it’s a cost-effective way to expand your animal inventory. However, your choice should depend on your farm’s specific needs and your strategy for resource management. Balancing your farm’s elements, including animals, crops, and production buildings, is key to a thriving Hay Day experience.

How to get Tom in Hay Day for free

A free Tom is a thrilling possibility in Hay Day that can improve your agricultural experience. Luckily, you can have Tom without spending money by following simple steps.

One way to obtain Tom for free is by completing certain achievements within the game. Hay Day offers various tasks and challenges that, once accomplished, reward players with in-game currency and valuable items. You can accumulate the necessary resources to unlock Tom by diligently working on these achievements.

Another method is through participating in special events hosted by Hay Day. The game frequently organizes events that allow players to earn rewards, including Tom vouchers or directly unlocking Tom. Keep an eye on the in-game announcements for upcoming events, and actively participate to maximize your chances of obtaining Tom without spending any real cash.

Connecting your Hay Day account to social media platforms can be beneficial. Sometimes, game developers offer promotions or rewards for players who link their accounts to platforms like Facebook. This might include freebies such as Tom or vouchers that can be used to unlock him.


Qasim Ahmad

Qasim Ahmad


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