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January 5, 2024 . 6 min read

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So, you’ve been playing Hay Day for a while and have gotten into it. Your farm is thriving, you’ve unlocked many buildings and upgrades, and now you’re ready to get yourself a trusty companion – a dog! Dogs are super useful in Hay Day. 

They help protect your farm from wildlife, keep you company, and even fetch items. But before you can get a dog, you’ll need to build them a house. Dog houses aren’t too pricey, but you must set aside some materials and coins to construct one. 

The Role of Dog Houses in Your Farm

Dog houses in Hay Day are crucial to your farm, offering a cosy and safe space for your four-legged companions. These wooden shelters are not just decorative items; they are vital to your farm management. 

The primary function of dog houses is to provide shelter for your adult dogs. While it might seem that dogs spend their time outside, these houses act as their designated spaces. When you add a dog to a dog house, you’ll notice an additional food bowl in front of it, signifying that your dog has a place to eat and sleep comfortably.


Additionally, for your adorable puppies, the puppy houses come into play. These blue and red dog beds with toys serve as safe zones for your growing pups. Like the adult dog houses, when you add a puppy, you’ll see an extra food bowl nearby, indicating that your puppies also have a dedicated spot for their meals and naps. 

Both dog and puppy houses can hold up to three animals, making them efficient for farm management. The second dog house unlocks at experience level 28, and the second puppy house opens at experience level 50.

Dog House Pricing Options in Hay Day

Regarding dog houses in Hay Day, understanding the pricing options is essential for smart farm management. The cost of these crucial animal shelters is as follows:

First Dog House

The initial dog house becomes available at experience level 20 and can be purchased for 1,000 Hay Day coins. This affordable option provides a comfortable and secure space for adult dogs without breaking the bank.

Second Dog House

As your farm progresses and you reach experience level 28, you’ll have the opportunity to buy a second dog house. The second dog house is valuable, allowing you to accommodate more dogs. The cost for the second dog house is also 1,000 Hay Day coins.

Puppy Houses

For your growing puppies, the puppy houses offer a nurturing environment. The first puppy house is unlocked at experience level 35 and priced at 23,000 Hay Day coins. This investment ensures your puppies have a safe place to call their own. The second puppy house unlocks at experience level 50, costing 23,000 Hay Day coins.

Earning Coins for Dog House Purchases

In Hay Day, coins are the lifeline of your farm, and knowing how to earn them is crucial for purchasing dog houses. Here are some straightforward ways to make the coins you need:

  • Farming Crops: Planting and harvesting crops is one of the most basic and effective ways to earn coins. As you expand your farm, you can plant various crops, such as wheat, corn, and soybeans, and sell them in your roadside shop for a steady income.
  • Selling Goods: Crafting products like bread, butter, and bacon in your production buildings can be profitable. These items can be sold at your roadside shop or advertised for others to buy, allowing you to earn coins from fellow Hay Day players.
  • Fishing and Mining: Don’t forget about fishing and mining! These activities can yield valuable resources like fish and ore, which you can sell for coins. Upgrade your fishing boat and mine to maximize your earnings.
  • Completing Orders: Orders from the truck and steamboat can be quite lucrative. By fulfilling these orders, you’ll earn coins and receive experience points, helping you unlock more dog houses.
  • Visiting Other Farms: Social interactions with neighbouring farms can be rewarding. When visiting other players’ farms, you can find and collect mystery boxes and coins.
  • Participating in Events: Watch for special in-game and global events, as they often offer bonus rewards and coins for completing tasks and goals.

Using these simple methods, you can steadily accumulate the coins needed to purchase dog houses for your beloved dogs and puppies in Hay Day. Efficient coin management is the key to creating a thriving and happy farm.

How much does the retriever puppy cost in Hay Day?

The cute Retriever Puppy is a wonderful addition to your property in the lively world of Hay Day. It can help you and be your friend. Buying this cute dog friend costs 9 green vouchers, two blue vouchers.

Players must visit the in-game shop and navigate to the Animals section to bring home a Retriever Puppy. There, you’ll find that the price tag for this adorable puppy is set at 9 green vouchers and two blue vouchers. 


An important consideration is that the Retriever Puppy must be placed near a designated puppy house for purchase. Once acquired, players have the delightful opportunity to adopt not one but two Retriever Puppies, enhancing the charm and liveliness of their virtual farm.

Final Thoughts

Dog houses are vital in Hay Day, providing shelter and comfort for your canine companions. Understanding the pricing options and how to earn coins efficiently are essential aspects of managing your farm effectively. 

By following these straightforward strategies, such as farming crops, selling goods, and participating in events, you can ensure your dogs and puppies have the best possible living conditions.

With careful planning and resource management, you can create a thriving and prosperous farm where your crops and four-legged friends can flourish. 

Qasim Ahmad

Qasim Ahmad


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