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How Much Do Ducks Cost On Hay Day?

Qasim Ahmad

January 5, 2024 . 10 min read

Ever wonder how much those cute little ducklings cost in Hay Day? As your farm grows, ducks can be a great addition. Not only do they waddle around looking adorable, but duck feathers and eggs are very useful. Before you start splurging on a whole flock of ducks, you’ll want to ensure you save enough coins.

The Cost of Purchasing Ducks on Hay Day

In Hay Day, ducks are charming and valuable farm animals that can enhance your farming experience. To acquire these feathery friends, you’ll need to consider their costs. Here are the facts on how to purchase ducks:

Types of Ducks: In Hay Day, various ducks are available. Each comes with a different price tag:

  • White Duck: 40 coins
  • Brown Duck: 100 coins
  • Pekin Duck: 250 coins
  • Black Duck: 500 coins
  • Gray Duck: 1,000 coins
  • Golden Duck: 15 diamonds
  • Party Duck: 25 diamonds

Duck House: You’ll need a duck house to raise ducks, which you can buy from the in-game shop. The cost of the duck house starts at 5,000 coins and increases as you upgrade to larger versions.

Diamond Investment: Some ducks require diamonds for purchase, which can be a bit more challenging to obtain. However, investing in ducks can pay off with valuable resources like eggs and feathers.

To purchase ducks, simply head to the in-game shop and select the type of duck you want. Ensure you have enough coins or diamonds, and your feathered friends will be ready to join your farm.

Understanding Hay Day Duck Levels

In Hay Day, ducks come in various levels and stages as you progress through the game. Here’s a straightforward explanation of how duck levels work:

  • Unlocking Ducks: You can start raising ducks in Hay Day when you reach level 10.
  • Different Duck Types: As you level up, you’ll unlock different ducks. These include White Ducks, Brown Ducks, Pekin Ducks, Black Ducks, Gray Ducks, Golden Ducks, and Party Ducks. Each class has unique characteristics.
  • Improving Your Farm: Introducing different duck types helps enhance your farm’s productivity and profitability. Some ducks lay eggs more frequently, and their feathers have varying values, allowing you to make more money and fulfil orders efficiently.
  • Progression: As you level up further, you’ll access more duck types, and this progression is essential to becoming a successful Hay Day farmer.

Duck levels in Hay Day correspond to your progress in the game. Each level unlocks new duck types, contributing to your farm’s growth and success.

Buying and Selling Hay Day Ducks

Regarding Hay Day farming, buying and selling ducks is crucial to the game’s economy and social interaction. To start with ducks, you’ll need a duck house, which you can purchase from the in-game shop. Different ducks are available, each with a price tag, in coins or diamonds. Furthermore, the cost of the duck house itself increases as you upgrade it.

But ducks in Hay Day aren’t just about numbers and costs; they also foster a sense of community among players. You can trade duck eggs and feathers with other players, visit their farms, and interact with their ducks. This social interaction adds a layer of cooperation and fun to the game.

duck in hay day

Ducks in your farm live in the Duck Salon, where they get groomed and styled. If you wish to accommodate more ducks, you can upgrade the salon, expanding your duck family. Beyond aesthetics, ducks are productive animals. 

They provide valuable resources like eggs and feathers, which can be sold for coins or used to fulfil orders. Additionally, you can enhance their appeal by dressing them up in fun costumes, making your farm even more attractive.

Lastly, don’t miss out on limited-time events centred around ducks. These events offer unique rewards and bonuses, so watch your farm for exciting opportunities. In summary, buying and selling ducks in Hay Day is a financial endeavour and a way to build a vibrant and cooperative farming community.

Feeding and Caring for Ducks in Hay Day

Taking care of your ducks in Hay Day is essential for their well-being and productivity. Here’s a straightforward guide on how to feed and care for your ducks in the game:

Duck Food: Ducks in Hay Day require specific types of food to stay healthy and produce eggs and feathers. There are three main types of duck food:

  • Duck Starter: This feed is used for ducks up to level 4.
  • Duck Grower: Ducks from levels 5 to 19 need this feed.
  • Duck Finisher: For ducks at level 20 and above, Duck Finisher is the food they require.

How to Obtain Duck Food

You can get duck food from the in-game shop using coins or diamonds. Additionally, you can grow your feed by planting and harvesting crops on your farm or completing orders for the Feed Mill.

Regular Feeding

To keep your ducks happy and productive, feed them regularly according to their level and the type of duck food they require. Well-fed ducks lay more eggs and produce valuable feathers.

The Grooming Process

After being fed, ducks stay in the Duck Salon for a certain period, during which they get groomed and styled. This is where they transform from their initial state to being ready to collect duck feathers.

The Duck Salon in Hay Day

The Duck Salon is a delightful and charming feature in Hay Day that adds a touch of beauty and functionality to your farm. This unique aspect of the game revolves around ducks and their grooming needs. Here’s a comprehensive look at the Hay Day Duck Salon, explained in easy words:

What Is the Duck Salon? In Hay Day, the Duck Salon is a special place where your ducks go to get groomed and styled. It’s more than just a place for duck beauty treatments; it’s an essential part of the game’s mechanics. The Duck Salon becomes available when you unlock ducks at experience level 50.

Duck Salon’s Main Purpose

  • Duck Styling: The primary function of the Duck Salon is to groom your ducks. Ducks in the salon undergo various stages of grooming, from sitting and getting their hair styled to being covered in feathers and eventually being ready to collect duck feathers.
  • Upgrading the Salon: The Duck Salon starts with room for just one duck, but you can upgrade it to accommodate more ducks as you progress in the game. Upgrading the salon is vital because it allows you to groom more ducks simultaneously, increasing your farm’s efficiency.

Duck Salon’s Visual Evolution

As you upgrade the Duck Salon, you’ll notice changes in the sitting animations and appearances of the ducks. The salon becomes more visually appealing and uniquely charming to your farm.

Duck Seasons and Changes

Unlike other animals in Hay Day, ducks in the Duck Salon don’t change their appearance during seasonal themes. They maintain their grooming status throughout the year, making them stand out with their consistent, well-kept appearance.

Duck Trapping and Feathers

To get ducks into the salon, you must catch them using duck traps. After being trapped, ducks spend time in the salon before they yield duck feathers. The process involves placing a duck trap for two hours at a fishing spot, followed by a three-hour stay in the Duck Salon. The feathers collected are valuable resources in the game.

Hay Day Ducks Costumes: Adding Flair to Your Feathery Friends

In Hay Day, ducks aren’t just adorable and productive; they have a playful side. One of the most charming aspects of raising ducks in the game is the ability to dress them up in fun and quirky costumes. Here’s a detailed look at Hay Day Ducks Costumes, explained in simple terms:

The Fun of Dressing Ducks: Hay Day allows you to add a personal touch to your ducks by dressing them up in various costumes. These costumes do not affect your ducks’ productivity but add a delightful and playful element to the game.

Available Duck Costumes

  • Top Hat and Bow Tie: This costume gives your duck a sophisticated and dapper look.
  • Pirate Outfit: Your duck can become a swashbuckling pirate, complete with an eye patch and bandana.
  • Superhero Cape: Watch your duck transform into a superhero with a cape and mask.
  • Witch Hat and Broomstick: Give your duck a spooky and mystical look, perfect for Halloween.
  • Angel Wings and Halo: This costume makes your duck look heavenly and angelic.
  • Baseball Cap and Jersey: If you’re a sports fan, this costume gives your duck a sporty and athletic appearance.
  • Cowboy Hat and Bandana: For fans of country music or the Wild West, this costume adds a rugged and western touch to your duck.

How to Get Duck Costumes

You can purchase these costumes for your ducks from the in-game shop using coins or diamonds. Additionally, some costumes may be available for a limited time during special events or promotions, providing a chance to obtain them for free. Keep an eye on the game for these special opportunities, and you can have your ducks donning their favourite outfits, adding a touch of personality and fun to your Hay Day farm.

What does duck trapping do in Hay Day?

Duck trapping in Hay Day introduces a captivating element to your farming experience. When you set a duck trap, the process unfolds: Once the web is pulled, the captured duck swiftly finds itself in the Duck Salon. However, here’s the twist – although the duck is in the salon, you can’t collect its feather immediately. Patience is key, as it takes 3 hours for the feather to be ready for collection.

traping ducks in hay dya

If you’re in a hurry or just can’t wait, you can speed up the process using diamonds. It costs 6 diamonds to instantly obtain the feather without waiting 3 hours.

After the feather is collected, the duck gracefully returns to the water, ready for another round of trapping. This cycle of trapping, waiting, managing, and releasing adds a dynamic and engaging dimension to your farm.

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