How do I get rid of frogs in Hay day?
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Hay Day How To Get Rid Of Frogs

Qasim Ahmad

January 13, 2024 . 5 min read

As you tend to your farm in Hay Day, you’ve likely noticed those pesky frogs hopping about and croaking up a storm.

While the frogs add a whimsical touch to the landscape, their incessant sounds and tendency to frighten your farm animals can become quite annoying. 

As your farm expands, dealing with the frogs efficiently and humanely becomes increasingly important to keep your farm running smoothly.

The good news is there are several simple techniques you can employ to curb the frog population on your farm without causing them harm.

Why Does my Hay Day Farm have Frogs?

Firstly, if your farm is currently hosting a lively frog party, consider investing in a Small Pond for around 2500 coins. Placing it strategically near the frogs will attract them, and they’ll happily jump into the pond.

Just remember to stow away the pond afterwards to avoid any unexpected froggy escape acts. Avoid decorating your land with ponds if you wish to keep these croaking friends at bay.


To fortify your defences, build fences along the river section of your farm. This will act as a barrier, preventing frogs from leaping onto your land.

Consider repurposing wilted berry shrubs as makeshift fences, though keep in mind that regular fences work better than shrubs for this purpose.

Lastly, keep a watchful eye on potential frog hotspots—uncleared swamps. Frogs may be emerging from these areas, especially in sections yet to be expanded. Stay vigilant and clear out any existing frogs from your farm.

When Frogs Invade Hay Day

When Frogs Invade Hay Day, it can be quite a surprising and somewhat troublesome event for players. These amphibious creatures may not serve any real purpose in the game, but they can quickly overrun your peaceful farm.

The sheer number of frogs can become overwhelming, detracting from the overall enjoyment of your Hay Day experience.

Getting Rid of Frogs in Hay Day

Frogs may be charming in real life, but when they overrun your Hay Day farm, they can quickly turn from cute to bothersome. Fortunately, there are effective methods to rid your virtual homestead of these hopping pests.

The first and most efficient method is to invest in a Small Pond, which can be purchased from the shop for around 2500 coins. Place the pond strategically near the frogs, and watch as they’re irresistibly drawn to it.

They’ll hop into the pond, providing you with a convenient way to clear them out. Just remember to store the pond afterwards to prevent any froggy comebacks.

Another strategy involves building fences near the river sections of your farm. Frogs frequently jump from the river onto your land, and these fences act as a protective barrier, preventing their return. It’s a simple yet effective way to maintain a frog-free farm.

Moreover, keeping your farm clean and clutter-free can discourage frog infestations. Watch out for uncleared swaps and ensure your farm remains an unwelcome place for these amphibious intruders. By following these methods, you can enjoy a frog-free Hay Day farm once again.

Ensuring a Frog-Free Farm on Hay Day

In Hay Day, ensuring a Frog-Free Farm is essential for an enjoyable gaming experience. To achieve this, follow a two-step strategy. First, invest in a Small Pond from the shop, placing it near the frogs to attract and trap them. 

After this, don’t forget to store the pond to prevent their return. Next, build protective fences near river sections to keep frogs from jumping onto your farm.

Keeping your farm free from clutter and swamps also helps discourage frog infestations. With these simple steps, you can maintain a peaceful and frog-free Hay Day farm.

How do you trap frogs in HayDay?

If your Hay Day farm is overrun with frogs, fret not! We’ve got a straightforward guide on how to trap these hopping critters efficiently.

Step 1: Small Pond Setup

Invest in a Small Pond from the shop, which costs around 2500 coins. Strategically place the pond near the frogs, and like magic, they’ll be drawn to it.

Once the frogs jump into the pond, you can store it away to prevent any unexpected escapes. Remember, if you want a frog-free farm, refrain from decorating your land with ponds.

Step 2: River Defense

Build fences along the river section of your farm to create a barrier against frogs jumping onto your land. Regular fences work best for this purpose, but if you’re low on resources, consider using wilted berry shrubs as makeshift fences. Note that regular fences are more effective than shrubs in keeping frogs at bay.

Step 3: Swamp Awareness

Stay vigilant for uncleared swamps on your farm, as frogs might be emerging from these areas. Be particularly cautious in sections that are yet to be expanded. Clear out any existing frogs in these swampy regions to prevent them from multiplying and spreading across your farm.

Qasim Ahmad

Qasim Ahmad


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