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How Many Levels Are In Hay Day

Qasim Ahmad

January 13, 2024 . 13 min read

Have you ever wondered how many levels are in Hay Day, the popular farming game? Well, wonder no more. This handy guide will walk you through all the levels in Hay Day, so you know exactly what to expect as your farm grows. 

Levelling up in Hay Day unlocks your farm’s new buildings, decorations, and expansions. Each level requires a certain amount of experience points to reach, earned by harvesting crops, feeding animals, filling truck deliveries and boat crates, and completing tasks.

The Leveling System in Hay Day

As fellow players of Hay Day, we understand the importance of mastering the game’s levelling system. 

Earning Experience Points (XP)

Earning Experience Points or XP is key to levelling up in Hay Day. You can think of XP as the game’s lifeblood, as they determine your progress.

You gain XP by engaging in various activities on your farm, such as harvesting crops, crafting items in your production buildings, and fulfilling orders from trucks, boats, and town visitors. Even caring for your animals and popping. 

The Experience Bar

Your XP is visually represented by blue stars that fill up the experience bar at the top of your screen. The more XP you earn, the more stars fill your experience bar. You level up when the bar is full, unlocking new items, features, and rewards.

XP Progression

XP requirements for levelling up increase as you advance through the game. Starting and levelling are relatively easy but become more challenging as you progress.

The game gradually asks for more XP to reach the next level. So, while it might have been a breeze initially, reaching higher levels becomes a rewarding challenge.

Evolving Farm

Each level in Hay Day brings exciting additions to your farm, from new crops and animals to various production buildings and decorative items.

As you level up, your farm evolves and becomes more complex, offering fresh opportunities and challenges to keep you engaged and entertained.

Understanding the levelling system is crucial for a successful Hay Day experience. It’s not just about the number of levels; it’s about the journey, the changes to your farm, and the satisfaction of mastering this beloved game.

Starting Levels: 1-10

As a seasoned Hay Day player, I’ve experienced the journey from levels 1 to 10, and I’m here to guide you through these initial stages. When you’re just starting, things are pretty straightforward.

Level 1: Getting Your Feet Wet

At level 1, you’re introduced to the basics. You’ll learn how to plant and harvest wheat, take care of your chickens, and make feed for them. It’s all about setting the foundation for your farm.

Level 2-5: Expanding and Growing

As you progress, you’ll unlock more crops like corn and soybeans. Expanding your barn and silo 

storage becomes essential. You’ll get your first fishing area and be able to fish for valuable items. Remember to keep an eye on the newspaper for good deals.

Level 6-10: Animal Friends and New Challenges

You’ll welcome cows, pigs, and sheep to your farm at these levels. They need your care and provide valuable resources. You’ll also gain access to the Roadside Shop, where you can sell your goods to neighbours.

These initial levels are about learning the ropes, expanding your farm, and gearing up for more exciting adventures on Hay Day. Enjoy the journey!

Progressing Through the Mid-Levels: 11-30

I’ve been through these mid-levels myself, and I understand the ups and downs you might encounter. Let’s explore what lies ahead in levels 11 to 30.

You’ll discover new crops like carrots and soybeans at these levels, expanding your farming options. Be prepared for more visitors with truck orders; fulfilling them can be challenging but rewarding. Keep an eye on your machines and make sure they’re working efficiently.

hay day

As you reach level 16, you’ll welcome goats and goats’ milk to your farm. Goats provide valuable resources, but they need care and attention. Fishing areas and new land expansions become available, offering you more growth space.

At level 21, you’ll unlock the ability to plant apple trees, opening the door to an orchard of possibilities. You’ll also start crafting products like goat cheese and butter. Be sure to keep your animals fed and happy for optimal production.

These levels introduce more machines for your production buildings, allowing you to create a wider range of products. The demand for your goods in the newspaper and from your visitors increases, offering opportunities for coins and experience points. Remember to keep expanding your barn and silo storage to accommodate your growing farm.

Navigating levels 11 to 30 in Hay Day is about managing your resources efficiently, taking on new challenges, and experiencing the joy of watching your farm flourish. 

Advancing to the Upper Levels: 31-60

As someone who has journeyed through levels 31 to 60 in Hay Day, I understand the challenges and excitement that lie ahead. Let’s explore the path through these upper levels and what you can expect.

In levels 31 to 35, you’ll encounter new crops like chilli peppers and pineapples, adding variety to your farm. You’ll also face more complex orders, including boat orders that require multiple items. Keeping a close watch on your feed mills, dairy, and sugar mills is crucial to ensure a steady supply of resources.

At level 36, the game becomes more engaging as you unlock the sandwich bar and seafood salad, adding diversity to your production. Expanding your land becomes essential as you need more space to accommodate your growing farm. Staying on top of your newspaper to find good deals and expand your toolbox is smart.

In levels 41 to 45, mining becomes available, allowing you to collect valuable ores. Expanding your animal family to include donkeys and cats provides more resources and opportunities. Make sure you keep them well-fed and happy for optimal productivity.

Level 46 introduces the production of syrup. This sweet addition can be crafted in your sugar mill and offers a unique product for visitors and orders. You’ll also find yourself filling more and more boat crates, so efficiency in your production is key.

Reaching the Higher Tiers: 61-100

I’ve reached levels 61 to 100 in Hay Day, and the journey can be thrilling and challenging. Let’s explore what lies ahead in these higher tiers and what new players can expect as they progress through these levels.

Starting at level 61, you’ll gain access to apple trees, expanding your orchards. Advanced production takes centre stage with products like raspberry muffins and ice cream. Be prepared to meet more demanding orders, especially on the boat.

As you advance to levels 66 to 70, these levels introduce you to the mine, where you can mine for valuable ores. Land expansion is vital, as more space is needed to accommodate your growing farm. You’ll face challenges like reviving the town’s sanctuary animals and need a more organized approach to your farm.

In levels 71 to 75, efficient production becomes crucial as you unlock new machines and production options. Diverse orders keep you engaged but also be ready for more boat crates to fill. Keeping a close eye on your barn and silo space is essential.

Moving on to levels 76 to 80, new animals like ducks and lobsters debut. They offer unique resources, but their care requires more attention. These levels challenge your resource management and organizational skills as the complexity of orders and production increases.

As you progress into levels 81 to 100, you must master the game’s intricacies. New products, machines, and orders keep you engaged and require strategic planning. The town becomes a significant part of your farm life, and teamwork is crucial to success.

Prestige Levels: The Journey Continues

Beyond level 100 in Hay Day, you’ll discover Prestige Levels, a unique game aspect. A special star icon represents these levels and offers a new progression layer.

In Prestige Levels, you revisit the game’s earlier levels, starting from level 1, but with a twist. The exciting part is that you retain your farm’s layout, machines, and product knowledge, making the journey more intriguing.

The appeal of Prestige Levels lies in the benefits they offer:

  • New Achievements: As you replay levels in Prestige, you can earn new achievements and rewards. This can be quite satisfying for dedicated players.
  • Mastering the Game: Prestige Levels allow you to apply your initial playthrough experience, refine your strategies, and optimize your farm management. You’ll notice that you can make the earlier levels more efficient and productive.
  • New Challenges: Some Prestige Levels introduce unique challenges that differ from your first experience of those levels. This adds a layer of variety to your farming adventure, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging.

Advancing in Prestige Levels

To progress through Prestige Levels, focus on building your XP by engaging in various activities within the game. These include filling orders, reviving trees, crafting items, and fulfilling boat crates. These activities continue to provide XP, enabling you to ascend the Prestige Levels ladder.

Balancing Act

Managing Prestige Levels is balancing between revisiting the basics and continuing to develop your farm. While you start from the beginning in Prestige, the challenges and rewards add depth to the game.

Your experience from your first playthrough helps you excel in these levels, and you’ll find that Prestige Levels enhance your overall gaming experience.

Prestige Levels in Hay Day extend your farming adventure beyond level 100. With 800 levels in the game, there’s ample room for exploration and achievement.

These levels test your skills and provide new milestones and rewards, keeping your farm’s growth exciting and dynamic. As you climb the Prestige Levels ladder, you’ll appreciate that the journey can be as important as the destination.

Hay Day Level Up Items Unlocked or Received  

Level RangeUnlocked Items and Features
1-25Wheat, corn, eggs, milk, sugar, bacon, various crops, chicken, cows, and basic production machines (barn, silo, feed mill)
26-50Soybeans, cotton, wool, cream, brown sugar, and advanced production machines (bread oven, dairy, loom)
51-75Pumpkins, popcorn, sweaters, blankets, pancakes, and new decorations and building upgrades
76-100Bananas, pineapples, exotic pets (peacock, monkey), sanctuary, fishing, and land expansions
101-125Expanded machinery (juice press, jam maker, sauce maker), town visitors, and special orders
126-150Special events, new products (burgers, juices, sushi), and exclusive farm improvements
151-175Expansion items (land deeds, marker stakes), new animals (horses, sheep), and themed decorations
176-200Complex production (cake oven, coffee kiosk), VIP visitors, and advanced town tasks
201-225New facilities (movie theater, ice cream stand), advanced boat orders, and global events
226-250Themed decorations, exclusive products (shrimp, pasta), and community events
251-275More advanced machines (coffee machine, salad bar), rare items, and global competition events
276-300High-level challenges (boat race, derby), unique pets (stallion, palomino), and exclusive farm features
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Tips for Leveling Up Quickly

Levelling up on Hay Day can be an exciting journey, and with a few tips and tricks, you can make it a smooth and efficient experience. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, these strategies can help you progress in the game at a quicker pace.

Focus on High-XP Orders

When filling orders on your order board, pay attention to the orders offering more experience points (XP) than just gold coins. These higher-XP orders will help you level up faster. Look for orders with blue stars, as they signify higher XP rewards.

Expand Your Silo

Your silo space is crucial for storing crops. Invest in expanding your silo capacity as quickly as possible. A larger silo allows you to store more crops, making it easier to fulfil orders and maintain production. Consider using barn and silo expansion materials wisely.

Utilize the Newspaper

If the newspaper doesn’t have appealing offers or orders, you can change the language settings to refresh the newspaper content. This can help you find more lucrative deals and orders, especially during special events when high-XP orders are abundant.

Strategic Crop Selection

Grow crops that have higher values and shorter harvest times. This way, you can earn more coins and XP in a shorter period. Wheat, corn, and soybeans are excellent choices for quick turnaround and good XP.

Maintain Your Roadside Shop

Your roadside shop is an excellent way to sell surplus items. Keep it well-stocked with products and set reasonable prices to attract customers. A thriving roadside shop can boost earnings, and satisfied customers may become regular buyers.

Diversify Your Farm

As you level up, introduce new crops and animals to your farm. This diversity not only adds variety but also helps you meet the demands of different orders more efficiently. For example, cotton, indigo, and chilli peppers offer valuable options for crops.

Keep an Eye on the Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is a great way to earn rewards and XP. Spin it regularly to get bonuses that can aid your progress. The Wheel often provides items and resources to help you quickly complete orders.

Participate in Events

Hay Day often hosts special events and challenges. Engage in these events as they can provide significant XP rewards and exclusive items. Special events typically have tasks that offer generous XP when completed.

Join a Neighborhood

Being part of an active neighbourhood can be beneficial. You can request and receive help from neighbours, expediting your production and orders. Cooperative play can also lead to more successful truck and boat tasks, earning additional XP.

Strategic Use of Diamonds

While it’s possible to advance without spending real money, using diamonds can speed up various processes. Use them wisely to buy needed items or to speed up production. Consider using diamonds to replenish your machines’ production slots or to purchase missing expansion items.

By following these tips and maintaining a strategic approach, you’ll level up in Hay Day more quickly while enjoying the game’s charm and challenges. Remember, balancing efficiency and fun as you build your virtual farming empire is key.

Final Words

Getting to the next level in Hay Day can be a fun adventure. You can easily get around in the game with these tips and tricks. And don’t forget to focus on those high-XP sales and make your silo bigger so it can hold more crops.

Planting important crops can make more money, and the newspaper can be your friend. To succeed, you must keep your corner shop busy and expand your farm. Watch the Wheel of Fortune and participate in events to get extra XP. 

Qasim Ahmad

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