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Qasim Ahmad

January 11, 2024 . 5 min read

So you’re a new farmer in Hay Day with big dreams of expanding your farm. You have animals to feed, harvest crops, and serve customers. But you need more land and need more space. Don’t worry; there’s a simple way to get more land without spending a single coin. You must complete group order requests to earn map pieces, which you can exchange for new land plots.

Understanding the Importance of Map Pieces

Map pieces in Hay Day hold a significant role in your farming journey. These seemingly simple items are the gateway to expanding your town and enhancing your farming experience. You’ll start collecting map pieces as you progress to farm level 34 and repair the train station. 

These pieces are the building blocks of your expanding town, allowing you to unlock more land for your farm. With each expansion, you can cultivate more crops, house more animals, and create a thriving and prosperous farm.

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You’ll want to employ key strategies to make the most of these map pieces. Keep an eye on roadside shops and the Hay Day Newspaper, where you can often find map pieces for sale.  Mystery boxes can also yield these valuable items, so open them as you come across them. 

Where to Find Map Pieces in Hay Day

You’ll need map pieces if you’re a Hay Day farmer looking to expand your town. These essential items can be tricky, but with the right strategies, you can collect them more efficiently. This guide will show you where to find map pieces and how to get them.

Where to Find Map Pieces

  • Roadside Shops: You can often find map pieces in roadside shops. Other players sell them for coins. The price can vary, ranging from 1 to 450 coins per piece. Keep an eye out for these bargains when browsing the roadside shops.
  • Hay Day Newspaper: Another great place to look for map pieces is the Hay Day Newspaper. This in-game feature allows you to purchase items from other players, and sometimes, you’ll find map pieces available for sale. Be sure to check the newspaper regularly to grab these opportunities.

How to Get Map Pieces More Efficiently

Open Mystery Boxes and Packages

You’ll come across mystery boxes and packages as you play Hay Day. These can contain map pieces. So, open them when you find them to increase your chances.

Satisfy Town Visitors

When you fully satisfy a town visitor’s request, you can receive map pieces as a reward. It’s a win-win situation: you make your town visitors happy and get closer to expanding your land.

Watch “A Night at the Movies” Trailers

You can watch short video trailers in the “A Night at the Movies” feature. Sometimes, you’ll receive rewards, including map pieces. Take a few minutes to watch these trailers and earn your map pieces.

Request from Your Neighborhood

Don’t hesitate to ask your fellow farmers in the neighbourhood for map pieces. You can request them; your neighbours may be generous enough to help you.

With these tips, you’ll be better equipped to find and collect map pieces on Hay Day. Keep an eye on roadside shops and the newspaper, and take advantage of in-game opportunities to expand your town and enhance your farming experience. Happy farming!

The Land Expansion Process in Hay Day

To exchange your map pieces for land in Hay Day, head to your town and locate the train station. Within the train station menu, you’ll find the land expansion options. This is where you can turn your map pieces into more land for your farm.

First, you’ll need to collect map pieces. You can obtain these valuable items in several ways. Look for them in roadside shops, where other players may sell them for coins, or check the Hay Day Newspaper for listings. Mystery boxes and satisfied town visitors can also reward you with map pieces, and you may receive them when watching movie trailers or requesting them from your neighbourhood.

Once you have accumulated sufficient map pieces, it’s time to put them to good use. In the train station’s land expansion menu, select the piece of land you want to unlock. Confirm your choice; your map pieces will be exchanged for additional farming space. This process allows you to manage your land efficiently and expand your farm, providing room for more crops, animals, and other farming activities.

Final Words

In my Final words, understanding the importance of map pieces and how to exchange them for land expansion in Hay Day is essential for any aspiring farmer.

These valuable pieces unlock the potential for more crops, animals, and enhanced productivity. You can efficiently expand your farm by collecting map pieces through various means, such as roadside shops, the Hay Day Newspaper, and interactions with town visitors. 

Qasim Ahmad

Qasim Ahmad