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How Do You Make Pancakes In Hay Day?

Qasim Ahmad

January 9, 2024 . 6 min read

Ever wondered how people can fill huge group orders for pancakes on Hay Day? You’ve seen the requests pop up, maybe even tried to load one yourself.

But making hundreds of pancakes seems impossible, right? Not if you have the right strategy. It turns out it’s easier than you think to become a Hay Day pancake expert and master even the biggest group orders.

What You Need to Make Pancakes in Hay Day

To create delicious pancakes in Hay Day, you’ll require just two essential ingredients:

  • Eggs: You’ll need three eggs for each pancake you make.
  • Brown Sugar: A single bag of brown sugar is the other key ingredient.

You can whip up some mouthwatering pancakes with these two items in hand. In the game, pancakes are a simple yet delightful product that you can produce with these basic components.

The process is straightforward, making it a popular choice for players looking to earn coins and experience points while enjoying a tasty treat.


Total Cost of Making Pancakes in Hay Day

Creating pancakes on Hay Day is not just about ingredients; it also involves time and coins. 

The process of making a single pancake takes some time:

  • Growing sugar cane on your crop fields requires 30 minutes.
  • Collecting eggs from your chickens takes 20 minutes.
  • Creating a bag of brown sugar takes another 20 minutes.
  • Finally, making one pancake will take 30 minutes.

So, the total time required to make one pancake from scratch is 1 hour and 20 minutes. Once you’ve mastered pancake-making, you can save 5 minutes on each, reducing the time to 25 minutes per pancake.

Cost Analysis

The cost to create one pancake can be calculated by considering the ingredient prices:

  • Eggs: 3 eggs cost 180 coins (3 x 60 coins each).
  • Brown Sugar: 1 bag of brown sugar costs 324 coins.

The total cost for a single pancake is 504 coins.

Making pancakes can also lead to profits, especially when fulfilling boat and truck orders. However, it’s essential to consider the time and cost involved in producing these delectable virtual treats in your farming adventure.

Selling Pancakes in Hay Day

Selling pancakes in Hay Day can be rewarding, but understanding the details is crucial. Here’s what you need to know:


  • You can sell pancakes for a maximum price of 1,080 coins for a bundle of 10.
  • Buying the ingredients needed to make a pancake costs 86 coins.

Profit Analysis

When you sell pancakes, it’s essential to consider the cost of ingredients:

  • Eggs: 3 eggs cost 180 coins (3 x 60 coins each).
  • Brown Sugar: 1 bag of brown sugar costs 324 coins.

So, the total cost to create ten pancakes is 1,080 coins (ingredient cost), and you can sell them for the same price. You won’t earn extra cash if you make the pancakes from scratch.

However, the real profit lies in fulfilling boat and truck orders. Pancakes are often requested in these orders, making them a valuable commodity.

While selling pancakes directly may not yield significant profit, they become more useful when meeting the demands of boat and truck orders, helping you progress in the game and expand your virtual farm.

What is the secret to Hay Day?

The secret to success in Hay Day lies in smart strategies, active participation, and efficient resource management. Here’s a breakdown of key secrets to excel in the game:

Strategic Crop Planting

  • Planting crops with short growing times, like wheat and corn, allows for more frequent harvests.
  • Prioritize crops based on their maturity time, ensuring a steady supply for your farm.

Efficient Production Buildings

  • Build and upgrade production buildings like the bakery and dairy to process raw materials into higher-value products.
  • Keep these buildings busy to maximize output and profits.

Balance Coins and Experience Points (XP)

  • While earning coins is crucial for purchases, XP is equally important for levelling up.
  • Focus on activities that offer a good balance of coins and XP, such as fulfilling orders and harvesting high-XP crops.

Active Participation in Events

  • Events provide unique opportunities to earn special rewards and boost your progress.
  • Actively participate in events, complete tasks, and seize the rewards to enhance your farm.

Strategic Use of Resources

  • Manage resources wisely, avoiding overproduction or stockpiling items.
  • Use surplus resources for selling, trading, or fulfilling orders to keep a dynamic and efficient farm.

Connect with Friends and Neighborhoods

  • Adding friends and joining a neighbourhood creates a supportive community.
  • Collaboration helps complete tasks faster, exchange resources, and get valuable assistance.

Strategic Use of Diamonds

  • Diamonds are precious in Hay Day, and spending them wisely is key.
  • Save diamonds for essential upgrades or to speed up critical processes rather than using them impulsively.

Continuous Expansion

  • Regularly expand your farm using land tools to accommodate more crops, animals, and buildings.
  • An expanded farm allows for greater productivity and efficiency.

Consistent Gameplay

  • Regularly log in and engage in gameplay to make steady progress.
  • Consistency in performing tasks and staying active is vital for long-term success.
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